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Review #1, by rozen_maiden Assassin

9th February 2011:
Sweetie, omgsh... I nearly cried just from what you wrote about me! You are truly amazing and beautiful!
And this first chapter was magical... You write with such emotion and description .. I just love it! Well done my darling rachel :P I wish you were still around to continue this .. xx

Author's Response: ^_^
I'm sorry I haven't continued this :/. It has original fic potential, I'm thinking, SO don't think that dedication will change from the magical world to the muggle! I've been replying to all these unanswered reviews and wish I'd been there to respond to all of them before. Thanks for faithfully reviewing all these!

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Review #2, by mattravenclaw The Client

22nd December 2010:
I love this story. It is amazing, wonderful, and hilarious. One day, I will write a story with chapters this long. This story is amazing, and everything that I aspire to when it comes to both fanfiction writing, and my own writing. Please continue to write.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such words! Glad you liked this :D

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Review #3, by LianFox Loathing

14th December 2009:
Hi! :D
I just wanted to say I really liked the chapters that you published till now and I wonder- are you going to continue and finish this? I really really want you to!!! :D
waiting for your answer~

Author's Response: Glad you liked it so far! Unfortunately, I don't think I will be updating at this point :/. Many apologies! Sorry I didn't answer for so long, but thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by herMionELODY Loathing

10th August 2009:
Loved how draco greeted blaise by the way, hilarious. Then when Draco goes to apologizes to his sister, and she says something like you think I mind, then men-daft the lot of you LOL. I like her!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! Glad you liked her :)

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Review #5, by herMionELODY Loathing

10th August 2009:
I loved how she was talking about this unknown feeling, at first I was like seriously surely not, then I read further and she said loathing. LOL that was so funny and clever! I really loved how she was checking him out practically, then stopped herself and was like complete and utter loathing, Gosh that was so good!

Author's Response: Glad SOME people are Wicked enough to catch on...*sniggers*. So happy you liked that element, and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by herMionELODY Cannons and Confrontations

10th August 2009:
Yes! Can't wait for some hermione/blaise action! There is going to be some right? I hope so.. I love your blaise, he's sarcasstic and sounds so sexy.

I was surprises but I really like every pov there all equally entertaining, usually I get bored and just scheme them the other povs.

Author's Response: Haha hold your horses! Glad you like the POV! And my schmexy can have him if I get tired of him :P. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by herMionELODY The Client

10th August 2009:
That's just sad, blaise is so use to his mothers being hurt by his father he can just block it out.

I have this doubt that blaise killed Kingsley, but I could be wrong.

Your an excellent writer I very much enjoyed reading these chapters! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I cried writing that haha :/. Sorry I've stopped writing this! >_

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Review #8, by hermionegarner Loathing

8th March 2009:
OHMIGOSH!!! I was listening to "What is this Feeling" when I started reading this!!! LOL! ;p

Wonderfully written, especially the r/hrm scenes and that's bugging the CRAP out of me!!! WHY do you have to be so good at writing them?!? I can't believe you're tearing them appart!!! AAARRGH!

I'm done ranting for now. You've heard this about a million times already. I'm still unhappy.


Author's Response: Well, how ironic! Wow...this is a late response...I'm so happy you like this, even though the R/H moments are killing you inside...but killing you is my goal, naturally. *shifty eyes* Well, hope summer's fairing well for you! I'll talk to you soon!

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Review #9, by ravens_rising Loathing

1st February 2009:
Fantastic as always. I adore your writing so much. Your characterization of everyone is wonderful! You are able to get people emotionally invested in the characters. I like the way you do respect Hermione and Ron's relationship, and how you're handling it. Simply wonderful.
And as far as the plot goes, I'm on the edge of my seat. There's so many mysteries here! I can not wait to read more! Please update soon!
(I really must get you to write something in my regular fandom some day, I'd forgotten how much I really enjoy and admire your writing.)

Author's Response: Haha so I had to remind myself who this was again meh. You read this a while ago...sorry I haven't updated since then! But I will, oh, yes. I'm so glad you like my writing! It means heaps to me when compliments come from friends. And critiques--anything you have, good or bad, give it all! I'll be reading a bit of that particular fandom you speak off soon. :) Thanks for reviewing, my friend!

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Review #10, by ishtar2012 Loathing

3rd January 2009:
This was a little intrigue with Draco's attiture to Blaise... it's Draco... Thank you ... Please keep them coming Happy New Year to you too...

