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Review #1, by ben Best Served Cold

9th December 2014:
Please continue to write this story it's so good. Please pick it back up and keep going

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Review #2, by YeCatsJ Best Served Cold

6th October 2011:
Loved it! just wish you had continued with it - looks like it hasn't been updated since 2009 and in all likelihood that usually means the story has been abandoned - too bad - it was very good.
I love Harry/Ginny soul bonding stories but it's rare to find great ones that are complete. Please consider finishing it.

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Review #3, by I.N.C. You're What?!

19th August 2011:
Ahahaha!!! YOURE WHAT! Priceless...

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Review #4, by lovinglovegood You're What?!

11th March 2011:
"I'll keep an eye on the Floo for a few minutes more to make sure you don't use it"
I love this! :D

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Review #5, by DukeBrymin Spilled Milk; Spill the Beans

24th February 2011:
I'm glad they were able to get Ginny into more of Harry's classes.

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Review #6, by DukeBrymin For Better or Worse

24th February 2011:
Wondering what it's going to take to knock some sense into Ron.

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Review #7, by DukeBrymin From This Day Forward

24th February 2011:
Ginny's really moving into her own as Harry's partner, isn't she?

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Review #8, by DukeBrymin Mr. and Mrs.

23rd February 2011:
I like Charlie's reaction.

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Review #9, by DukeBrymin You're What?!

23rd February 2011:
Well, at least they only had to kiss to complete the bond.

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Review #10, by DukeBrymin Having a Bad Day

23rd February 2011:
Very interesting twist on the bonding.

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Review #11, by hptrump Best Served Cold

25th November 2010:
I hope you have not given up on your story. It has been so long since you last update. Love your story. Update soon.

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Review #12, by Doug A Best Served Cold

15th May 2010:
There's so much going on in this Chapter that it is hard for me to break it down into scenes like I have in past reviews. Instead, I'm just going to tell you that the whole chapter was wonderful, and then point out things that I especially liked.

Bill dealing with Ginny's detention was nice. It appears that he is bordering on being really proud of her for what happened. I liked Harry's 'It wasn't me', followed by his frantic back pedeling to avoid the wrath of his little redhead.

Harry's decision to write the Will was interesting (and I'm an attorney, so it's never too early to get one done...LOL), as was Ginny's reaction upon finding it. I loved that Harry ran across the room the comfort her when he found out what was wrong. Her comparing herself to Cho, and his reaction to it, was funny, especially considering that Michael Corner pops up shortly thereafter.

The interesting thing with Corner is that when we last saw him in canon, he and Ginny had broken up, and he was with Cho. Given Cho's glare at Ginny when our couple came into the Great Hall a couple of chapters ago, and Corner's actions here, clearly that couple lasted a long time. The fact that Corner now tries to get back with Ginny, after breaking up with her to date someone else, seems to show that he doesn't know her or understand her very well. (and that he doesn't read the Daily Prophet) Maybe Ginny's easiest way out here is to point out that they had broken up, and he had seemed to have moved on. Certainly since he had moved on to Cho, there should be no problem with her having moved on as well.

Ginny having to explain THAT time of the month to Harry is really funny, even though most of it takes place off stage. I bet both set new records for Weasley shades of red. Of course, the other really funny thing is that of all times for Snape to pick a fight with Ginny, he has to pick that "special" time. He'll be lucky to survive the experience. The pranks so far have been great, and the canary incident reminds me of that old Tweety cartoon where he/she/(it ?) drinks the Hyde formula and turns into this hulky pile of feathers. THAT would be canary Snape. I also love the "return" of Sgt. Schulz. It's gone from the Weasleys ( I saw nothing in the floo.) to Remus, Dora, and Bill (I know nothing about the pranks.)

I think a lot of the problems with Snape is that Harry looks so much like his father. We now know that Snape hated James, and hated losing Lilly to him even more. Everytime he looks at Harry, he sees James with Lilly's eyes, and is reminded of his loss even more. I've always thought that he has taken it easier on Ginny because of her resemblence to Lilly. Now, he has the girl that reminds him of Lilly with the boy who looks like James, and it has got to be driving him crazy.

I love Ginny's attempts to reconcile Harry and Dumbledore, and the fact that, despite her protests that she can fill her own plate, that she now waits for Harry to do it.

I look forward to the hearing with the Ministry, and the return of Lilly and James.

I see that you haven't updated for a long time. I hope that it is because you've been busy, rather than due to any health issues, or because you've decided to abandon this story. It is simply to wonderful of a story not to be completed. I hope to see an update soon. Take care, and talk to you later.

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Review #13, by Doug A Revenge Is A Dish..

9th May 2010:
Sorry to have been away for a while. I've been serving as the beta for GinnyChaserSuberb on a story, and it cut into my reading and reviewing time to get caught up on her story. (I started with her Chapter 7, then went forwards and backwards. It's called "We did it, We bashed 'em, Wee Potter's the one". Check it out if you get a chance. It's pretty good, even if I do say so myself.)

