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Review #1, by anand_2000v Part XX: Unveiled

29th September 2006:
Excellent story. I am looking forward to the reamining part

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Review #2, by Dissatisfied User Part I: Raining Glass

2nd June 2005:
Why the <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored do you feel the need to <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding censor us all the time? Don't give me that bull<<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored about making this site appropriate for all ages because this story is rated R and the reviews for it should not be read by people who would be offended by measley swear words like <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored and <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored.

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Review #3, by AnarchistPotter Part I: Raining Glass

26th April 2005:
Alright, so I've pretty much given up on this fanfic becasue I relized after a while that it sucked. I'm working on some original <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored right now and its <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoredin great and since im reading more and more fanfics lately (Harry Potter and the Crystal of Founders and Harry Potter and the Sect of Serpent, to name a few), I might start a new one which will kickass. I might as well just wait for the sixth to come out and write a 7th year one because I'll have more ideas by then. Maybe I'll do that. It'll be under a different user name becasue this one sucks, as I am not an anarchist. I'll let you know.

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Review #4, by Ailishmckechnie Part VIII: A Swarm of Bees

6th March 2005:
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Review #5, by heavensbabyg Part XX: Unveiled

30th June 2004:
Hey I would just like to say this is a really good story and I would lopve to see it continued.

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Review #6, by TheRealMadEyeMoody Part XX: Unveiled

23rd May 2004:
this is excellent. Please update rele soon

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Review #7, by serena_snape Part I: Raining Glass

20th May 2004:
Great Job so far! I'm really enjoying your style of writing, loads of description, and it also keeps the readers attention! Very hard to do in the first chapter! Cant wait to read the rest!

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Review #8, by BEN Part XVI: Out of Reach

1st May 2004:

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Review #9, by Thestral Part XI: Inncocence Shattered

19th April 2004:
going good.......

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Review #10, by Anne Part XX: Unveiled

7th April 2004:
UHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Update soon!! That was a mean cliffy : ) Please update soon..

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Review #11, by Ramya Part XV: Kashmir

19th March 2004:
Kashmir is not an ancient Afghan or Mongolian city...Its an Indian city that still exists and is very beautiful. Well written anywayz!!! :)

Author's Response: is it? the dictionary i used must have been wrong then thanks ill change it if i have time

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Review #12, by TheRealMadEyeMoody Part XVII: More Personal

16th March 2004:
Hey this is rele good. one of my fave fanfics. I think its neville thats doin these murders cos if voldemort has put someone under the imperious curse then he would have had to have met them...Neville did when his gran died!!! im glad you chose harry and ginny to date cos theyre just rite for each other :)

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Review #13, by Anne Part XVII: More Personal

16th March 2004:
Hey! Great chapter!! Keep up the good work - can`t wait til you update.. so do it soon.. please..

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Review #14, by harriate potter Part XVII: More Personal

16th March 2004:
that was great i really cant wait to read more

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Review #15, by Lilly Part XVI: Out of Reach

15th March 2004:
wow. Well i bet they won't use that in the book but it was ok.

Author's Response: Trust me...they won't

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Review #16, by Nirvana_kid Part XVI: Out of Reach

12th March 2004:
that was great I love your srory just you need to write faster!!! :@ thats a mad face lol but seriosly you need to write a whole hell of a lot faster and the deaths that keep happening need to be more of magic not like the way they are but please keep writing the story fast :( thanks

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Review #17, by harriate potter Part XVI: Out of Reach

11th March 2004:
that was great, i cant wait to read more, youre a great author

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Review #18, by Anne Part XVI: Out of Reach

8th March 2004:
Great Chapter.. I can`t belive they did that.. thoug it`s kind of sweet : ) Please update soon.. I can`t wait!!

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Review #19, by Anne Part XIV: The Razors...

7th March 2004:
Great chapter.. I really like this story : ) Keep up the good work!

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Review #20, by Maddy Part XIII: Threats...

2nd March 2004:
Ow another murder! Good chapter though... update soon!

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Review #21, by hermionegranger Part XI: Inncocence Shattered

28th February 2004:
Wow, this is a really great story so far! I found it very interesting about Harry being disarmed and the murder during Quidditch. I really wonder who it is. Please continue soon, I don't like to wait!

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Review #22, by Maddy Part IX: Restrained

26th February 2004:
Well ... another cool chapter! waitin for the update!!!

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Review #23, by Maddy Part VIII: A Swarm of Bees

23rd February 2004:
Cool story! you better update SOON! The rating will be 10/10 of course cos i cannot give more than that! *Ponders at who had actually disarmed harry!*

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Review #24, by Sytske Part VI: The Black Portrait

21st February 2004:
i think iets a great story i hope you come soon with a next page

Author's Response: Thanks. (God, I love having the power to write respones on things...its cool)

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Review #25, by Harriate potter Part VI: The Black Portrait

20th February 2004:
that was flipping excellent. cant wait to read more

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