Author's Response: Draco's mysterious right now...yes, yes he is. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by ravens_rising Cannons and Confrontations

30th November 2008:
Hey you, guess who it is!! :p I told you I'd get an account! Hehe. :)
Awesome chapter!! I love your writing so much. I think it's very in character for Hermione to take him on as a client, and for Harry and Ron, especially Ron, to not understand why she did it.
And I wonder how Draco is going to come into this, as I'm assuming he's not just here 'cause you like him. He'll have a purpose.
And the Zabini family is very interesting. You've already fleshed them out very well.
Also, since you said Ron will end up with someone too, my first theory is going to be Julie. Just a guess :)
I can't wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: Ahhh! It IS you! ^_^ Your Rachel is grinning from ear to ear...probably looks freaky. It means heaps to me that you like this so far! And that you've even bothered to read my writing. It's so special to have "real" people review! Ah, Draco--see, I didn't mean to make him a leading player, but...well, I couldn't resist, so I'll fit him in somehow. He'll have a huge purpose, if I keep this up. The Zabinis are fun to invent! You should try it sometime...I could give you a Zabini workshop if you want...(jokes :P). Ron's special someone: you may be right, you may be wrong...perhaps, inbetween ( that possible?). I'll update soon. See ya tomorrow! xoxo

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Review #12, by hermionegarner Cannons and Confrontations

29th November 2008:
"Have you seen my jumper?" nice. ;p

Can I just say one thing? Just one?


That said, it was very very good. I really like how you write Blaise--he's very real. And Ginny too (but I ALWAYS like Ginny). You're sooo good at describing emotions--I wish I was as good at that ;p and you always make it funny and enjoyable as well. Hermione is almost exactly how I would imagine her, though I don't write her as well, and Harry is...well, he's 'The Chosen One' as always ;p

GREAT chapter! I can't believe you made me wait so long!


Author's Response: Ello, friend! The jumper bit...hehe. I hoped someone would catch that. How can I break them apart? Well, you'll SEE how as this comes along...don't worry, TG. Neither of them will be left alone. Blaise is real? REALLY? Let me meet him! :P Thanks--I'm glad my efforts to keep things canon/real have paid off. And the emotions! Trust me, you're coming along with those, definitely! It takes time and practice to do anything, and you're doing fantastically. It's much easier to write people when you put yourself in their shoes (like theatre!). Sorry a million times over for the wait! Thanks for reviewing~ ^_^

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Review #13, by ishtar2012 Cannons and Confrontations

28th November 2008:
For starters this is simply magnificent. I can wait on the confrontation on Draco/Hermione/Blaise, because I know that poor Ron is practicaly out of the picture

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like this so far. Not out of the picture...just not in focus XP. D/H/B? Well, that would certainly be an interesting triangle, though you'll have to see what really happens.

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Review #14, by eternalangel The Client

26th October 2008:
That was a very good chapter. It had a nice mixture of action and mystery and I loved all the canon characters that appeared in this chapter like Astoria, Draco and Elphias Doge. Again, I think you did a good job capturing each of the canon characters personalities in a short amount of time.

I also loved the details in this chapter, especially when the ministry was described. It gave the reader an inside look at the Ministry. I also loved how cell phones were being used by the magical world.

There were two things that tripped me up. One was a technical mistake and it is in the part after the letter "-Harry Zabini." The Harry part ends the letter and the Zabini part begins the next paragraph, but it looks like the letter was signed by a "Harry Zabini".

I also found that the part when Harry is chasing the culprit and sees Zabini was very confusing. First, I wasn't sure whose thoughts were whose and I wasn't sure if Harry was a Legilimense and that was why he could hear Zabini's thoughts. I also wasn't sure if it took place directly after Shacklebolt had been killed or a few hours later because Harry was looking at the stars and I thought the reception took place during the day. I also wasn't sure what was going on with all the Apparating Harry was doing.

Besides these few critiques, I think you have a really interesting and complex story and I would love to know what happens next!


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, eternalangel! I'll definitely try to make Harry's scene and the end of the letter (spacing error.>_

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Review #15, by eternalangel Assassin

25th October 2008:
That was a fantastic chapter. You had the right mixture of mystery and suspense with character development. I also have to say that you did a magnificent job with Hermione's character and all the canon characters. I loved the cliff hanger that you left the readers on in the end.

I also really loved the contrast between the Zabini part which was dark and rainy and the wedding scene, which was full of light and happy. I loved the dichotomy used.

I found two mistakes and they are:

1.)"Before her eyes roamed on, she winked a chestnut brown back his way, her gaze then landing on Rubeus Hagrid..." The part "chestnut brown back his way..." seemed a little odd to me. I almost felt like it should have read "...chestnut brown one back his way..."

2.) "After having been sighted by the professional Quidditch team's scouts in his 6th year at Hogwarts, he received a request to join their training program." I think you meant to write "having been signed...".

