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Review #1, by annoymous Let the bickering begin

1st August 2009:
it was pretty good but i didn't like the way you made albus somewhat of a jerk considering he is somewhat like his father.

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Review #2, by Singer Of All Songs Let the bickering begin

25th July 2009:
Awesome! its really cute! I would love to know more about Andy I wish you would write a story on her it would be fantastic.

Author's Response: there is now a story that is now in the works check out my page and find it :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by Harry and Ginny Let the bickering begin

23rd May 2009:
aww this is so sweet. u should make a story with this!!!^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #4, by lily and scorpius 4eva Let the bickering begin

27th January 2009:
its reallly good
is there a sequel?

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Review #5, by siriuslyawesome Let the bickering begin

15th December 2008:
So i think you should inform your virtual BFF who was the one who locked our dearest couple in the closet... and what lupin wants there is no way HE would really punish them i mean REALLY the outrage.
over all it made me laugh and go aw XD

Author's Response: Well, my super-awsome virtual BFF, I don't exactly know my self who locked them in there. but if it makes you feel better, I'll tell you my theory (I did write this I just didn't think about it till now) Little Rose Weasly his cousin was mad about something he did and was chasing him, she saw that he ran into someone and they were both in the closet, she used her wand to close an lock the door and using a scilencing charm on the room so no one could Hear Al's screams for help. And Teddy Lupin doesn't punish them, He just wants to talk to them, he's been looking for them all day, and finaly he found The person who locked them in the closet (Rose from my theory above) and went to find them. So now that I've told you pretty much the before and after I want to thank you for reading and reviewing and because I virtualy love you so much I'm giving you virtual hugs and stuff.
lot's of Love

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