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Review #1, by Ava Pearce A World Full of Miscreants?

5th November 2009:
um that was very confusing, who killed her and Dumbledore? i don't get it... :
but other than that, a great story!

Author's Response: thanks for your review... it was supposed to be that way no one is supposed to know who killed them...

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Review #2, by essenni A World Full of Miscreants?

16th August 2009:
Good one! I was really intrigued by the story; however, I was disappointed that you did not reveal who the murder was. I think that it is a critical part of the story to know who it was, if it was one of them. Now I'm confused.

Author's Response: Okay, so I will say it again that as far as the story goes it is was not important who killed who and who did not. The important thing was to present an insight into the lives of the characters. However, if you want to know I left for the reader to use his or her imagination as regards to that question. I was thinking more like: Cho was killed by some of the rebels who were left after the war and Dumbledore was killed by Snape, who is still alive and very much evil.

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Review #3, by Enigma A World Full of Miscreants?

5th August 2009:
wow that was amazing! great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by EyeWood A World Full of Miscreants?

29th July 2009:
Ooh who was the murderer?

Author's Response: That was one thing I realised is never going to leave me alone is it... Okay so here it is it can be anyone you want it to be coz it is not important. However, I like to say that for Cho it was one of the rebels after the war and for Dumbledore it was Snape.

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Review #5, by Candince Jones A World Full of Miscreants?

24th July 2009:
I really wanna know what's happening! please please please please please comtinue this!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review but sadly the story will not be continued! It is complete as it is.

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Review #6, by AceShooter A World Full of Miscreants?

30th October 2008:
Yeah pretty confusing, crazy and totally weird. And I loved it! hahahaha Freakin awesome! =D

Author's Response: Thanks! I am glad that you liked it, and I am sorry that you found it confusing but oh well, that's just how it is. Once again thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #7, by Rylin the Ravenclaw A World Full of Miscreants?

9th October 2008:
(^_^)/| Hello I'm Rylin! Wicked One-Shot! I mean you are a brilliant writer! You kept me captived by the first word to the last! You UBERLY ROCK! XD I love your plot and how you immersed me into your story with the spirit flowing from one character to another with interesting flashbacks before the scene of Cho's murder.

This is definitely a very different way of writing a one-shot. I think your writing style is quite unique and very collaborative for this particular plot. So far this is the best and easily captivating one-shot I've ever read. =] Are you considering of being a writer/author one day as a career or a dream? I absolutely think you have the talent, the mind, and the right vibe for it.

I honestly don't have anything to criticize you over, [I don't give out harsh criticism, just a few perks and heads up]. The only thing I can think of is start a novel, because I definitely would like to see that part of your work as an author. No mistakes that I can think of, very good grammar and elaborated descriptive words. I seriously want to read your books, if you ever publish anything one day.
-nodding- I'm being serious. =]

One minor thing, that I'd like to point out though is that, "fuelling" is it spelled with one "l" or two "l's?" I mean that's just a very very small thing, nothing big. Nothing personal, I was just curious that's all. I also love the way your flow of words and how you went from character to character. I'm still amazed. Please keep me update on any other stories you will come up with. PLEASE! =]

-Rylin/Reyna 1,000/10!!!

Author's Response: Alright, so wow! I am so glad that you liked this story. I had no idea that it would be appreciated in such a way! Wow, I am rather speechless. Thank you, so very much!

So, as far as being a writer or an author is concerned, one never knows what life holds for them but at the moment my plans are concerned with applying for Chemical Engineering. Lets see what develops. I don't mind writing, and if I ever publish a book I definitely let you know!

As far as the spellings are concerned, I am terrible at it and rely completed on my word processor and proof reading a million times! Honestly, I am not kidding, you can pick out the most silly and the most queer of mistakes in my work. However, believe or not fuelling is spelt with both a single 'l' as well as a double 'l'. It really depends on which scheme of spelling you follow. British spellings have a double 'l' and American spellings have a single one.

Thank you for you absolutely awsome review! And actually I liked that you mentioned that spelling thing, it showed that you really cared enough about the story to notice such small things. Thank you so much! I'll definitely leave a little something on the forums when I start a new story similar to something like this. However, you can visit my author's page for other stories which I have written!

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