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Review #1, by Rupelover How to Save a Wizard

18th February 2014:
I loved it so much! Great story!

Author's Response: Thanks. So glad you enjoyed.

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Review #2, by presi How to Save a Wizard

29th July 2012:
I simply loved it! I sat on my couch today and coudnt put the story down. I love how you kept the charectores growing yet themselves. I hope you have or are planing to write their weeding. So off to look I go!


Author's Response: :) Thank you. This was my very first ff piece. So glad people are still reading and enjoying it. Thank you.

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Review #3, by Ginger Lust How to Save a Wizard

1st July 2012:
Hi. I simply loved this story. From start to finish. And you write so well. You 'hit' the charaters on the head, dead on... I truely believed in every word.
Thank you for a beautiful story.
Can't wait to read your others.

Author's Response: Thanks. I am glad you liked it. It was my very first one and I always love to go back and visit. My others are all so different so I hope you like those as well. PLease dont be affraid of my D/HR pairings because you should keep in mind that R/Hr are always going to be my favorites.

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Review #4, by Jane Advice is Cheap

30th April 2012:
Just want to say I'm really enjoying this!
You do say bespeckled neck though - this isn't possible, as bespeckled means wearing specs!

Author's Response: no bespectacled if weasring glasses. Bespeckled is to speckle :) but i see where the confusion is. Glad you are enjoying. Thanks for reading.

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Review #5, by Griff_factor How to Save a Wizard

22nd April 2012:
I'm pretty new in this website but I'm a voracious reader and have read over 20 completed stories already. Of all those, I believe this story actually captures the characters as close to JKR's world. Although, I may not be the best in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word usage, I find it distracting and annoying when I encounter a lot of those. I didn't see that here. So, these reasons prompt my first ever review, and of course had to sign up just so I can let you know. I really want to thank you for making the characters as close to JKR's vision as possible.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. This was my first ff story, it is so nice to hear that it still holds up well :)

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Review #6, by loonyweasley Lost and Found

13th October 2011:
I love it :) I'm happy that I've found a brilliant fanfic that isn't Dramione! Haha

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you are enjoying.

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Review #7, by iloveblack Lost and Found

30th October 2009:
Here to spread the love for HPFFSAD!

Wow, itís been ages that Iíve started reading a Ron/Hermione centered fic and actually liking it. Why Iím saying this? Because I really like the start to this one! Of course there are dozens with a similar beginning (canít say anything to the rest, seeing as I havenít read it yet) but thereís something special about this chapter, (by the way, you may feel special too :D)

Iím definitely going to continue reading this to see where it leads.


Author's Response: Thanks so much... love the HPFFSAD thing, such a wonderful surprise. Glad you liked the beginning, it was my first ff ever and though it is rough, it still holds a specia place in my heart.

I hope you enjoyed the rest.

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Review #8, by Lupi_Erminea How to Save a Wizard

8th October 2009:
Beautiful. As always. This is the second story of yours I have read, and it was amazing. You really seem to understand Ron and Hermione. I am a huge R/Hr fan and love to read these stories. THANK YOU!!!

Author's Response: I am too! Huge! So am glad that you enjoyed them as much as I liked writing them. Thank you so much.

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Review #9, by Lupi_Erminea Here's To

8th October 2009:
Goosebumps. That's all I can say. Goosebumps.

Author's Response: Aw... thanks.

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Review #10, by Lupi_Erminea Coughing Up a Fur Ball

8th October 2009:
I almost fell off my couch reading this. That is hilarious! I love that your hangover concoction was "hair of the dog". Awesome. If it was possible, this would be a 12/10

Author's Response: Thanks... I am happy you liked my hangover remedy... that was a fun one. :0)

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Review #11, by Lupi_Erminea Punch Drunk

8th October 2009:
I love that Ron punched Malfoy. But Draco had regretted his ways eventually. still funny though.

As always, love it!

Author's Response: In this fic Draco is still young and smarmy. Glad that you liked it though :) I always thought that Ron would enjoy punching Draco again. :)

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Review #12, by Lupi_Erminea Falling Down

8th October 2009:
LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing!!

Author's Response: I cant tell you how much I appreciate this... especially since this was my first fic and a very rough one at that.

