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Review #1, by Rettopyrrah You Belong To Me

3rd June 2009:
Hey! That was quite a good read. A few grammatical errors, but nothing I can't forgive. I love how you described Remus's transformation; 'Full moon came again all too quickly, and once more Remus found himself alone in the bedroom of the abandoned shack, the first shivers of the change tempting his bones. They grew stronger, unforgiving, until the change consumed him. He cried out to the moon with a voice that was not him, and yet entirely his own, begging for a reprieve.

It paid him no heed. The moon simply hung in the sky, a perfect silver orb of torturous power, as Remus finally succumbed to the madness.'

Absolutely fantastic. I give the whole thing 8/10

Just thought I'd say thanks for FAVOURITING BLAME you are officially amazing. So that's why I reviewed. I know authors love it when they get reviews.

Author's Response: Thanks!

I do intend to go back over and correct it, I just haven't had the will power or time to do it yet!

Ah yes! Blame! I spotted it on TDA when you were requesting and it seems like my kind of story. Sorry I haven't reviewed yet, I will as soon as exams stop being so scary!

Thanks for the review!

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