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Review #1, by XPrettyYoungThingX Little Bee

30th May 2014:
I love your stories, I think they are beautifully written...but one thing keeps slightly jarring. It's Bollox or Bollocks not Bollucks. x

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Review #2, by Little Blonde Bellatrix Little Bee

20th June 2011:
Magnificent, as always! I'm glad you weren't in my sixth grade english class. You so would've outdone the rest of us when we had to write stories.

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Review #3, by Shellee Little Bee

9th August 2010:
This is such a nice background story to Bianca's lover. Although, I do think you could have easily turned this into another short story of three or so chapters, but it's so wonderful to read. She did seem a bit unfair to George in the beginning, but I'm glad he stood his ground.

Author's Response: Thank you. There's a lot more of Bianca in Solace in the Scent of a Rose. I'm glad you enjoyed.

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Review #4, by twistedtexan2008 Little Bee

24th January 2010:
Such an interesting plot twist two old pureblood families marrying a muggle born and a "blood traitor" very cool!

Author's Response: Thank you and welcome new reader. Please see my author's page for the story order.

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Review #5, by rainbowsocks Little Bee

24th November 2009:
how cutee ♥
xoxo ~

Author's Response: Thank you. Bianca reappears throughout.

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Review #6, by ravenclaw_princess Little Bee

13th November 2009:
I was not expecting George to be the guy that Bianca had fallen in love with, but I liked it.

This was a nice little one shot. It filled up the gap nicely about what Bianca was doing during Worthy. I thought that Bianca, Fred and George were nicely characterised and I especially liked the last line.

Author's Response: Thank you. Love for more George and Bianca in WJ. A big secret of Bianca's is revealed in Solace. That last line to me defines the twins.

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Review #7, by mrslpm Little Bee

27th October 2009:
A pretty great chapter of George / Bianca, but please, please PLEASE add more to it!

Author's Response: THANK YOU. More of them is in WJ.

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Review #8, by alannalove2009 Little Bee

26th September 2009:
i love you for creating this story. thank you. *alanna bows*

Author's Response: Thank you. Bianca crops up a few times including my AU Solace.

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Review #9, by Avanell 2 Little Bee

17th August 2009:
Oh, I just started this series (finally) and read 2 and 3...wonderful! And was glad to learn George is her lover ;)

Author's Response: Thank you and welcome New Reader. Worthy and Winning Lucius have been revised. I hope you like.

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Review #10, by Liana Little Bee

22nd June 2009:
This was a very fun read. It's nice to see George fall in love. But didn't he marry a quidditch player? I guess there's nothing wrong with rewriting the future.

Author's Response: Thank you. Bianca and George crop up in some of the stories yet to come.

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Review #11, by obviously394 Little Bee

25th May 2009:
obviously394 here with your requested review :)

I'm just going to go with 'anything I'm confused about was probably explained earlier in the anthology'.

That said, I quite liked the plot of this. There were a couple cliches that were necessary (presumably more to the anthology than the one shot), but I liked the general idea - whirlwind holiday romance turns into something lasting.

I wish you'd done more to develop Bianca's character. You went more with the 'tell' method than the 'show' method. For instance, the whole thing with her betrothal to Draco. You explained it nicely, but it would have been nicer to see their relationship in action, so to speak. And while I know just about exactly Bianca looks like, I really don't know much about her personality, other than what I can assume knowing that she's a pureblood witch raised by standards acceptable to the Malfoys. I couldn't really say if you had anyone else in character, because despite George's prominant role, there was nothing about him that said 'George!' rather than 'any wizard.' Fred, however, I thought was right on ;)

I suggest having a beta look over this- just a few typos/missing commas/sentences that could use a bit of rephrasing. Nothing blatantly wrong, but a beta never hurts.


Author's Response: Thank you. I will definitely try to add a couple of things that would reflect more of her personality with the show not tell method. She is actually explored more within the rest of the anthology. Maybe I’ll throw in a prank or two. This was definitely before the beta.

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Review #12, by IntoTheDarknessOfNight Little Bee

25th May 2009:
That's really cool! I'd never have thought up a story plot like that!

Author's Response: Thank you. Elaborate plots are my specialty.

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Review #13, by snowfallingonroses Little Bee

4th May 2009:
This was...interesting. I was very confused throughout it, although I'm sure it would make more sense if I read the previous stories. :P Which I shall have to do, because now you've got me interested in how it turns out! There were quite a few grammatical and spelling errors that made the story difficult to read, and I found the third-person narrative in the middle of the story immensely confusing. I was completely lost as to what had happened; it would be better if you had clarified it more. Other than that though, this was a good story. Good job, and I will read the stories that go along with this one to get a better understanding of this story!

snowfallingonroses xx

Author's Response: Thank you. I 'll look at that and get this one beta'd on the revision and look better at the POV. It does draw on the other stories. This one is best to read after Worthy. My MTA on the forums has my story order to help more.

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Review #14, by Isa_bell Little Bee

23rd March 2009:
Oh now I understand how George and Bianca met and got together. They sound like a nice couple!

