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Review #1, by jerryfs1 Gwen

11th January 2015:
good story like the way its going

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Review #2, by jerryfs1 The Memory

11th January 2015:
good chap all going strong

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Review #3, by jerryfs1 The Rescue

22nd November 2014:
Very nice thanks good work

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Review #4, by jerryfs1 Return To Hogwarts

21st November 2014:
interesting so far keep the good work.

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Review #5, by jerryfs1 The Renovation of Grimmauld Place

9th November 2014:
great work getting better every chapter

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Review #6, by jerryfs1 Harry's Decision

9th November 2014:
great chapter great story

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Review #7, by skate9001 Chapter 26 - Ron and Hermione's Wedding

10th June 2014:
I loved this story!! Its just so perfect! I am a big Luna/Neville shipper and I hope their relationship will turn out well. Are you going to go all the way to the kids? I hope so.

congratulations on your engagement/wedding!

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Review #8, by Doctor Lumos Chapter 26 - Ron and Hermione's Wedding

30th July 2011:
They apparated to Texas to their new home? Really? Why in the world would their home be in Texas? She is working in the Ministry in London. Ron is in charge of a shop in Hogsmead. That makes absolutely no sense, and I live in Texas.

I do not think I have ever seen a wedding in which all of the attendants were married to their escorts. Typically most are not even married, especially when the bride and groom are young as in this case.

Exactly why did they apparate to Shell cottage? They got out of their clothes, shook birdseed out of their hair, Hermione destroyed the elaborate hairdo she must have had, put their clothes back on and apparated to the Burrow. I can think of a few reasons for going to the cottage but based on the story they did not do so for the reasons that pop into my mind.

One stylistic comment, a couple of times characters speak "me and her mother" with themselves listed first, the proper phrasing is for the speaker to list themselves last "her mother and I".

Since the last chapter was posted over a year ago, and this one was just waiting for the qeue to open up in order to be posted, it would seem that close to a year has likely passed since your last chapter was posted. The likely reason would be the marriage that you have gone through based on earlier notes. I hope that is going well, but I also hope you find the time to conclude this story. Even if that means ending it faster than you originally intended, I think being able to mark it completed rather than work in progress may be important to you in the long run.

Wishing you all the best.

Author's Response: okay they are living in the house in texas simply because its free. at this point ron and hermione do not have oodles of money so they take what they get. i based most of the weddings in this story on the ones in my own life, and since i am from america i am not sure how they do it in britain. i actually am not married yet, still planning the wedding that has been postponed, i lost my job and therefore internet access but now that i have it back this story will be updated soon. i have posted a short story to help aleviate the boredom of waiting. thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by Doctor Lumos Hermione's Good Week

30th July 2011:
Well, by now your own wedding has taken place I am sure. Hope it was all you wanted it to be, good luck with your marriage, more important of course than the event.

I certainly have known students who felt they could learn it all from books, or nowadays the internet. It certainly is important to balance things with actual experience.

"I will help only because we are such good friends and I know you deserve it." Not something I would want to hear, the two do not go together. Receiving a raise because you deserve it would be of course great. But receiving a raise only because someone is your friend is saying that you do not deserve it, it is charity.

What an interesting world that would be if a hangover could be so easily taken care of with a potion. Kind of does away with the idea of paying the piper for what you have done. Interesting the different takes that various authors have to alcohol. Was just reading another story in which Ginny read Harry the riot act because he had come home drunk. Also interesting how hard it was for him to get that chapter validated.

I assume that Harry and Ginny stood in for the vows because otherwise they might actually be married. Interesting idea, do not recall that being an issue at my wedding.

Trying to figure out the worth of money in your story line. They drank through 400 galleons of alcohol. Arthur received a raise of 2 galleons per hour. I would think then a galleon could not be more than 2-3 US dollars at the most, so 800-1200$ in alcohol. Sounds quite possible but then not sure exactly how many were present. Depends if they were drinking top shelf liquor I suppose. Could look at it as Arthur's raise for the next 5 weeks.

On to the wedding I guess

Author's Response: the thing with Arthur's raise, i didnt mean it like Kingsley gave it to him as charity, i just meant that Kingsley knows Arthur as a friend, and therefore knows he deserves the raise. if you dont know somebody, how do you know what they deserve? In the only wedding i have been to that i paid attention in, the maid of honor and best man stood in during rehearsals. several that i have seen pictures of were the same way, as were harry and ginny's. And i have no idea what the exchange rate is between US dollars and galleons, all i know is that 400 bucks worth of alcohol, no matter what type of currency, would be quite a lot of money. again, thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Doctor Lumos Quidditch Is A Dangerous Game

29th July 2011:
Very interesting chapter. I so like how you blend religion with the magic world, looking forward to Hermione and Ron's wedding. I suppose with the destruction of the burrow it is good that the wedding will be in Wales. Strange that so many witches and wizards could not put out the fire.

I certainly hope that the Weasley clock was saved. If Arthur had not lost his want in the attack, why did he not just apparate away from the fire?

