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Review #1, by kelty1546 Making Him Mine

3rd August 2010:
this was sooo hysterical!!!
i loved it!!!

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Review #2, by poopiness Making Him Mine

28th June 2009:
Oh my.
She just won't stop!
And the girl who rushed out the bathroom without washing her hands-- suspiciousss. (:
I really like it♥

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Review #3, by krissy87 Making Him Mine

10th May 2009:
I love how Romilda is pretty much the epitome of Harry's worst nightmare, and that she felt that Harry not loving her rated up with Dumbledore's death and the return of Voldemort.

I also love how fickle she was by the end, and that she moved on as soon as she laid eyes on another guy who was even slightly good looking (although, I personally don't think Romilda would have *ever* given up on Harry...she would have given breaking him and Ginny up a couple of red-hot shots at least).

Great story, mostly how I imagined Romilda-although probably without all the following, and with more obsessing over Harry's every move- she'd think that him blinking one eye when he got a speck of dirt in it was him flirtatiously winking at her...and that he had smiled at her, when really he probably had no idea she was in his eyeline...

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Review #4, by SexyDoorFrames Making Him Mine

7th February 2009:
Hey. I've never read a story about this character, so this is a refreshing change. I really liked your story. It was really fun and i laughed at the fact that she falls for Jimmy at the end. The girl changes her affections quite fast.

good job.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for being my eighth review...woo hoo. But still, I had fun writing it.

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