Author's Response: Thank you. In WJ, she shows him how to play a real practical joke.

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Review #15, by CrazyForYou Little Bee

23rd March 2009:
Hey! It's CrazyForYou from the forums. Sorry it's taken me so long!!!

Ok, I'm not going to read the first three stories. Sorry! But I'll see how you're doing with this one.

umber - not sure what this word is supposed to be, but I get the general idea of her outfit

I like how she calls him red-head, I think that definitely adds a level of flirty attraction.

I laughed when he rides the London Eye just so he can see her. I think that definitely showed just how much he likes her.

Grammatically, you have a few areas where your phrasing is awkward, but doesn't necessarily detract from the overall meaning or flow of the story.

I like the twist about how she's actually engaged, but I think you definitely could have expanded on that more. The story she tells is sweet, but I'd like more background - although that might be in another episode - if it is, scratch the background comment.

I don't really understand what she means by 'screw up'. As in cheat on her? Or make a mistake? And I don't think she really understands what love is, at least in the way the she uses it.

Overall, cute story, light plot, and fun use of Fred and George. The characterization of both characters is rather flat and superficial, but that's okay, as long as that is your intent.

Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you. There is a bit more in the other stories that fill in many of the gaps. Specifically, Worthy and Wedding Jitters. Those are background and side stories to this. The screw up was her play on him bc she knows how much of a joker he is and to basically let him know she's up for the challenge and doesn't mind his closeness to his brother and that he joins his brother on gags. Her character goes more in depth in some of the others.

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Review #16, by Indigo Seas Little Bee

10th March 2009:
Here as requested. ^__^

I loved your characterization of Bianca here! She's just so sassy and smart, and totally perfect. So, yeah, great job there.

I would have liked to see the plot develop a little more. It's a bit rushed. But other than that, the story was great.

And the twist! Ah, the twist. That was great. Any story with a twist at the end it good in my book. :)

"As soon as she left, Fred smiled at George, 'I cant wait for you to bollucks it.'" That was probably my favorite line. XD Fred's totally in character here! I'm sure the Fred Weasley in the real JKR books would have said the same thing.

So, yes! Great story. I really enjoyed reading it. Your writing style is very good, and you should be proud of that.

- Rin

Author's Response: Thank you. Bianca is showcased in several stories. In Worthy I thought of pairing her with George but wasn't 100% but then followed through with this story. Thanks on the twins - I love their humor but Bianca tops George with the ultimate joke in WJ. I'm glad you liked the joke - it does come back in NY in a paternity joke. Thanks again and please feel free to enjoy more of the anthology.

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Review #17, by gitgit Little Bee

17th February 2009:
that was amusing
i really liked the oneshot :D

Author's Response: Thank you. I couldn't leave folks in suspense for Bianca's beau.

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Review #18, by Aligiah Little Bee

10th February 2009:
I like Bianca. She's got a nice attitute to her, she reminds me of an irishwoman. Though we haven't seen her temper yet. I do like this plot line so far. Its nice.

George and Little Bee are like the perfect match. I can see it in real life. I can see George stunned by Bianca in Rome. lol. I can see his face, its priceless. Anyways.

All in all I like this so far. Good job with it. Feel free to re-request a review whenever the second chapter comes in.


Author's Response: Thank you. She and the rest of the Gasparo family are my proud OC's. She pops up in a couple of stories, notably Worthy and Wedding Jitters. She gets him good in WJ and shows him that is only a novice at pranks.

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Review #19, by Dydo Little Bee

31st January 2009:
Wow, this story is amazing! It has everything a story can have! I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you. You will find more romance in Worthy. That one is definitely a romance fic.

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Review #20, by rachm34 Little Bee

18th December 2008:
Wow I really liked this! you wrote this nicely! Thanks for requesting a review!

Author's Response: Thank you. LB is an OC who returns throughout the anthology especially Wedding Jitters

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Review #21, by hermioneism Little Bee

19th October 2008:
I love that it is one of the twins!

Author's Response: Thank you. Watch for them and Bianca to crop up in other stories.

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Review #22, by Heather Little Bee

17th October 2008:
You write very well! I have spent the past two days reading all of your stories. They are great. I love Draco and Hermione together, because he seems so dangerous but delicious at the same time!! LOL!! Where is this "wedding jitters" story you talk about. I'd love to read it. more question, and I don't read all of the reviews so I'm not sure if you've answered it or not or that maybe I've missed it in the story, but where is Ron??

Author's Response: Thank you. I wanted to write DM as growing up and not being too good but not too bad while treating her well. WJ is outlined and after the latest WIP - please see my bio for story order. WJ will answer the Ron question. In the other stories, I left him out bc I just wanted it to be DM and HG.

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Review #23, by SnowyHedwig Little Bee

7th October 2008:
Wow, I'd have never guessed that George was Bianca's love when reading worthy - that was an excellent twist!

Very cute one-shot, I loved the last scene... poor George, Fred will never let him forget that, will he?

Great job!

Author's Response: thank you - she returns big time in Wedding Jitters and shows George how the real men play a practical joke. Fred doesn't forget

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