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Review #1, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Dingy Divinations

3rd December 2011:
AMAZING! I loved it. It was really entertaining and funny to read :)

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Review #2, by blue2 Dingy Divinations

3rd January 2011:
Good choice of situation and the banter works well. Loved it.

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Review #3, by Lovebone Dingy Divinations

11th December 2010:
You NEED to do another. Just saying :) You're a fantastic writer.

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Review #4, by pooh Dingy Divinations

13th October 2010:
a very funny story!!!

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Review #5, by herMionELODY Dingy Divinations

18th July 2010:
Ireally liked that, i was smiling the whole time! You're really good at Dramione fics:D

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Review #6, by miaa Dingy Divinations

16th July 2010:

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Review #7, by IHeartBlondeSeekers Dingy Divinations

14th April 2010:
"Do you think she keeps her cooking sherry up here?" I was going to skip it. Go on to another story but then I saw that line on the banner and I smiled and I had to read it. Very good.

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Review #8, by JR Nite Dragon Dingy Divinations

7th July 2009:
is there gunna be a fourth? cause your rocking this story!

with love,
JR Nite Dragon

PS, Please R&R my story: Falling Through Thin Ice
That would be great! thanks!

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Review #9, by Meladee Dingy Divinations

23rd April 2009:
I would so give in to Draco before Hermione did, but she's stronger than I am. lol.

This was a perfect third installment! I'm such a fan of your writing and I follow everything of yours.

I can't wait for more. =]

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Review #10, by DracoFall243 Dingy Divinations

21st April 2009:
Ooo but where is the forth instalment.
Amazing as usual.

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Review #11, by Galloping Gargoyals Dingy Divinations

28th March 2009:
better be making another one ! :]
loved all 3 of the D's
keep it up!

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Review #12, by iscreamdraco Dingy Divinations

23rd March 2009:
loved itt!! write a sequel!


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Review #13, by tashmash Dingy Divinations

20th March 2009:
WAY, WAY, WAY, COOOL!!! i can NOT believe she did that! RoR??? hell yes!!! these get better & better each time!!! i like the rivalry in these! i mean 'truth & dare', ‘Twenty questions’
‘Scissors, paper, rock' very coool! i cant wait for the next one!!!

what it gonna be called???

tashmash xx >=]3

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Review #14, by GottaLoveBrittni Dingy Divinations

26th January 2009:
wow!!! wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

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Review #15, by DefyingBoundries Dingy Divinations

18th January 2009:
Please tell me there is a sequel to this right? right? lol

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Review #16, by Gwendolyn Dingy Divinations

13th December 2008:
Oh my gosh!
I love this series of one shots, they're endlessly funny...I hope you keep going with them, I need to know what happens next!!!

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Review #17, by Lyubov Dingy Divinations

12th December 2008:
OMG that was so hot. I read all 3 of them and they were all amazing. Please write more to this I am dying to know what will happen next

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Review #18, by Indigo Seas Dingy Divinations

22nd November 2008:
I don't usually read Hermione/Draco stories, but, I mean... WOW. This was hilarious, and written extremely well. My favorite line would have to be, "How about a friendly game of Go-Jump-Out-The-Window?" Haha! Really, really good. Anyway, thanks so much for brightening my day. :)

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Review #19, by AmySwitzerland Dingy Divinations

18th November 2008:
Awesome :)

This is really well written
Dramiones are by far the best shipping :)

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Review #20, by silver_lion Dingy Divinations

1st October 2008:
okay you have GOT to add more!

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Review #21, by Karma101 Dingy Divinations

27th September 2008:
omg that was hot!!!
is the nxt one when they are in the room of requirement?

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