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Review #1, by maliiia - from TGS Prologue

22nd June 2009:
Hai there! I'm Malia, here for your review. It seems to be progressing slowly. I can see the way you've got the characters down, their personalities set in, but not completely there. I like the interaction with the three. Lily is big on tradition - in my mind, I can see this as an aftermath for her father not being around. In many cases, when this happens, a child might start to need some stability. I like how you included that factor with Lily :] James and Albus are nice to read. They haven't been as well established as Lily, but they are still there.

I'm actually confused about the end. Was it a photograph they were seeing?

Anyways, this was a wonderful start! I can't wait to see what else you come up with, hon! Feel free to stop by my thread and rerequest so I can read up on your updates :]

Author's Response: Hey there :)

Thanks for your review. I'll admit, it is confusing, but it's meant to be. All will be revealed later on ;)
I might look into changing their characters a bit. I've done a lot of character work-shopping since then.

Thank you again deaire!

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Review #2, by Jazzeh Turnip Prologue

5th October 2008:
I'm back again!!

This has really made me think differently about the dreaded Next Generation fics I loathe so much. I'm prctically in love with this, and I had to re-read it for the third time just to clarify.

I like how you've written Harry as some imperfect father. So many people make him slightly too perfect and unbelievable when he reaches the father stage. I also think it's going to make a lot more people be able to relate to this fic.

I'm very eager to see their reactions to their 15 year old father. It's set to be some amazing stuff. PM me, or leave a reply on my reviewing topic, when you've got the next chapter validated. I'd love to read it and see what unfolds :)

Lorren x

Author's Response: Hey there Lorren! :D

I'm so sorry for not contacting you FOREVER.

Thanks for coming to read and review this again! It means a lot. I promise I'll try to contact you asap! Thanks for reviewing!!!

xx Laura

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Review #3, by Lily Windsor Prologue

2nd October 2008:
Hiya Laura,
I really enjoyed that. I've never read next-gen before but decided to give it a shot and I really liked it. I think it is very realistic that Harry's children would feel neglected at times when their dad has to work so much and you portrayed it very well. I look forward to seeing this story progress. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Hey there. Sorry for the massive time without a response. It wouldn't let me respond.
Thanks for reviewing, it was a lovely review ^^

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