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Review #1, by I heart the Devil Rapture

8th May 2009:
this is beautyfull ,the language is higly intreaging ,and it perfectly discrbes the kind of relationship bella/voldy would have.

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #2, by Laughing in the Dark Rapture

11th April 2009:
Embarrassment? Honestly! How can (dare) you say this piece is horrible? No offense by the question. It's amazing! I tried to write my own Voldemort/Bellatrix fan fic but never posted it; and it's no where near the standard this is. I wish I could only say I could write this pairing half as well as you do. Never be embarrassed by this story. Be proud that you're the one who wrote it.

Author's Response: thank you! that's always encouraging to hear :)

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Review #3, by holly bergman Rapture

21st January 2009:
I went to my favourites to read this story again and it was gone... and then I realised you deleted it!

Oh well... it's back now! I don't see why you don't like it... you've created such a tense and creepy atmosphere and the characterisation was perfect.

Author's Response: thanks again :)

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Review #4, by MidwinterMasque Rapture

1st January 2009:
Brilliant, I really thought that was well-written. You shouldn't be embarrassed of it; it takes a better writer to conceive those stories that are not often written. You've revived a genre and a pairing, for me!
The end was quite emotional and touching, in a way. Hmm, yes, paradoxical given the subject matter, but still.
Once again, brilliant. Oh, and I know how you feel about the reviews thing. I lost more than half of mine - the pain!
Haha xx

Author's Response: thank you! :)

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Review #5, by raveneye Rapture

16th November 2008:
i think its good. a few spelling mistakes, but everyone makes them occasionally. I'm not sure about the way its written as "she", almost from an omniscient POV. I much preferred the POV style in Wormwood, but i like the ideas in this fic, "loved him for his lack of love" was really good. I liked the way it portrayed the ship as cold and evil as the Dark Lord is, rather than loving. 8/10

Author's Response: thank you.
I thought I got his beta-d ... *checks*... apparently not. It's on my to-do list ;)
I was trying for an omniscient PoV; both for a change and because I felt it suited the story better.
It's a pretty evil ship alright. :P
thanks :)

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Review #6, by Tom_DracosGirl Rapture

8th October 2008:
I absolutely loved this!! Bellatrix is a character we love even though we hate her at the same time. I tried to write her once but I couldn't get anywhere near as close as you did in capturing the essence of her character!

I think you did a wonderful job with her, really getting to grips with her thoughts and feelings about death and Voldemort.

You have lovely choice of wording throughout that really helped create beautiful imagery surrounding Bella. I cannot beleive you deleted this amazing peice of writing. I adored it and am adding this to my faves in the hope that others may find it through me.

Absolutely loved it!! 10/10

Author's Response: aw, thanks for the great review :)
Yes, that's exactly how I feel about Bella - she's awful but so compelling, to read and write. I'm so pleased you thought I got the 'essence' of her character; I did try to do that :)
Thanks so much for the favourite - I honestly don't know why I deleted it at this stage, it was just giving me the creeps ;)
thanks again!

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