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Review #1, by pooh Unrequited

18th February 2012:
i love your story but i hate the ending...harry and hermione should end up together...write a sequel pls...

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Review #2, by lil_hermione_at_heart Unrequited

8th August 2011:
Love it!! Really. Even though its sad, I know exactly how that feels. Still do actually. Anyways, I think you did a realy great job at writing this. Keep it up!

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Review #3, by purple_warfreak Unrequited

28th December 2010:
Sad but nice story... It broke my heart to see Hermione hurt. I hope the next would have a happy ending though.. Good job.. .

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Review #4, by Bri Unrequited

19th September 2010:
Wow this couldn't be more dead on to how it really feels. This was excellent and even though everyone's telling you to write a happy ending, I understand why you didn't. Sometimes these things just don't end happily :( and the more you relate your own life to the story the harder it is to make it a fantasy.

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Review #5, by Dmali Unrequited

15th August 2009:
i kno the feeling. thank u for sharing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it :D

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Review #6, by Ksenija Unrequited

8th August 2009:
Love it! Your bloody fantastic!

Author's Response: Aww thanks! I'm glad you think so :]

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Review #7, by ElToroNegro Unrequited

14th July 2009:
Gosh, I'm always suprised to be so sad after such stories, as I am actually a man... Anyways, really good story, but certainly nothing for someone like me, who wants to see H/Hr happily together... Meh :/

Author's Response: Wow, I made a man get emotional?? STOP THE PRESSES!!! lol. Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm really glad you enjoyed it =]

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Review #8, by Potter_Granger_Fan Unrequited

16th May 2009:
Hell YES write a sequel you cant do that to Her and harry and i dont care who your plot bunny is lol that story really sucked in a way i mean i understand that its mean to be based after real life but come on please cause sometimes happiness does happen in the real world but please write a sequel and lay

Author's Response: the sequal is up and called "felix desino" =]

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Review #9, by monkey1994 Unrequited

2nd January 2009:
and what happens next?
i'm not lying.
my eye is twitching

Author's Response: hahh, welll i'm planning on writing a sequal if my mind thinks of one other than the really cliche one i already have :/

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Review #10, by h hr dream writer girl Unrequited

2nd December 2008:
definitely do a sequel it would be great to know who knocked at the door and i would definitely read it

Author's Response: i will deffinitly think about it... lol. don't worry, i'll write it soon :D

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Review #11, by mikachoo Unrequited

16th November 2008:
Oh that was so sad. I loved it though, despite that, it was so well-written. Poor Hermione :(

Author's Response: thank you, sorry for the sadness, but that's how it had to be :/

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