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Review #1, by silverstarletworld89 She Blinks

30th August 2011:
Ok first off I would like to apologise for taking so long to review and thank you for taking part in my challenge :D!!

OMG ROSE & SCORPIUS MY FAVOURITE PAIRING EVER!!! (sorry when I get excited I use caps). This story was beautiful and I love how you showed the subtlety (is that how you say it) well how you gave Scorpius' character the Malfoy essence but you can tell that he is different. The little hints you gave of how he look at Rose and how he wasd different from his father were wonderful, I loved it. And not one but TWO of them different from the parents with Rose helping people cheat lol :D, what would Hermione say lol.

I enjoyed how you brought them together in the end, and omg the death at the end, I do not handle sad stories well but it was a great ending.

I enjoyed how you broke up the mini chapters with the italic paragraphs filled with emotions and descriptions, it fit in with the story very well. I really enjoyed it, thanks for the great story.


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Review #2, by billie.x She Blinks

13th February 2011:
It was so amazing, I loved the way it said 'Rose blinks' or 'She blinks' after the er...italic bit :)
You have inspired me to write a little R/S story, and I know it wont be as good as yours but maybe it will come close?
Congratulations, Im going to your author page to read more stories! x

Author's Response: Thank you lots!
Ooh, honored to have inspired you to write! Please don't compare--you and I and all writers have our unique style, and I'm sure yours will be uniquely "you" :). Thanks so much! Read on, read on. :D

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Review #3, by rozen_maiden She Blinks

13th December 2010:
What? I can't believe I never left a review for this! It was the most amazing one-shot I've ever read, no exaggerations. There was the perfect control of language and just the right emotion, and their relationship was amazing (: I love this and think you should try making it an original short story. The dreams rose had gave it an eerie quality that I just adored (: xx

Author's Response: EE!
You made my DAY, May...again [aka: read this first ages ago]. Will work on making this original. Thank you to the moon! :D

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Review #4, by SilverRaven85 She Blinks

6th December 2008:
Overall I thought you did a wonderful job. Your writing drew me in and I was engrossed in the story. I found the ending to be perfect allowing me to fill in the blank about the rest of their lives. It was bittersweet and beautiful. I was slightly confused with the italicized portions however. Were these Rose's reflections? parts of a song? what? but really a great job!

Author's Response: Thank you, SilverRaven! I'm glad you thought it was good. The italicized portions--I thought of them as a dream/dreams Rose had, but it could be taken several ways, perhaps merely being symbolic of what she's going through. Thanks for the review! ^_^

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Review #5, by Rose Aleera She Blinks

21st October 2008:
God! It's awesome! Fantastic!!!
...but so, so sad!!!
I didn't really like the end, but it still be a wonderful fic!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, Rose Aleera! It means alot that you thought this was a wonderful fic. Sorry you didn't like the ending...feel free to give me suggestions to make it better if you like.

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Review #6, by MaskedFire She Blinks

2nd October 2008:
OMG! I don't want to use your real name, but you know me (dunno if you remember my pen name) I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Omgsh, it's you! I'm sooo happy you loved this! I have been meaning to read Oliver's Girl for ages, and I will probably start today...nothing else to do with my up-do for homecoming...I'm soo excited! I bet you are, too. ^_^ I think you'd like Slytherin Song and The Blaising Son, also, so if you ever have time, please check 'em out. Thanks for stopping by, unnamed friend! XP

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