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Review #1, by sandals One

13th February 2011:
Finally a Dramione story that acknowledges the truth that shippers blatantly ignore: "Sometimes it's too late for sorry." So true!

At least your Draco apologized; there are way too many Dramione fics where Draco continues to be an unapologetic bastard but writers have Hermione inexplicably fall in love with him anyway. We need more people like you, who write stories grounded in reality!

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Review #2, by thesunrises4him One

25th July 2010:
I think it's genious, really. I adore the way in which Ron tells the story. It is positively addicting. Also I appreciated how Hermione and Draco shared a moment much more precious than a drunken kiss or a late night. It was perfect:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Hopefully someday I can work up the motivation (and inspiration) to get this story finished.

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Review #3, by AssortedButtons One

12th July 2010:
I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about this story that made me fall in love with it as soon as I read it. Maybe because it was unique, maybe because it was raw, and maybe because the author who wrote it is brilliant. ;) heartbreaking, breathtaking, and real, this piece struck a chord within me, and it is still resonating deep inside me, failing to fade out. Absolutely marvelous. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm certainly blushing right about now! It always makes me happy to feel like my work is able to reach someone in such a powerful way. As of right now this story is on hiatus, but reviews like this motivate me to place it back on the drawing board and give another go at completing it :)

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Review #4, by SnowyBella One

4th February 2009:
I'm admitting right now that I've only finished about half this chapter- I was just so excited that I had to say something. I've never came across a story quite like this- the narration, which at first turned me off because a narrator in first person didn't sound that appealing to me at first, is ironically what drew me in to this story so quickly. Absolutely amazing job writing! And I love the lines that described how the story is not so significantly different than another- how basically the beauty lies in its simplicity. I've always wanted to write like that, but I could never word it in such an elegant way. I love how you showed that in the manner of Ron's death as well.

Conversely, the reaction of his death is something close to the tragedy as well- 'vaguely sympathetic' are such perfect words that you used to describe it. It spoke volumes, as cheesy as that sounds. Everything in here just resonated so nicely in my head- that mood of the busy public, the forgetfulness (in a deeper sense) of people come easy days, and the ultimate lack of glory to such a respectable person. It's written so beautifully and it's so inspiring!

This is such a brilliant story, and as happy as I am that I have a half more chapter to read I'd love to see more!

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Review #5, by Billion One

11th October 2008:
I'm guessing you've read The Book Thief? The narration is very similar in style but writing it from Ron's pov is an interesting twist. But I have to say that it doesn't sound very Ron-like at some parts (mostly when not talking about Hermione). Still, interesting and it must be difficult to write - the use of language is what made The Book Thief different. But if you didn't ever read that then, wow, talk about coincidences! I love your general style of writing by the way (not just this story) so I'm sure you can do it justice! ^_^

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