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Review #1, by BassPlayer3000 The First, The Last And The Only Chapter

13th October 2009:
ha ha ha, theee beeesttt!

-dances Caramelldansen round the room [[if you havn't seen the dance then search it on youtube xD]]-

I lovve thiis!


Hattz xxx

Author's Response: well, thank u my lovely fellow musician!!! omg, wow that was a very... interesting dance! hahaha, i like the little ears *imitates* hahaha, sooo i am very glad ive seen that now. :) thank u sssooo much for ur review, it has made my terrible day sooo much better! (cable ppl suck) so thx again! xP

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Review #2, by luminousjim The First, The Last And The Only Chapter

8th September 2009:
Luvs Luvs
*dances around the room*
good story :D

Author's Response: awww! thanks!!! sooo much! i was just lookin at my new storys, and then decided to check my reviews. i really wasnt expecting any new ones, but u just made my day!!! thanks!!! and really? its good enough to make u dance around the room? YYAYY!!! xP

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Review #3, by Miss Haggan The First, The Last And The Only Chapter

13th January 2009:
haha, that was funny, Especially when Lily tries to cover up James hearing things that Lily is not supposed to say, with her trying not to look mental.

Anyways great story.


Author's Response: yay! funny is good, funny is very good. fuuny iz gr8! oh yes, dear lily is not very good at avoiding the mental looks is she? haha, well good thing james apparently likes those types ;D and thx so much again 4 reviewing, u really made my day!!! xP

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Review #4, by super Granger The First, The Last And The Only Chapter

25th October 2008:
I like it. It was interesting how Lily kept accidentally thinking aloud. It would be interesting if you wrote a prequel to how they got to this moment. Really good story, 10/10!

Author's Response: well thx!!! oh ya, see that sorta came from me, cuz sometimez i am tryin 2 say something polite, but then ill say wut im really thinking. ohhh... that would be interesting!!! well now im gonna hafta do that... thx again. xP

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