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Review #1, by City Lights Up Gryffindor

28th October 2010:
This is AMAZING. Really, I can't find the correct words to show how amazing it is. For one thing, its something new; nothing like anything I've ever read before, which is rare. Thank you so much for writing it!!!

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Review #2, by Abigail Up Gryffindor

18th June 2009:
Um. Wow. This is literally the only story I've ever left a review for on this site, because it's quite possibly the best one I've read to date. I almost want to ask you to continue yet, but I think it's better left on it's own like this. I was literally left speechless. I'm not even sure how I got my thoughts together enough to leave a moderately coherent review.

I really, really enjoyed the conflict that was inside of James. There were several places where it showed, but this was one I enjoyed: "I had to choke back my desire to knock the goblet out of his hand and shout for help, as he drank the last of the firewhisky."

I also really enjoyed this line:"Heroes would rise and fall, legends would be born, and I would be remembered, not as a Gryffindor or a Potter but as the man who gave heroes a reason to exist."

And, one more quote from the story that I enjoyed, was part of the conversation between Albus and James. "Me, Albus said honestly. This kind of open and blatant honesty was an odd feeling. It made me uncomfortable, but maybe that was the point. I mean, you were always so perfect. I
always had to live in your shadow. I never really thought about whose shadow you had to live in."

I really loved the ending as well. I loved the fact that James didn't even listen to the prophecy that somewhat caused him to become this hurricane of destruction in the wizarding world.

Wow. Sorry for rambling on there...

To get back to the point, I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and I expect I'll be rereading it in the near future. :) Thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: Aww, I`m really glad you enjoyed it! I had considered continuing it with another story, but it never quite sounded right. It`s just better as a one shot (like you said), and if I ever go back to it, I think it`ll be to write more one shots about the Next Generation (cause they`re my favorite =D ). But I digress...

Thank you so much for the review! It really made my day, and I`m considering going back to another story that went along the same lines as this one now that you reminded me about Up Gryffindor. Thanks again for the review, and I`m really glad you liked the story (again =D ).

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Review #3, by MadameMadMind Up Gryffindor

11th November 2008:
This was so good, it almost made me cry. The emotions were well written, and the ideas well thought out. Keep up the great work.

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Review #4, by tiger_lily Up Gryffindor

23rd October 2008:

i cant think of any criticism. this is really good. all of it

10/10 for sure

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