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Review #1, by Bumblebee The Thing With the Yellow Eyes

20th October 2008:
Okay...not bad, but I'm finding it a bit hard to follow, I keep getting the characters and thier dares all muddled up...oh well, maybe I'm just a bit slow. Good luck for continuing a great story.

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Review #2, by flutterby271 The Thing With the Yellow Eyes

18th October 2008:
Hi! I thought I already reviewed this, but apparently I didn't... Anyway, I just want to say that I really enjoyed this story and I hope that you'll update soon. I really like the concept (4 girls from 4 different houses, etc.) and the entire story is just whole lot of fun. Thanks for writing!

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Review #3, by Arcane The Birth of a Plan

17th October 2008:
TOURETTES. Hahahahahha.
Have you ever seen that MTV tv show called like "True Life", and there's an episode called "I have tourettes".
I haven't seen it, but I've heard good things...

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Review #4, by Arcane Stalking, Failing, Yelling, and Vomiting

17th October 2008:
This chapter was ROOCCKIIINNN
PS, once volleyball season is over, I PROMISE I'll make you a new and less poopy banner.

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Review #5, by Arcane The Thing With the Yellow Eyes

17th October 2008:
Jess is the funniest person ever. Hahahha.
And poor Robert, my heart goes out to him.
PS, I'm really depressed that you lost all of your reviews!

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Review #6, by Kate Introduction

16th October 2008:
I liked it but it needs more desciption words and some more action words but all in all i liked it alot...

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