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Review #1, by narglesarereal Preparing for Departure

30th November 2014:
Your stories are so good and incredibly well written to so many others I have read. I really want to know what happens to Harry. I hope you come back to this story soon.

Author's Response: I apologize for the really late response to this review. I do intend to come back to this fic. I don't know why writing has been such a struggle for me for such a long time. I used to be able to sit down and pump out a chapter without a problem. Thanks for sticking with me and this fic, I hope to have something new soon.

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Review #2, by Cannons Preparing for Departure

21st May 2014:
Hey, I have read this story and the previous one in a couple of days! You really are a talented author, you pace out your plot incredibly well nothing ever seems rushed.

I don't know if you will ever continue with this story but I will check back to see if you do.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I do intend to continue; I'm focusing on one of my other fics at the moment, but eventually this one will be updated. I apologize for the wait! Hope it's worth it!

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Review #3, by Scotty Temper, Temper

13th June 2013:
I love it so much. Please don't stop.

Author's Response: Thank you! This story is by no means abandoned; real life has been getting in my way for quite some time now. Thanks for your patience.

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Review #4, by Potterific Temper, Temper

22nd November 2012:
I have read this all so quickly and then I come to this chapter and it's stopped :O
OH please, please update! I'm really enjoying this!! I love your writing style and how you've portrayed each of the characters really well! Ginny's a bit of a puzzle isn't she...? :/
PLEASE UPDATE! Don't give up!! :D

Author's Response: thank you! I'm trying to write, but unfortunately between work and a social life, this keeps going on the back burner. Thanks for the support! I'll do my best to get another chapter out as soon as possible.

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Review #5, by travelingbear Temper, Temper

6th August 2012:
Wow, quite the chapter. Good writing. Interesting direction your going with it, I look forward to following where you take it. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks! This was kind of the chapter that the entire story is based around (along with the hand chapter), so I'm really excited to finally be here. I feel like now we're really going to get into the meat of the plot - I hope you like it! =)

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Review #6, by travelingbear A Whisper, A Glance

5th August 2012:
If my memory serves me right, and i hope it does. I think the last time i visited this story it had 10 chapters, and now i believe i see 11. If i am right, than i thank you for writing again, it is my pleasure to read them. Good to see you back.

Author's Response: YES, finally a new chapter! And I hope to have more frequent updates - faster than two years (??!! seriously!) most definitely. Thanks so much for sticking with me!

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Review #7, by bear A Whisper, A Glance

8th December 2011:
hey, please keep going. It's a good story, and you have a great writing style. people are still reading, and still want an ending, please don't let us down. keep up the writing, i'll be watching and waiting, haha.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long. I guess I've been letting the rest of life get in the way. I can't promise this story will ever get finished, but I assure you I'm still trying. Thanks for sticking with it. I really appreciate your encouragement. Writing hasn't been very easy for me lately!

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Review #8, by aftertheflood A Whisper, A Glance

5th February 2011:
I don't know if you've given up on this story, but I think it's pretty great, and I hope that you'll update it again someday. I find Ginny's portrayal interesting and I'd like to see how you'd carry that forward.

Author's Response: No, I definitely haven't given up on this story. Unfortunately my studies have been especially demanding this year, so I haven't had a lot of time to focus on writing. But I'm still working at it, and hopefully an update will come sooner rather than later. Thanks so much for your continuing interest; hopefully by the time I get a chapter finished, some people will still be reading!

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Review #9, by adriaans A Whisper, A Glance

7th August 2010:
This is all very curious... :)

Author's Response: Curious, indeed. I'm happy that you're intrigued!

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Review #10, by Mrs HJ Potter No Pressure

15th April 2010:
Wow, where did all that frustration come from on Ginny's part. I am simply left wondering what is really going on.obviously there is more there then we or Harry realize. Great update, update soon.

Author's Response: There's definitely something going on that Harry's not aware of. ;) Thanks very much.

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Review #11, by Mrs HJ Potter The Truth and the Lie

15th April 2010:
I haven't been reviewing because I have been so into reading this and of course the story before...they are simply great. However, this chapter really made me stop to review. The idea of Harry wanting a new personal instructor to guide him is just so important and yet it hasn't happened. I hope the Order and Dumbledore realize how vital this is for Harry. As for his and Ginny's relationship, we sure did make some leaps and bounds. The intensity of the moment in the dorm is surely showing us their feelings but Harry's inability and reluctance to tell Gin he loves her is still sad. I really thought he would have learned to say it after her injuries but perhaps thier seperation during her early recovery has stopped him from realizing what he could have lost. Just a thought, maybe I am incorrect. I sure hope he can say it soon. Great story, Iam loving it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I don't blame you for not reviewing every one - it's a lot of chapters to stop and make comments on. =) I assure you the wand thing comes around - if Harry wants training, he'll get it. Just wait! As for the not telling Ginny he loves her - well, this serves a purpose. You'll see! ;) I can't say much else at this point. Harry's definitely realized he could have lost something, but he hasn't exactly had the average childhood, which complicates his emotions a lot. It all unravels soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by adriaans No Pressure

8th April 2010:
hmm I wonder if that hand has any influence in this...

looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: Oooh, I don't know! ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by xXxMissGinnyPotterxXx No Pressure

8th April 2010:
wow this took ages to come :(
Good chapter though, Ginny's behaviour is bewildering and while Harry's behaviour is very OOC i think it suits this chapter well even if he does seem a little up himself :)
[=Miss Ginny Potter=]

Author's Response: I know, it took forever. My apologies!