Anyway, I've reread your story to get caught back up in it, and I can't tell you how much I love this story. Anyway, to Chapter 8.

I love the 'elf war'. It reminds me of an old Bloom County strip, which did a take off on the air traffic controllers' strike, by having Santa's elves go on strike. When the Gipper fired them, the news media described it as "an ugly elf riot". I can just picture Harry and Ginny standing there and trying not to laugh. The other elf matter is that Hermione seems awfully un-Hermioneish about her two best friends have TWO house elves.

However, Hermione is perfectly on her stride when it comes to knowing our couple's password. Hermione apparently can't stand to have something she doesn't know all about. We saw it with her wanting to read Lilly's diary, and pushing to know all of the magic behind the bond and their charms. She also apparently can't stand for anyone to "better" than her. We got some of this in HBP, where she was so ticked off that Harry was beating her in potions. I certainly hope she learns to block her mind. Pretty much all of our couples secrets would be revealed by someone going through her memories.

You would think that Malfoy would learn. In 5+ years, he's gotten the worst of every confrontation with Harry. On the other hand, things wouldn't be nearly as funny if he ever did learn.

Snape better get the lesson quickly too, or else he's going to have a very long year. I expected him to be after Ginny after their earlier confrontation, and it's nice to see that she was ready for him. The last extended scene, between the Potions class, the confrontation with the Slytherins, and the aftermath was simply brilliant.

The hearing on Sirius's will was well done, and I look forward to continuing developements in this plot line.

Dora and Remus don't stand a chance. I love how you are using their characters, and their interactions with our couple. Dora dueling Ginny in DADA, then offering anyone else a shot at her was especially well done.

I am waiting for word on Ron and Hermione's relationship in this new world, and for Ron to finally get a clue. How anyone who is so gifted in strategy (see Wizard's Chess) and still be so dense is beyond me.

I also am looking forward to Lilly (and James) having a chat with Albus, and knowing what we do about Lilly's relationship with Snape, a real Lilly tantrum on him, as well. Actually, I have enjoyed your portrayal of Lilly and James, and hope to see them more often as the story progresses.

Finally, your progression of the relationship between Harry and Ginny, and how they affect each other is really well done.

I truly love your story, and look forward to the next chapter. I'll talk to you as soon as I've read it.


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Review #14, by pholmes Best Served Cold

31st March 2010:
love this story and want to read to the end. this is the second time for me to read this and i want more. please hurry

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Review #15, by hgfan4ever Best Served Cold

17th February 2010:
Thanks to all of the snow lately I went back to read some 'favorites.' Your story is one I often check for updates. I sincerely hope you decide to continue this story as is unique. Your Harry and Ginny are great and the way they have built their relationship and trust each other is a great read. After reading this once again I am on pins and needles even more so.

Please I hope you update soon ... looking forward to many more chapters.

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Review #16, by David Best Served Cold

6th February 2010:
It would be very interesting if this tale could be brought to a conclusion.
The basic plot is rather funny, and not as serious and some of the other bonding tales have been.

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Review #17, by hgfan Best Served Cold

25th January 2010:
I adore your story. I keep hoping to see a new chapter ... it's one of my favorites. Please update it's been forever.

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Review #18, by Toms Pal Best Served Cold

8th October 2009:
Excellent story. Well written. Very entertaining. Well done.

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Review #19, by Starscape91 Best Served Cold

3rd August 2009:
I absolutely love this story! I can't wait for the next chapter! Please continue this story!

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Review #20, by Roni Best Served Cold

29th July 2009:
i love this story. I love how Ginny is and all. I just love it. Can you please do more.

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Review #21, by Roni Best Served Cold

11th July 2009:
Please do more to this. Its a good story. Please. Its good. Please.

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Review #22, by dquietone You're What?!

3rd July 2009:
This story is one of the best starts I have read. It's very well done, and you can see the action in your mind as it unfolds.
Harry and Ginnys' time with Lily and James are about the weakest and it could have use some more detail.
This fic needs to be continued and I hope the suthor will be doing so.

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Review #23, by Roni Best Served Cold

22nd June 2009:
Do more please. That was good, no great. I was almost like JKR her self. In a way, like how you added about the socks.

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Review #24, by hpfan35 Best Served Cold

28th May 2009:
Oh I can't wait for them to stick it to Fudge. Please update soon ... sitting on pins and needles ... much anticipation!

Excellent chapter and excellent story, looking forward to many more chapters.

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Review #25, by hpfan35 Revenge Is A Dish..

28th May 2009:
Another excellent chapter. I am hoping that Snape's antics are put to a stop by Dumbledore, his treatment of Harry and Ginny have gone on for too long. I hope now Hermione starts to give Harry some credit ... afterall not everyone is like Ron.

Looking forward to many more chapters. I hope you get a chance to update soon.

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