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Review #1, by hpfan Because, Rosie. You are obviously still in love with him.

21st January 2009:
hey! great start. i love it how al and scorp are in the same house. i always pictured it that way.
great writing and such :)
waiting for the next installment.

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Review #2, by queen_luna Because, Rosie. You are obviously still in love with him.

20th October 2008:
Hehe, I have suspicions about Al and Nat... ;)

I like the idea behind this story. I think you can write a great story with it too. I would just work on characterizations. Of course, it's entirely up to you since this is YOUR story, but I feel like Rose is kind of one-sided, at least in this chapter. She seems like one of those typical girls who fusses over hair and makeup and isn't strong when she breaks up with a guy. Maybe I'm assuming too much, since this is only the first chapter, but that's just my impression of her. More descriptions of the setting, and of other characters' emotions/facial expressions would probably improve the description-area of your writing. In short, great start, good luck with the rest of this novella!


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Review #3, by Emerald_Girl Because, Rosie. You are obviously still in love with him.

8th October 2008:
This was a really cute and funny chapter! I really enjoyed this and the ideas you've presented. I like that Al is friends with Scorpius and you havent made him extremely nerdy. You've taken some of those typical Albus traits from other fics and added your own things, and twisted others slightly. I'm really impressed with his characterisation so far.

Generally, your characterisation of the other charactars is brilliant too. Rosie is displaying Hermione traits but seems stubborn like Ron. And I love Natalie. I also like how these two bestfriends arent in the same house but are still really good friends. Thats different to most stories Ive read, but I like it. What Ive seen of Scorpius is good too. His a coward like his dad.

There was a lot of dialogue in this chapter, but I can see how it was neccessary. Prehaps adding a bit of description (in this or future chapters?) to go hand in hand with the dialogue would make this better than it already is.

Overall, a nice little chapter. The last line made me smile, and the reason for Rosies and Scorpious seperation but still liking eachother but not showing it was a little different. Cant quite put my finger on it, but it was good either way. Great job! I loved this!

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