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Review #1, by dawn Caught Out

2nd October 2010:
oh i can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you for your review, but I'm afraid this story is abandoned now.

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Review #2, by piinkii Unwanted Attention

15th May 2009:
omg i loved it :)
im gonna keep reading :DDD

Author's Response: thankyouu (:

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Review #3, by dracosgirl18 Caught Out

13th May 2009:
alright what? who?

Ten bucks on either Harry, Ron or a teacher standing in the doorway. who's with me?

10/10 girlie


Author's Response: hmm..i think your 10 bucks may be safe :P
thankyouu (:

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Review #4, by disposablereject Caught Out

12th May 2009:
OH! I wonder who it is!!! Ginny, Ron... HARRY? can't wait for the next chapter... :) UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: thanks, il update ASAP :)

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Review #5, by nimir ra Caught Out

12th May 2009:
please hurry with the next chapter, im so excited! love the story, thank you!

Author's Response: aww thankyou (:

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Review #6, by JohnnyPickAlot Caught Out

12th May 2009:
Ooooh who is it?
I really like this story even though Draco and Hermione's relationship developed really fast. I'm intrigued to see where you'll take this.

Author's Response: thankyouu (:

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Review #7, by roxie Caught Out

12th May 2009:
oh no!

Okay. Is it Ron or Harry? Or perhaps Ginny? Sounds like what ron would say though =P

I love how the story has progressed. Coudnt bear to stop so i decided to review at the end when ive read everything that is posted. I love the sweet side of Draco! That coupled with his devilish good looks makes him so yummy!!

Please update soon! I want to know who the intruder is!

Author's Response: i guess you'll have to wait and see :P

aww thankyou (: yeah his sweet side and his good looks make him even yummier than usual :D

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Review #8, by dracosgirl18 Him And Her

8th April 2009:
She's dragging the 'Slytherin Sex God' to bed? When did she get the courage to do that? Can't wait to see what happens next!

=D Laura

Author's Response: yeah but seriously, who wouldn't drag him to bed?! ;)
thanks for your review (: x

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Review #9, by Laney Him And Her

11th February 2009:
You must post more! >< it's such a good story!

Author's Response: thankyouu (: i'm uploading the chapters as fast as i cann xD

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Review #10, by dracosgirl1720 Him And Her

7th February 2009:
that was cute!!! i really like this chapter and story its really good , anyways great job!!!

Author's Response: thankyouu (:

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Review #11, by ChargersPride Just A Distraction?

3rd December 2008:
Whoaa its like we pressed the fast foward button.

Their relationship is going like way too fast, Hermione wouldn't give in to Malfoy so fast, even if she was on the rebound.

But overall your writting was good.

Author's Response: yeahh, i was worried about that, and i'm kind of glad i'm not the only one who thinks it.
i was planning to go back and sort it out, but to be honest, i've written so many more chapters that need to be uploaded i don't think i'll bother. haha
thanks for your opinion though (:

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Review #12, by KayKayGrrl224 Just A Distraction?

3rd December 2008:
its completely and totally awsome and no Draco is only out of character if you go by how he acts in front of everyone else but i honestly beleive underneath that facade he is a very misunderstood person and i adore how you portray him.

Author's Response: (: thankyouu
yeah, i like to think that he is misunderstood, and not just a total arse. haha (:

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Review #13, by dracosgirl18 Just A Distraction?

24th November 2008:
I can't wait for the next update!!!

Author's Response: :)
i really need to update soon! I've got the next like 5 chapters already written...I'm so lazy! ;) Ox

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