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Review #1, by Renay On the Brink

14th July 2013:

Good story though...but how dare you!

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Review #2, by Ginny Weasley On the Brink

28th May 2013:
:s :( D: Why did you do this? More please :(

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Review #3, by GinnyPotter0116 On the Brink

10th February 2013:
When are you going to post the next chapter? I can't wait to read it!

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Review #4, by hazellily On the Brink

2nd January 2013:
Was SO not expecting this. I know Sirius loved Harry, I was really expecting him to get the dark mark and apperate away with Harry. but I guess that it makes sense cause now Harry has the protection of love that Lily had originally left him with. But still it's such a lovely/sad/good chapter. Can't wait for another update

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Review #5, by hazellily It Is Time

2nd January 2013:
Okay I have not been on in MONTHS and I looked your story up straight away and FINALLY harry knows the truth. I'm so excited right now. Brilliant job as always!

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Review #6, by someone___1 On the Brink

28th November 2012:

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Review #7, by Honore It Is Time

22nd November 2012:
Question. How did Snape escape when Lily stunned him the first time? He should have really been on lock down or something.

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Review #8, by Honore It Is Time

22nd November 2012:
What? I hate cliffhangers.I love this story tho. So looking forward to more. Thanks

Author's Response: Sorry about the cliffy, they're fun to write but not to read, I know. Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by someone___1 It Is Time

17th November 2012:
Yay! A new chapter :D

AND you explained why Snape is a double agent, thanks so much :3 It makes up for the cliffhanger at the end.

I can't believe that it's going to be over so soon!! It depends on how it ends, whether I'll cry and beg for a sequel or not. Lol.

Great job! Update quickly :)

Author's Response: =] Thanks! I'm glad I made up for the cliffy. I'll try to have the next chapter finished within a week.

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Review #10, by someone___1 Escaping the Shrieking Shack

12th November 2012:
You updated! Yay!! Ohmygosh, the torture scene turned my tummy, but I just couldn't skip it!

Great job, and I am most definitely awaiting the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll get the next chapter up soon!

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Review #11, by alwayslily Troubled Holidays

12th November 2012:
I love this story it's easily one of my favorites! Post more soon.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #12, by HPismygodson Troubled Holidays

11th November 2012:
more need more! Please!

THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY :) I think I may actually be in love :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapter is on its way up!

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Review #13, by someone___1 Troubled Holidays

30th October 2012:
A cliffhanger?? No! You can't do this to me! xD I love this story so much!!

Author's Response: lol Next chapter will be up in a couple of days. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by someone___1 Parents' Love

30th October 2012:
Interesting!! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Author's Response: Thanks! =]

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Review #15, by jammy Remus Revealed?

26th October 2012:
I am loving this story please keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter should be up this weekend, or Monday at the latest.

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Review #16, by hazellily Blood Traitors and Spies

22nd October 2012:
I really enjoy the direction this story of yours is going. My one and only criticism is that I wish the chapters were a little more detailed and a lot longer. Other then that I think its brilliant, I love the story line, and I love how fast your updates seem to come!

Author's Response: Thanks! I know I need to work on detail, that's a place I think I've always lacked in. As for making the chapters longer, that wouldn't be a problem, but it would take longer to update, especially since I'm working on a new story too. I'll keep this in mind for chapter 13.

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Review #17, by hazellily Remus Revealed?

22nd October 2012:
OH NO! Poor Remus! You need to update asap!

Author's Response: I already started the next chapter. No idea when I'll have it done by, but it'll be up once it's complete.

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Review #18, by hazellily The Subterfuge

15th October 2012:
Okay that helped alot I thought there was something off about Clarissa never expected her to BE bellatrix though I was assuming that she was a bad guy.

Author's Response: Yeah, I was hoping everyone would know something wasn't right with her.

Thanks for all your reviews!

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Review #19, by hazellily Meet Clarissa

15th October 2012:
This just got a LITTLE weird, I don't understand how this Clarissa could possibly play in to the story. Seems like it might just ad to the confusion. Though I still love the story line I just wish that something would happen where Dumbledore has to tell them all the truth. Dumbledore does know the truth correct?

Author's Response: Yes, Dumbledore knows the truth. Eventually, they will all have to know, but not yet.

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Review #20, by hazellily Prophecy Fulfilled

10th October 2012:
I'm not gonna lie I am quite sad that Alice didn't sacrifice herself for Neville and he could have defeated VOldemort, but I assume you have bigger plans

Author's Response: Alice would have sacrificed herself, but Voldemort didn't give her a choice. He was willing to spare Lily in the books because Snape begged him to, but he intended to murder both of Neville's parents in this story, so he was able to kill Neville for the same reason James' sacrifice didn't protect Lily in the books.

Thanks for your reviews! =]

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Review #21, by hazellily The Hogwarts Express

10th October 2012:
I am so in love with this story. Its so different and I am real excited to read more. I feel a bit spoiled for getting like 2 chapters this week! I was hoping that Voldemort and his minions knew that Harry Black was really Harry Potter though. Would have been a nice twist. I wonder when they are all going to realize it

Author's Response: Thanks! They'll know who Harry is before the end, wouldn't be much of a story if they never found out.

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Review #22, by hazellily And Life Goes On

4th October 2012:
This is a fantastic story! I just read the entire thing and am thrilled with it! I can't wait for the next chapters! Great job

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #23, by Roots in Water Prophecy Fulfilled

28th September 2010:
I really like this story. I find it really unique and I'm very interested to see where you're going with it. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for not updating in so long, but if you're still watching this story, I hope you like the new chapters.

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Review #24, by Tonks the Klutz Prophecy Fulfilled

4th August 2009:
Aw. That's so sad! Poor Alice, Frank, and Neville. Anyhow, your writing is amazing and this story is so uniquely brilliant! 10/10. Update asap. PS. Sirius rocks!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm sorry I took so long getting back to this story.

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Review #25, by marauderqueen Prophecy Fulfilled

2nd August 2009:
Love this story. It's good to read something a bit different.
Update soon please!!

Author's Response: Thanks!
I will do my best to.

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