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Review #1, by Writersbane1 Justice is Served

21st July 2013:
The word hysterical doesn't do this justice! ROTFLMAO

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Review #2, by xvivaforeverx Justice is Served

10th June 2009:
I loved your story! I just read it now, I had just gone through my old mail on the HPFF forums and I saw you sent me a message saying you used a headline I offered. Thanks for crediting me, I really respect that!

Your story was well written. Another thing I really respect is good grammar, and yours is impeccable! I hated Umbridge in your fic, which means you wrote her well. And Sirius was hysterical, I definitely wasn't expecting that, it came out amazing.

10/10 because that's the highest it goes!

Viva xoxo

Author's Response: Thank you so much for both your review and your headline. It really helped! And of course I credited you!! That's a given!!! :D

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the fic. It was an odd little one, and I'm glad that people are enjoying it.

Thanks for the wonderful review!!! :-)

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Review #3, by JLHufflepuff Justice is Served

1st January 2009:
Hehe.. I really enjoyed reading this. The thing I love about this is your flawless characterization. Umbridge is someone who I think would be difficult to write, but you do it really well. It's creepy the way she has such a personal vendetta against Harry.

The flashback to her interaction with Dumbledore as well as the news articles are really well-done and add to the interest of the piece.

The only thing I'm unsure about is whether or not the Ministry would have so much inside information about what happened in the room of hidden things, but perhaps they did due to the fact that Harry wanted to the truth to get out.

The end was perfect with Sirius getting his bit of justice. It made me giggle! :P

Author's Response: Sorry I've taken so long to respond to this! I'm going away in a few days, and I've been busy preparing for it.

I'm glad you liked the story! Yeah, you would think that Umbridge would be hard to write, but it just...came. The thing with Harry fit, because any bad thing that happens to her or her beloved Cornelius is a result of Harry's actions, and Umbridge being the kind of person she is, just has to obsess over it a tad too much for her own good. :-)

That's a good point about the paper. However, how I saw it, the Prophet is of trying to cover it's rear end. They, per orders of the Ministry, had been withholding information pertaining to Voldemort's return. Now that there was no way that they could continue to cover it up, they wanted to make it seem like they were covering the breaking news, hoping to distract people from the fact that they hadn't been for about a year.

Yeah, I like that part with Sirius too. It's kind of random, but it just seems Glad you liked it!

Thank you so much for leaving such a nice review!!!

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Review #4, by Pegasus1979 Justice is Served

26th October 2008:
Hi there! Here from the forums to review as requested.

I'm gonna do the mistakes first.

'where at five of seven an owl would deliver' - I think you mean five TO seven.

'The man referred to the school as if it were one of his positions.' - I'm not entirely sure, but I think positions should be possessions? I certainly think it would read better.

'Out sources tell us that Black was at the Ministry' - should be OUR sources.

Other than those little errors, this story reads very well. I really liked that it suddenly changed points of view and became Sirius in owl form. It was an original and unique idea - nicely done!

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for reviewing-sorry it took so long to respond.

Thanks for pointing some of that stuff out. Though, where I come from people say five of seven-I guess it depends on where you live.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! This is one of my "out there" kind of fics, and it really means a lot to me when people recieve it well.

Again, thank you for taking the time to review!

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Review #5, by Leent Justice is Served

17th October 2008:
I remember reading this before, and thought it was so uniquely brilliant. Naturally, my review is gone, but I thought I'd attempt to leave another one.

You have nailed Umbridge's character here with a vengeance.
"Not the little girlyish smiles that she showed to the public, but an honest to goodness, grotesque smile." Yikes! Don't think I'd ever want to see that, although I do now with your fabulous description. The flow was clean and even all the way until the end.

Such a fantastic view on Sirius' last act in this world. I loved this, especially his last parting gift. Great one-shot!

Author's Response: Yeah! Thanks for re-reviewing!

Umbridge is portrayed as being so obviously fake that there just has to be something beneath the poisoned honey exterior. I mean, how many adults would run around in pink cartigans, giggling? :-)

I really liked Sirius's bit at the end. When I was writing it, in my head it sounded a bit odd, but it flowed with the story, so I kept it! Hey, Sirius is known for giving good gifts!

Thanks for taking the time to read and review! (Again!)

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