"Harry and Ron managed to get under her just in time to catch her. Harry clutched her tightly, and Apparated for St. Mungo's. "


"Gwen took the lead, her hands clutching a purple bag and blood still streaking the front of her robe from where her arms had been around Ginny on the moment of impact."

These two are in opposition to each other, if Harry and Ron caught her, Gwen's robes would not have blood because her arms were not around Ginny at impact.

I can see Harry rushing to the burrow but as she just got out of the hospital, not sure he would have allowed Ginny to go there. It would seem that at least six attackers were incapacitated in the Burrow and it seems that the Burrow is being destroyed by fire. Are the attackers going to be removed and questioned or are they going to destroy in the fire?

Harry is really needy and clingy here. It would seem that while serious, recovery was pretty much a given. As the title says quidditch is a dangerous game, he must come to terms with the fact that Ginny may get seriously hurt, even in regulation play, poor sportmanship set aside. Ginny has certainly come to terms with the danger Harry is exposed to.

As what happened to it was raised in the story, now I am wondering where the bludger is. Since he has delayed his auror training for several years, surprised by Ron's choice of defensive arts books.

Author's Response: gwen had her arms around ginny at the moment of IMPACT, not when she fell. if i had my arms around someone, and suddenly they were shot and blood went everywhere i would let go, and she did too. therefore, it made it necessary for ron and harry to catch her. aurors collected the attackers from the burrow and they were taken to either st mungos or azkaban. harry knows the risks of quidditch, but its a bit different when its the other half of your soul laying there in a hospital bed. he is married to her and cannot stand the thought of losing her after everything he had been through, of course he is being stubborn and clingy. and ron will certainly be returning to the auror game, so of course he still needs to keep his mind sharp and keep practicing defensive spells. thank you for the review

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Review #11, by Hopeless Quidditch Is A Dangerous Game

26th August 2010:
I know I don't leave enough reviews for your wonderful story, shame on me. I lost track of it and had to go back and read a few chapters to catch up. I think I liked them even more the 2nd time around.

This was a really well written chapter, I have no trouble at all visualizing the game and then the fire at the borrow.

Looking forward to catching up to the current chapter!


Author's Response: Wow thank you for your very kind words about my story. I tried really hard with the details and visuality in this chapter, and im pleased to hear it actually worked out that way. I tend to write in ways that i can understand whats going on but nobody else can. im trying not to do that anymore. Anyway, thank you for the review and more will be coming soon!

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Review #12, by FriendofMolly Chapter 26 - Ron and Hermione's Wedding

25th August 2010:
Thank you for giving us the Wedding that Ron and Hermione, through and through. I do want to ask, isn't Texas a bit too far to Apperate to? How can they live in the US, but work in England? I'm curious. Their honeymoon sounds lovely. If the Television began to smoke, how is it still working? So many questions.
Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, i always appreciate a word or two from you. I tried to keep Ron and Hermione's personalities in mind with the wedding, but somehow i think it may be a little off. Well i dont know how far you can apparate and not apparate to, but Harry Apparated there during the chapter when he first got the house, so i figured they could now. As for the commuting, you will just have to wait and see. *Wink* And the tv thing, electronics will still work while smoking, its just not exactly safe. But with both Ron and Hermione able to do magic, i figured it wouldn't be too hard to put out the fire if one started. Anyway, thank you again for your kind words and i hope this chapter satisfied your craving for more until i can get back online.

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Review #13, by WeaslyGirl The Wedding

16th August 2010:
I like this chapter! Alot of things happen but they all fit! Molly and Arthur try to have "the talk", they have their wedding, and the honeymoon! This is a great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you thats a really great review. Awesome. I am so glad you like it.

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Review #14, by WeaslyGirl Chapter 8: Carol

16th August 2010:
I think carol is adorable! I really like that Harry can help other people recover from the battle. I really like your story too! It's...amazing and mysteries and romatic and a lot of other thing I can't put my finger on!

Author's Response: thanks. it looks like you are new to the story. Thanks for reading it, and i hope you stick around to see the end! Thanks for reviewing and stay tuned for more!

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Review #15, by Beer Ninja Repairing the Damage

27th July 2010:
nevill and luna, perfect couple :)

Author's Response: i thought so too, theyre both odd and misfits, but i am trying to write this story canon, and they didnt end up together in JK's imagination. Sob. Thanks for the review.

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Review #16, by Natashaa11 Hermione's Good Week

22nd July 2010:
I love this entire series, I think it is excellent. Have a good wedding and enjoy your special day! Put up the new chapter soon! I can't get enough!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, the next chapter is almost finished and i intend to post as soon as the queue reopens.

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Review #17, by Will The Wedding

20th July 2010:
Considering the fact I am a boy and I am not big romantic fan, that was, er, interesting.

Author's Response: Ah come on, now, the wedding and honeymoon were all too romantic even for a guy. Dont be embarrassed, i wont make fun of you. But thank you for the review.

