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Review #1, by Wizzo123 These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

4th September 2009:
continue. This is really good.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm working on the next chapters now! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by DJjazzyCarlton These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

1st November 2008:
"A large thunderbolt turned twilight into a bright afternoon and it began to pour."

First off, I loved, loved, loved that sentence. Your imagery thoroughout the entire story so far has been amazing; you do a really good job of painting a visual.

"Damnnit!" He hissed. His face scrunched up in pain, though Carina was sure that she hadn't hurt him. Rabastan saw the startled expression on her face, and calmed down. "Sorry," He said soothingly. "My brother accidentally slammed a door on my wrist."

Yeah...right. I definitely don't believe him either.

"The picture of a tall, dark haired, pale, crazy Bellatrix filled her mind. "Emerson cannot be serious."

He likes Bellatrix?! Shock me, shock me. Wow...did I not pick out like a thousand amazing lines? I really liked this chapter and the story so far is truly amazing. Forgive me, this is extremely cheesy, but this story is probably one of my favorite things. Excellent job on this chapter and I hope you'll update soon!

Keep it jazzy,

Author's Response: The scene with Carina and Rabastan was really fun to write- it just came so naturally! I spent a long time deciding between Andromeda and Bellatrix for Emerson's love interest, and I think that crazy Bella is perfect in place of the Baroness. Thank you for favoriting my story, and I hope you keep reading!

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Review #3, by DJjazzyCarlton Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional

1st November 2008:
"Our household rules are strict, and to be observed. Bedtime is at nine o'clock for all of my children, no matter their age. Their studies are to continue over the summer. You are to instruct them in magical theory and languages. I want all of my children to be naturally trilingual, and you are going to tutor them."

Joelle nodded, even though the only language she knew was English.

Haha, that last sentence was great. Wow...lots of rules in this house. And the kids! I really love the concept of this story and I think you said that it was loosely based on the Sound of Music which was definitely a childhood favorite of mine. Your construction is really very impressive. I haven't seen any grammar mistakes or anything so awesome job on that. I also like Joelle's character even more. You make it easy to relate to her and she's just hysterical. I'm also really intrigued by Emerson's character. Wonder what's going on beneath the serious exterior? Bet Joelle will find out ;)

Keep it jazzy,

Author's Response: I'm glad that you didn't notice any grammar errors. For some reason I am very careful typing this story, and typos aren't a common. Joelle will find out what's going on with Emerson, eventually. Keep reading!

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Review #4, by DJjazzyCarlton How Do You Solve A Problem Like Joelle?

1st November 2008:
I love the Peter Pan reference in the beginning. Peter Pan was like, my favorite movie growing up (the book was really good as well) and I think that the reference is great because already, you've given me a lot insight: I know more about Joelle's opinions, her beliefs. Yeah, so, definitely love that! Overall, you had a really amazing beginning.

"Running around aiming frosting at each other is game?"

"It wasn't really frosting... more like goo."

"I see."

Lol. That was so great! I really like the idea of that game and the entire scene was absolutely hilarious.

I think you did really well characterizing Joelle; I love her character so far and I don't think it was Mary-Suish at all (which was a concern of yours that you mentioned on the forums).

I can't wait to read the next chapter and find out what happens next! Awesome first chapter!

Keep it jazzy,

Author's Response: First off- Thanks so much for the reviews! I appreciate it so much. I'm very glad that you liked the Peter Pan reference, it was also one of my favorite movies too. Joelle is a very fun character to write, and I am happy that you do not think that she's a Mary-Sue!

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Review #5, by Potterholic How Do You Solve A Problem Like Joelle?

22nd October 2008:
Interesting start! I'm curious to see how you're going to write this. The game was fun to read, and I laughed just picturing the look on Dumbledore's face when Joelle hit him in the face with a goo. =P Joelle's character is interesting, she's sure to clash with the kids, and I'm looking forward to meet Emerson. ^_^ Off to the next chapter!

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