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Review #1, by justonemorefic Goodness, Gracious!

14th July 2013:
I still remember the first time I read this fic, I was rolling. It made me love Lockhart for two thousand words - and he was the most grating character ever (for a reason). You totally captured the pompous git at his most self-absorbed. OF COURSE he would have a tower of portraits ALL OF HIMSELF, and all complimenting himself. And then his not-so-slight fascination with Snape and his flowing robes and flowing greasy hair.

Of all professors, Lockhart definitely tops the list for 'most likely to be overpowered by little girls.' "I spun on the spot and marched down the corridor before realizing that I was going the wrong way. Again, I spun and took off down the corridor in the right direction, doing my best to ignore the not so subtle snickering of Filch." I love how everyone around him is laughing at him but he's so oblivious, because that the only way his PoV would go. He gives seductive winks to McGonagall - that whole conversation was brilliantly characterized.

Another fav line: "The idea of a woman not finding me attractive, or at least worthy of attention, well, it was unprecedented. It was unheard of. And I was pretty sure it was illegal in at least five countries."

And the ending, of course - goodness gracious! Baha, I'm not sure that knock into the wall would've made him any more of a dunce.

I always love coming back to this oneshot to revel in its silliness! :D

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Review #2, by Roots in Water Goodness, Gracious!

13th June 2011:
This was absolutely funny! I loved the way you captured Gilderoy Lockhart- perfectly! In the books he appeared every bit as conceited and vain as you conveyed him here- and I can totally see why he would such a fun character to write! He's totally delusional (Goodness, gracious! That woman wanted me.).
You wrote a wonderfully light and humorous tale that was an absolute joy to write! Wonderful job!

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Review #3, by Insert_Witty_Comment_Here Goodness, Gracious!

11th July 2010:
Ha! I love Gilderoy Lockhart, he's so wonderfully conceited... This was really good, I especially loved the 'illegal in at least five countries' line, that was genius! Well done! 10/10.


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Review #4, by jess Goodness, Gracious!

18th June 2009:
oh my gosh. he is such an IDIOT!

Author's Response: Hahaha! That he is! I'm so glad you liked it and it seems like you found it funny! :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by obliviatethemoon Goodness, Gracious!

1st June 2009:
hehe lol XD that was brilliant! hes so up himself, its perfect fun!

Author's Response: Hehehe, yay! I'm so happy you liked it. :) Thank you very much! Gilderoy is SO full of himself. It makes for oodles of fun. ;P

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Review #6, by windchaser Goodness, Gracious!

23rd May 2009:
Hahaha. That was brilliant. Lockhart=dip. I especially enjoyed your use of talking portraits: both the ones of him and the one who called him a poofter ;). I got a good laugh from this; it was so riddiculous but it was also oddly in character, because Lockhart really is that... eccentric, I guess. Or egotistical works too. Anyways, excellant one shot. That was the perfect spot to end it, and the perfect last line: "That women wanted me." Haha. I loved the bit at the beginning with the perfume, too. Anyways, great job xD

Author's Response: Hahaha! I'm so happy you liked it! I love Lockhart, despite the fact that he is a giant dip sometimes. I'm glad you thought it was funny and yet in character. Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #7, by Sanitariumescapee Goodness, Gracious!

15th December 2008:
haha, oh dear old gilderoy, he's a funny character. this was entertaining, thanks :)

Author's Response: You're very welcome! I'm glad you liked it and thought it was entertaining. Gilderoy is a funny character. He's probably one of my favorites! I have a brand new one with him too, if you're interested.

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Review #8, by apAidan Goodness, Gracious!

27th November 2008:
Just read this and I almost died laughing. The only slightly unrealistic thing about it is that he actually survived calling her "Minnie" the first time. I suppose the thought of Albus having to try to find another DADA professor in the middle of the term was what stayed her hand.

Seriously, a very good job. I think you nailed the self-absorbed git very well.

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks! You're probably right about the whole 'Minnie' thing. That, and the fact that Lockhart's fans would have started some sort of riot.

I'm glad you liked it and thought I did well with good ol' Gilderoy's characterization. He was super fun to write! Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by weasley_gang Goodness, Gracious!

15th November 2008:
LOL!! that is so funny!! u wanted a fav quote? this::

Goodness, gracious! That woman wanted me.

LOL!! haha!!! you should make a sequeal! i'd LOVE to read minnie constantly pushing lockhart away!! =D


Author's Response: Haha! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! That line just jumped out at me when I got my title/character.

You really think I should make a sequel? I've been toying with the idea for a while actually, and I kinda want to - but the only problem is time. If I do make one it would be a while from now. But it would be fun to write Minnie constantly being stalked by Lockhart... :P

Thanks for reviewing! :) Again, I'm really happy you liked this.

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Review #10, by A Diffrent type of Flower Goodness, Gracious!

25th October 2008:
haha very funny. Lockharts such a dip.

Author's Response: Lol! That's a good word to describe good ol' Gilderoy! I'm happy you liked it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by HermyDat Goodness, Gracious!

19th October 2008:
This was pretty funny! I enjoyed it.

Favourite Quote: 'How do I look?' 'Like a poofter'


Anyway, good job. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That's one of my favorite parts too. No one has mentioned it yet! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by iloveblack Goodness, Gracious!

14th October 2008:
Hah, really funny!

Sadly, all this reminded me more of Snape than of Lockhart. I don't think he'd ever get kicked by a female student or give detention. All this is so snapie, sorry...

but apart from that it was really good 8/10

Author's Response: Thanks!

I can actually picture Lockhart doing those things more than Snape. He did give Harry detention once. That's just me though.

I'm glad you liked it despite the fact you thought it was better suited for Snape's character. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by ChoS_sista_gurl Goodness, Gracious!

1st October 2008:
HAHAHA, what greatness! i love minerva mcgonagall.

when i saw your character list (which included filch) i had a sneaking suspicion in the beginning that filch was the one who was wooing mcgonagall. i was a little disappointed when it wasn't, but lockhart was just as good if not better. =]

you have a real talent for humor. =]


Author's Response: Hah, that would be interesting, wouldn't it? Filch wooing Minerva. Unfortunately, no it was not him, but dear old Gilderoy was on the banner. I'm so glad you liked it! A real talent for humor? Thanks so much! Most people would say I'm more serious in person, so at least I'm funny when I write!

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