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Review #1, by cinroc Chapter 2

20th January 2009:
Thanks for sharing this story. I love Katie/Oliver stories. I hope you update soon. This story has some interesting new characters. I can not wait to see what you do with them.

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Review #2, by Daanana Chapter 1

17th December 2008:
I remember reading this story and absolutely loving it and I also remember leaving a review...

Anyway, I'll just leave another review, expressing my love for this story and I do hope you'll continue it, because I immensely enjoyed the first chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again! I'm continuing, I promise. I just got sidetracked with another of my stories and semi-neglected this one. I will definitely make the 3 chapter deadline, though.

I'm so glad that you like it :]


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Review #3, by ChoS_sista_gurl Chapter 1

10th October 2008:
HAHAHA that mental image of the other Quidditch player walking away with a skip in his step is just too great!

I don't usually read Quidditch fics, but I'm loving this story. Katie's voice sounds almost like me (but Britishized). Although I feel slightly sorry for her, on an all-boys team with a creepy coach and over-eager teammates. It'll provide for some entertainment, that's for sure.

The title is great as well--I will be taking a look at that challenge. Keep writing! I will be following along.


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Review #4, by Eridanus Chapter 1

3rd October 2008:
I Love it!
I must admit it's the only quidditch fic I've read that isn't during Hogwarts, but it's so good.
It's got an interesting plotline and great writing and I can't wait for an update. =]

Author's Response: I'm really flattered that you love it. I haven't read many quidditch ficsoutside of Hogwarts either, but I'm really trying to make it interesting.

I'm glad you lik the plot, and I'll try to update when I can. Thanks so much for the review :]


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