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Reading Reviews for The D.A.
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Review #1, by GryffindorGirl17 The D.A.

18th January 2012:
I loved how zoned in this was on the DA, all in all it really was great. I enjoyed this a lot. Nice job! :)

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Review #2, by princess052099 The D.A.

5th November 2011:
That was a really good story! I loved that some HPFF author focused on the DA and that it wasn't completely forgotten. Great job!

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Review #3, by datbenik513 The D.A.

25th May 2009:
OK, I have mixed feelings about this story.
The first part is written very nicely. Really, I laughed my butt off at the part when James is whining about his punishment. He hadn't done anything wrong, had he?

Then, in the second part I had the feeling Harry could have explained more about the DA. I know he doesn't like to talk about his own heroic deeds but his children definitely deserve the truth about his past and those people he'd shared it with.

With regards to the dialogue at the end, try to avoid the repeated usage of "said". Your text would be more captivating if you'd used some synonyms and expanded this bit. There's one typo I caught: "we payed for it" should be "we paid for it".

Other than that, I really enjoyed it. You've got a talent to pick small, unknown or long forgotten moments and weave a nice story around them. Keep up the good job!


Author's Response: i think harry definitely could have explained more, too. i just had imagined james in this story as about 13 years old, and I think harry would have considered that too young to divulge all those unknown secrets. i think that when james was 16 or 17 harry would tell him every little thing. i think he would do that for all of his kids. but i can see your point too. i think its just a matter of opinion. thanks for the compliments. i enjoy expanding on things that j.k. rowling didn't elaborate on as much (or none at all) and putting my own explanation out there for people to read and ponder on. thanks again!!

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Review #4, by ngayonatkailanman The D.A.

7th October 2008:
wonderful. about time the past will be told so that nobody makes the same mistakes in the future.

Author's Response: thnx! Finally someone reviewed! Thnx again!

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