As for Harry's behaviour, all I can say is that he's acting not quite himself for a reason, and it will make sense later. Although I hope he's not so far off that he's entirely out of character. It's a bit tricky when you're trying to push the boundaries of a character - I'm not sure if you're finding him OOC because of changes I've made on purpose, or because of things I've done by accident. Hmm. I really appreciate the criticism, but maybe in the future you could give me a little more detail so I can try to improve the things you don't like.

Anyway. Thanks for reviewing! The next chapter won't be such a long wait. ;)

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Review #14, by Jack Unprepared

11th February 2010:
this is superbly well written I've been reading Harry Potter Fanfiction for about five years and I have only reviewed two stories your storie is better than those two! I started reading this one straight after I finished reading Hazy eyes. What I like most about your stories is your character portrayals they are so realistic I'd say in that respsct you've improved on JKR's own work. congrats on such a great read I am waiting with anticipation for the next chapter, no pressure if you don't know when but could you say when the next chapter is going to be up

Author's Response: Hey Jack, thanks for such a great review! I really appreciate your comments. The characterisation of this story was a little shaky back at the beginning of Hazy Eyes, but I think as I've gotten better at writing in general, I've also probably gotten a bit better with that as well, and it's definitely something I've tried to focus on. So it's really awesome to hear that you enjoy it! As for when the next chapter will be up, I can't really give any definite date, because unfortunately I'm really struggling with it and have been trying to finish it for several months now. But thanks so much for this review, and I hope you'll be patient for the next chapter. (I'm still working at it, I promise!)

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Review #15, by Grace Tied Down

3rd September 2009:
ah, update please!
this sounds really interesting, the whole concept, especially the summary

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm working on the next chapter, but it's slow work because we're clearly at a turning point of the story and I want to get it just right. =)

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Review #16, by ShadowHallows Tied Down

30th August 2009:
Freaky... Is it just me, or does that hand remind of Voldemorts very own hand?
I can't wait until the next chapter,

Author's Response: You're the first person to point that out! They are reminiscent of each other on purpose, to a certain extent. (Partially because Voldemort gave it to him, and partially because it's supposed to come off as sort of creepy and sickly.) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by michael Unprepared

29th August 2009:
how dare you let harrys hand get cut off. for this i will be by your house at 8pm sunday october 23 on the night of the blue moon. evil woman

Author's Response: I'll be watching for you with my crowbar in hand. Kidding, of course. ;)

Just trust me on this one, haha!

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Review #18, by Tay1126 Tied Down

21st August 2009:
Please update soon! I love this story!


Author's Response: Haha, I'm working at it. It's at a tricky place right now.

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Review #19, by ladypotterromance Tied Down

15th August 2009:
You wanna know what I think? well, even if you dont, too bad. I'm going to tell you. I think that the hand's curse is planting the seed of doubt in Harry's head. That would be an amazing benift to Voldemort, for Harry to drop out of school, lose all that potential education and Dumbledores protection. It just seems to me that Harry wouls consider his education as something of vital importance, and while he may entertain the thought, he would never really drop out.
Anyway, great chapter as always! looking forward to the next one!

Author's Response: It's great to hear some opinions, and you bring up some good points. I can't respond too much without giving anything away, although I will mention you can't really say Harry would never drop out. Technically that's what he did in the actual books, just under different circumstances. So, it wouldn't be entirely insane or out of character for him to leave school. At the same time, you and Hermione are definitely thinking more clearly about it. You'll have to wait and see, I guess! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #20, by Chuck Tied Down

14th August 2009:
Very nice chapter--well worth the wait!

Author's Response: Awesome, I'm glad to hear it. =)

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Review #21, by adriaans Tied Down

14th August 2009:
Nice long chapter! :)
That hand is having me overly curious of what it is...
harry leaving... could be interesting...

Author's Response: Thank you! You'll have to keep reading, I guess. =)

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Review #22, by bonnie_russell Tied Down

14th August 2009:
keep writing!!! love the chappy but plz dont make harry leave!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I can't make any promises, you'll just have to keep reading. ;)

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Review #23, by ladypotterromance Unprepared

24th July 2009:
OMG! let me just say this first. I came across hazy eyes last week, only to discover I read it last year. But I read it again and loved it, so I moved on to this one.
you HAVE to update, please please please please PLEASE! I will love you for ever, and favorite this story, and you and give you 100/10
This chapter gave me a serious case of the chills. Though I cant really imagine Ginny just leaving harry, no matter how much he demanded it.
Loved it!

Author's Response: Ah, I love it when you rediscover stories like that! I'm working on the next chapter, but it's a pretty tricky one because of recent developments. ;) I see what you mean about Ginny; I didn't really know how to get rid of her, because she certainly couldn't have followed. I'll think about it and work it over when I get around to editing. Thanks so much for your input, hope to hear from you more in the coming chapters! =)

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Review #24, by bonnie_russell Unprepared

1st July 2009:
make another chapter!!!please!plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!

Author's Response: I\\\'m trying, life is pretty busy for me this summer, sadly. But hopefully it will be done soon! I\\\'m glad that you\\\'re so excited!

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Review #25, by bonnie_russell Whine and Punch

1st July 2009:
im glad sombody gave malfoy a lesson!!!

Author's Response: Hahah, me too. Always love to give it to Malfoy in fanfic. =D

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