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Review #18, by doyoulikewaffles The Renovation of Grimmauld Place

20th July 2010:
okay the wig thing was just creepy other wise the story is great so far

Author's Response: I thought it was a good idea, it allowed Harry to look at his mother any time he wanted to. Thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by FriendofMolly Hermione's Good Week

18th July 2010:
This was excellent. I really didn't like Hermione's boss. Though it's good that she isn't being fawned over, she also is being treated unfairly. As for the rest it was good and solid writing. The content was very satisfying. I got a kick out of Ron slyly doing magic to help decorate. Enjoy your own Wedding. May it be a very special day.

Author's Response: Thank you and i only wish i had Ron there to help decorate! LOL. I figured it was high time Hermione had to do some hard work to earn her status, instead of learning everything out of a book. Thank you for the review, and the new chapter will be coming very soon, although with the queue closure it may take some more time.

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Review #20, by AlbusRebeccaPotter The Wedding

13th June 2010:
Just a small comment, it's HARRY, not HARROLD

Author's Response: Yes in the story his name is always portrayed as Harry. But in reality, Harry is short for Harold. And when speaking formally, such as on the invitations, you have to use full names. If i had put "harry james potter" i would have to put "ginny molly weasley" and that would be informal.

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Review #21, by AlbusRebeccaPotter Trouble

13th June 2010:
You keep repeating/changing things from other chapters, like Xeno is supposed to be dead apparently but you have said that he is alive

Author's Response: i tried to fix all of that but sometimes i slip. Sorry. I am trying to edit the chapters but it takes time.

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Review #22, by AlbusRebeccaPotter The Quidditch Match

13th June 2010:
Wouldn't Harry be on the quidditch team? and Ginny has said that she preffers playing chasser so why is she playing seeker?

Author's Response: I have answered this before, Harry is a returning Seventh year student. He is not on the quidditch team, and prefers to watch this year. He did not try out and therefore has no place on the team. Ginny was the best seeker at tryouts, and therefore she is the seeker. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #23, by AlbusRebeccaPotter The Rescue

13th June 2010:
I have no reason to write this review but as you 'begged' I will. I think this story is fantastic. There is one point, i think in a previous chapter where you have written the same thing twice, but other than that I can't find a single fault.

Author's Response: Wow thanks for the glowing review. These are the type that keep me going. More is coming soon, i promise.

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Review #24, by Doctor Lumos Big News

4th June 2010:
It has been a long time since I checked on your story. A couple of chapters since the Fall, so you have been busy elsewhere as well.

This chapter had some nice things, like the jou Ginny showed for he new job. Seemed a bit unfocused though. We did hear about Fleur's pregnancy, Percy's new job, some new relationships, kind of obvious from the girlfriends presence, and the expansion by George into Hogsmeade.

Ron deciding to take George's offer and leave Auror training was rather odd. Yes, he was obviously struggling with something, but what is not clear. Not talking it over first with Hermione was not wise. George stated Ron had the job until he found someone "suitable". Does that mean Ron is not really suitable? Maybe it is about the money, but why is not clear.

I think it was the last chapter in which Arthur was concerned about money and off to see the Minister. No word on that, but Percy has a promotion and is working now more closely with the Minister.

Earlier you had introduced religion into the magical world quite well in the wedding and discussion afterwards during their honeymoon. I commented on how well that was done. Seems a bit odd then the push back Hermione received about wanting to have the wedding at her home church. I do like the continuation of incorporating religion. But Molly needs to be more conscious that this is Hermione's wedding, and her family that does most of the shot calling.

As for Neville and Luna, what can I say. Neville could make a good Auror, but that is not where his passion lies. Since Auror training is usually portrayed as very rigorous and time consuming, and as an Herbology professor Neville would have summers off and be expected to travel collecting appropriate plants, it would seem that he would be better able to travel with Luna with his original plans. It also seems a bit out of character for her.

Lots of curve balls I was not expecting in this chapter. It will be interesting to see where you are going with these latest developments. By the way, stylistically, you had Ginny start a lot of sentences with "Oh". You also used the word "whipped" twice in one sentence and I suggest you find an alternate word for one of them.

Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. George didnt mean Ron was unsuitable, he just meant that he knows eventually Ron will want to be a fulltime Auror, and so he will find someone more suitable. No word yet on the Minister's help but i promise its coming. About Molly, you know she is naturally pushy when she doesnt get her way, and although she is a perfectly sweet woman, she is not religious and doesnt exactly understand it. The pushback she received was because of the location, not the religion thing. Wales is a bit of a distance from Ottery St. Catchpole. Luna is changing quite a bit in this story, but i am trying to keep it to the originial storyline set by Rowling. it is too late to change the fact that Luna and Neville got married but the fact is he didnt marry her so i have to fix it now. Hope this clears it up a bit. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by Harry and Ginny Quidditch Is A Dangerous Game

21st April 2010:
this chapter was well written and i could imagine the battle at the Burrow in my head. fantastic chapter and i await 4 ur next update.^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: wow thanks for that. i always love to read good reviews. i am slowly but surely getting this story finished, but right now ive got a wedding to plan, a job to take care of and my personal problems so it doesnt leave much time for internet stuff. However, i definitly plan to get online and post the next chapter very soon. I am so sorry for the delays

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