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Review #1, by iloveme Good ol\' Hitler

27th November 2005:
good. like it. you might want to put sapaces in between your para. I think you are a good writer and should keep it up. if you would like to R&R my story that would be most helpful. It called The Return of Harry Potter. thank you.

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Review #2, by Hitlers best friend... who REALLY was the one who KILLED HIM Good ol\' Hitler

7th August 2005:
it said there was no words, but i see words! goodbye hitler!

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Review #3, by soliloquy Just Another Story

9th December 2004:
So moving...reminds me of a script I wrote a few hours ago, but not nearly as good as yours. I love how you ended it. Poor Sirius.

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Review #4, by soliloquy Little King

9th December 2004:
Oh, Sirius is so brave! I like the characters you've developed, but I thought that you would talk about the year a bit more, and maybe start detailing a few of the pranks. (I know "detail" is not a verb, but I couldn't think of a better word)

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Review #5, by DarkAutumnBreeze Just Another Story

6th August 2004:
wow, this is a brilliant story. sirius black is the greates man who ever walked the planet (remus and james close behind him, pettigrew riiiight at the bottom of the pile) i gonna read your behind the bars one now. oh yeah, please read+review mine, its called something wicked this way comes.... and its under recently added. keep up the good writing!

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Review #6, by Kami Good ol\' Hitler

3rd April 2004:
read and review essence of you life by shiseidox or she will delete it!!!!

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Review #7, by Rindy Just Another Story

24th March 2004:
Best one I've read so far about Sirius' past.

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Review #8, by Erica Good ol\' Hitler

28th July 2003:
Is that all? Write more!

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Review #9, by KittyRiddle Good ol\' Hitler

27th July 2003:

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