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Review #1, by Echo Awkward Conversations, Potter boys, and Hogsmeade, oh my!

27th July 2011:
Really great!!! I love it so far! Please write more soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #2, by xellyanorx Awkward Conversations, Potter boys, and Hogsmeade, oh my!

10th June 2009:
oh please please update soon! i am dying to find out what happened to al!! and aah, i neeed to find out what's happening with RP and James/Al!! this is really fab by the way (:

Author's Response: thanks love

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Review #3, by Allisonrae38 Tutoring Sessions, Girl Talks, and Qudditch Talks

6th May 2009:
Oh goodness the part with James gave me shivers.. I absolutely LOVE James in any sense and you really got a good one here, isn't as cliche as the others. Please write more sexual tension between those two because it was absolutely brilliant.

Author's Response: Mmm James is yummy...I'm quite the fan of James (I and II). He's super fun to write as well. They are the epitome of sexual tension and I'm so so so glad you enjoyed it :)


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Review #4, by Potterholic Tutoring Sessions, Girl Talks, and Qudditch Talks

4th February 2009:
Good chapter! I like how you portrayed Ru's feelings about Albus going out with Lola. Even though you don't like the boy, you might still regret it a bit if he moves on. =P I like Riley too, she's a bit like me. ^_^ The growing relationship between Ru and James is interesting to follow, and you did a good job describing the girls' friendship too. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks! RP is one of my favorite characters to write. She's a quirky, blunt verision or pieced up verision of myself. Riles is so much fun to write. She certainly has my temper and there is plenty in store for her. James is a ton of fun to write. Hes a bit like my platonic best friend...thanks potterholic!

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Review #5, by Potterholic Mashed potatoes, The Kinks, and 'That's-what-she-said'

22nd January 2009:
I like this chapter. Itís lighthearted and fun to read. ^_^ Canít wait to see if they got into big trouble for that. =P I like that game between Riley and Ru too. I would say Lola seems like a MS, but I think she was intended to be one, and I do know some girls like that. =P There were some big paragraphs describing the characters that I thought could be broken into smaller ones, because big paragraphs are a bit harder to read on the screen. But other than that, this was good. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice Potterholic. It was exceptionally kinnd of you to review. I know the chapters are pretty long...

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Review #6, by Potterholic Pineapple Juice

22nd January 2009:
Hi! It's Potterholic from the forum. I'm so sorry for being so late. I had a lot of things going on. ^_^

Great start! I'm liking Rudella already, and I love how you wrote her relationships with the people around her, including Al and James. Riley seems like an interesting character too, and I had to laugh whenever Ru mentioned 'bikini tanning in Ice Age'. =P Looking forward to read about Lola and if Ru will manage to pass Transfigurations. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm really gldad that my characters are original. Thanks for all the feedback.

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Review #7, by lazarus Tutoring Sessions, Girl Talks, and Qudditch Talks

16th December 2008:
I can't believe that you have only two reviews! Oh the insanity of it all!

Anyway just letting you know that I love this fic, if that wasn't already obvious from my blatant shock. It is so nice to see strong lengthy chapters and from the looks of things you have fun writing this 'cause it shows. Oh and also I like James over Albus so make it happen missy XD!

Good luck with the finals, hope your examiner isn't a nasty old hog.


Author's Response: Thanks lazarus. You're too sweet.

I thank you for the nice review. This is quite a fun story to write. I do it in my spare time so it isn't my main attention. At all ha ha. But I am noting the James over Albus. But I can't make promises.

Finals were fine. As always. I worry a bit too much.


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Review #8, by AshHa Mashed potatoes, The Kinks, and 'That's-what-she-said'

11th October 2008:
You had an error I decided to point out for you: First chapter, second-to-last sentence "It was me secret"

Brilliant chapter. This is an amazing and lovely story. Now, who else was it? Who? Wow, Scorpius is so in for it. Adding to favs and will be looking for your next update! 10/10!!


Author's Response: Thanks darling. I have edited chapters that I will be posting. *mental notes to do that* I really love it. Thanks Ash. You'll see who it was-you actually haven't met them yet so it isn't that fabulous. Scorpius and Rose are not nearly done yet either.

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Review #9, by AshHa Pineapple Juice

11th October 2008:
Lola sounds cool. R.P. sounds even cooler. This is the first Next Generation story I've read, other than RedHeads_sis, who hasn't updated it in a while. I love it already! Actually, I kinda already hate the Lola girl, too, but love her at the same time. Weird, right?


Author's Response: Wow thanks! Lola is supposed to be a hard character to peg. And she isn't going anywhere yet. RP is my favorite; shes kinda my alter ego is so many ways.

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