Other than those few mistakes, I think this is a fantastic opening chapter. I loved the unique wedding ceremony details and that Seamus and Parvati were engaged. I also loved how Angelina pulled George through his tough spot. Good Job!


Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you reviewed. It means alot that you thought it was "fantastic", as well! Thanks for the criticism--I'll be making the proper ammendments soon. Seamus/Parvati...couldn't resist XP. Thanks, again, eternalangel!

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Review #16, by hannah17 The Client

25th October 2008:
I agree! Math should die. I hate it.

The chapter was definitely worth the wait! I really enjoyed the scene between Astoria and Draco. I like her already and I've always liked Draco *smiles* so it's nice to know he'll be in the story. Plus it creates a really interesting sideline considering he's one of Blaise's friends.

I thought how Harry reacted was perfectly in character. It would be like him to assume it was Blaise from both Blaise's background and Harry's own prejudices about Slytherins, however much he has matured I imagine he might still have those.

I'm so excited for this story! I think you're doing a wonderful job setting it up and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter! I'm really interested in seeing what's going on with Blaise's family as well. His father.. well, I suppose I'll have more to say on that later.

Take care dear!


Author's Response: Hi, Hannah! I'm so pleased you like this so far! *beams* It means loads. I couldn't resist Draco/Astoria--I'd been itching to write them for a while now and have found they're rather addicting. Yes, it hasn't been 19 years yet (the whole Albus Severus thing in the epilogue), so Harry's still a bit narrowminded with regard to the houses and such. He may have to break away from that soon, though. Oh, and you will see more of his father--he's vital to the story at some point. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Muggle-Born Squib The Client

25th October 2008:
I freaking love this story! You write amazingly well, I hope you know that. I don't really have any critisism... I really hope you keep writing this story. 10/10!

Author's Response: ^_^ I'm so happy you love it! The "freaking" part doesn't hurt anything, either. This story's here for the long run, so expect more soon. Thanks for the review, Muggle-Born Squib (how would that work, anyhow...muggleborn and a squib? wouldn't it just be...oh, nevermind XP).

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Review #18, by hermionegarner Assassin

21st October 2008:
Hey hey hey! I wanna know who the assassin is!! Who, who who?!?!?

Anyway, I've got my account back (kind of-I had to start a new one). This story is awesome!! ;p

Author's Response: -.- Be patient, my friend, or I'll send he or she on you next! Don't think I won't...;)

Great! Glad you've got it "back", and glad you like this so far! I lost my Trusted Author status, so hopefully, The Client chapter will be up soon.

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Review #19, by spk Assassin

8th October 2008:
You're very blessed with all of this writing, and I was like, wow, when I read the other stories too; completely flabbergasted. LOVED THEM ALL VERY MUCH, and I hope you the very best!
Man, with all school stuff and everything, I had to put down my story, for the time being, but with your AMAZING writing skills, could you 'critique' my writing? I would love it, (it's technically short for now, XD)!

- Kellan

PS. Could you make a story with my name in it? xP You're awesome plots got me thinking of it.

Author's Response: Thank you, Kellan! I'd be honoured to critique your writing. I'll take a look at your work(s) hopefully soon. A story with your name in it? Like having a character with your name? I'd be happy to, if that's what you mean. In fact, I've been struggling to think of a name for one of Hermione's colleagues, and Kellan is an awesome name that would definitely work. ^_^ Thanks for reviewing, and I'll check your stuff out soon!

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Review #20, by hannah17 Assassin

5th October 2008:
YAY!! A new Hermione/Blaise story! Woot! I'm so excited - I love your other stories and I'm really glad you decided to do one with this pairing. They're very rare, but I love them.

Anyway, I'm intrigued by what's going on so far! An assassin.. hmm. I already love your Blaise as well. Just one line and I loved it. :)

Update soon!! :)


Author's Response: Hey, Hannah! I'm glad you like this so far! I wish they weren't so rare...they're so fun to write (but I haven't written them together yet...that'll be nice). Yay--you love Blaise! I'll update soonish. Thanks for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #21, by hermionegarner Assassin

3rd October 2008:
hey hey I'm reviewing my account was deleted AH!! Anyway so here I am AWESOME chapter (except change Margaret to Jane, but I already told you that)


Author's Response: Ello, Miss Garner! left the most random reviews on that other site (that I'm not allowed to write here since we aren't allowed links...-_-). Thanks for pointing out about her middle name! I changed it last night when I should've been cleaning my room...*groans*. So excited for homecoming! I bet you are, too, though a Yule Ball would be loads better XP. Who did it? *evil laugh* You know I can't answer that. You'll just have to wait and see. See ya at the dance! ^_^

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