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Review #1, by gryffindorgirl94 The Touch of Love

28th November 2010:
great story love it good job :)

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Review #2, by snowfallingonroses The Touch of Love

8th June 2009:
Interesting.I really liked the ending; it really drew the story together. Aside from minor punctuation errors, there was really nothing wrong with this story. I liked the plotline, however, this chapter didn't flow as well as it could have. It was very choppy in some places, and it was hard to concentrate in some places. I do think that this was a good story though, and you really brought the emotion in this story to life.

Good work, and keep on writing! :)

snowfallingonroses xx

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Review #3, by Veela_is_me The Touch of Love

23rd December 2008:
aww i thought this story was so cute!
it deserves a 10/10 :)
i love james and lily pairing and of course harry/ginny. have u ever read a story called in emerald eyes? well its a james/lily pairing and i think u would like it seeing as u have written your own james/lily pairings :)
anyway loved it

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Review #4, by rachm34 The Touch of Love

8th December 2008:
ohh this was another beautiful oneshot of you. I liked how you focused on Ginny during the battle. This was really powerful and emotional. I could feel the emotions basically raging on the page. You created some very nice visuals for your readers and images. You obviously write very well. There were some parts though when i felt like the characters were in exact characterization. I don't really think in the wizarding world they would use pronto. That's one of the little things that just seemed a tad out of place to me. i think you should work on them a bit. There were a few not too improtant grammar issues here and there nothing to big. overall i thought this was lovely and i hope that i am not being too harsh on you

Author's Response: You're definitely not being too harsh. Your ability to balance CC and praise is what I love about your reviewing style. Thank you so much, Rachel!


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