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Review #13, by a How to Save a Wizard

13th July 2009:
just finised reading ur fic, cute and i usually do not like hermoine and ron ending up together.

Author's Response: Well thank you very much, it was my first attempt at fan fic and it holds a very special place in my heart.

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Review #14, by midnight_fever786 How to Save a Wizard

30th June 2009:
This was amazing!
I absolutely loved every bit of it.
You're an amazing author :]

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Really glad that you liked it. It was my first fic ever and holds a very special place in my heart.

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Review #15, by forever_weasley_girl Lost and Found

24th June 2009:
i listened to how to save a life as i read this chapter and i think it fit perfectly. i started to read one of your other stories, regretfully yours, and i have to say you are a spectacular writing! i stayed up until 330 last nite reading what you had of regretfully yours! oh and happy birthday!

Author's Response: Oh thank you very very much. For both the Regretfully and this one. This was my first attempt at fan fic and therefore still holds a place in my heart. I am really glad you thought it fit well with the song. I just can't thank you enough.

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Review #16, by oboeroy Hide and Seek

28th April 2009:
well I have to admit I am very intrigued I mean in several of the stories I have read they have had Hermione and Ron having troubles and even a few have mentioned Ron's sorrow over his brother, but I really like how you made it such an all consuming sorrow. Good job. I am now hooked hopefully your story can keep me tied in.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. If you liked this one you should check out my other fic Regretfully Yours... a little different, but R/Hr none the less.

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Review #17, by oboeroy How to Save a Wizard

28th April 2009:
*applause* well done
very well done
incredibly well done
Thank you for this story it was so enjoyable I ended up skipping dinner because I got caught up in it. Being an eternally Hungry teenager I think that you should take that as praise. I really like your take on the Ron/Hermione romance. I honestly think that you should consider taking the time to attempt writing your own Original not that I have not enjoyed reading this fan fiction, I just feel that you should put your talents to work for yourself.

All in all my one complaint was your endless apologies. Their was really no need to apologize for the fact that the story you were telling wasn't longer. It is your perogative to dictate the length of the story, as long as you feel like the story is doing what you wanted it to do then you're doing it right. So have confidence the people who complain about length are just complimenting your story telling by whining for more.

Thanks again for your story

Author's Response: I actually do have an Original in the works... these are just a dsitaction for my writers block... Thank you so much for your praise I am really glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #18, by oboeroy Hide and Seek

27th April 2009:
well I have to admit I am very intrigued I mean in several of the stories I have read they have had Hermione and Ron having troubles and even a few have mentioned Ron's sorrow over his brother, but I really like how you made it such an all consuming sorrow. Good job. I am now hooked hopefully your story can keep me tied in.

Author's Response: Well I really hope so too. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. This was my frist fanfic and I still really enjoy it, so I hope you do too.

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Review #19, by emmapotter Lost and Found

16th February 2009:
That was an awesome chapter..I've already read it about a coupla months back I just realised I hadn't left a here's to our awesome story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Glad that you liked it then and now :)

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Review #20, by total_nerd_at_heart How to Save a Wizard

23rd January 2009:
good plot line and so romantic

Author's Response: Thanks, glad that you liked it :)

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Review #21, by ritaskeeterwannab Duck and Cover

21st January 2009:
Not in a good way at ALL.
hahaha Hannah in a wedding dress: An interesting Mental picture.

Author's Response: Hm..? What's not in a good way? Do i need to look at something? Thanks for continuing to read and review.

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Review #22, by ritaskeeterwannab I Would be Delighted

21st January 2009:
Hahahahaha my friend and I about peed our pants when we read this chappy.
Awesome work!


Author's Response: Thanks.. I think? I don't want you to spoil your clothes on my account thought. Glad you guys liked it.

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Review #23, by ritaskeeterwannab Punch Drunk

21st January 2009:
Hahaha, do we have a Seamus/Oc fic in the making?


Author's Response: I wouldn't rule it out. :)

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Review #24, by ritaskeeterwannab All Things Point to Love

21st January 2009:
Hahah awww. good point about the spell not working without love. Not that Voldey even has a heart. :P


Author's Response: Nope, no heart in that one. Hermione is so smart ;)

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Review #25, by ritaskeeterwannab Caught in the Act

21st January 2009:
Hhaha , caf conversations are always funny.


Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked. Thanks again for checking this out.

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