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Review #1, by coolpixie It's Just That It's Delicate

15th July 2017:
This is brilliant. Your writing makes me feel dominique's pain and and her trials seem so genuine. This was another great chapter. Please keep it up! You seriously have a talent in writing.

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Review #2, by sweaterweather21 It's Just That It's Delicate

17th August 2016:
Just stumbled upon this story and I am definitely enjoying it so far! I think the characterization of Dominique is neat: she's simultaneously so tough and weary at the same time. I really like reading from her POV. I enjoy the rather poetic style as well, although occasionally it forces me to re-read a passage or two to completely understand what's happening.

The pacing so far is excellent and really hooks the reader (me!) along. I wonder what Lucy's up to in the Astronomy Tower?

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Review #3, by bystorm Body Safe To Shore

5th May 2014:
I love that you don't explain everything. One of the best parts of reading this is that things are revealed piece by piece, in a way that's intriguing rather than annoying. You know, when authors just hold things above your head and tease and all that? You don't do that; you just don't hand out everything. It's like we've got to figure bits of it out ourselves, and I really just love that.

I also just love the bit about Dom not being good with sympathy. I think people get these ideas in their heads about what it's like being terminally ill and so the stereotypes are ripe for the picking, but you never fall back on that easy characterisation, you just make up a new one all your own. And it's far better, let me tell you.

Do you know, I don't much like stories/films about ill people usually because I feel they're just all the same; they've got the same messages and themes and even the same characters! But this is lovely because you still characterise Dom as well as you would any healthy person. And though her illness is obviously rather central to the story, it's not all she is.

And oh dear, your lovely details and descriptions, they just keep coming, don't they?

Again I'm amazed with how well you handle relationships. Harriet and Dom just lump themselves together because neither of them have got anywhere else to go, and they go along with things because they feel they should, but that doesn't mean they're suddenly in or anything. I like how you describe them trailing along, not certain what to do. Dom just seems like one of those people, even when they're being included, they're still not really.

I like that even though Dom's well aware of her illness, she still drinks, knowing alcohol could possibly react badly. She cares about keeping well enough, but just enough. Not more.

Describing Finn's movements and expression with metaphors that suggest danger is subtle but powerful, and you've done it so well!

And the kiss. Don't get me started, I could go for hours and this review is already quite long! You lead up to it perfectly, and the last sentence, oh dear, you really are going to kill me with these wonderful last sentences! You've quite the talent for that. Although I'm going to go completely mad when I get to the end of the next chapter and there's not more!

Oh, I don't know how this got so long. Perhaps if you stopped writing such wonderful chapters, I could reign myself in a bit! (No, don't do that.)

Author's Response: i don't know if i could love you more. possibly. but i am so full of love. you are the gift that keeps on giving. you don't understand, whenever i feel down i come read your reviews and it keeps me going. whenever i get stuck or think 'why am i doing this' your lovely lovely words keep me tapping away at my keyboard. if it's only you who reads this story, it's enough for me. thank you so so so much!! xoxox

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Review #4, by bystorm Muscle to Muscle and Toe to Toe

2nd May 2014:
I like that Dom doesn't hate Rose. In fact, she doesn't really seem to hate anyone; she just sees them the way they are. And as I said before, she doesn't condemn them for it.

The way he butters her toast is interesting, and especially because she says she can wield a knife and all that. It brings to mind what she said to him before about scars. And I wonder if he's worried about her making her own scars.

More small details, like that she only eats bland foods. It's something healthy people don't always think about.

Dom's observations of Rose are again, so real. I suppose by that I mean they actually seem like they can happen. With next-gen you get all these odd characterisations, but yours tie back so well to the characters we know already. And again, Dom is the perfect person to muse about these things. In somebody else's POV it might be out of place, but it's just perfect for her. In fact, it characterises her even more.

I like that she tries to read FInn and can't. She seems rather good at reading people, but he's the exception. Which makes their relationship all the more interesting.

And I just love the last sentence. Poetic and profoundly sad.

Author's Response: I love love love the way you're perceiving the characters. I'm a bit strange in that I imagine the characters first and everything for me is character driven, so you're noticing things that I don't even realise and it's just... ahh. So lovely.

And they tie back? I am snowed under beneath these compliments, I feel like framing your reviews and hanging them on the wall ready to present to anyone who visits with a smug smile. Is that wedding bells I hear...?


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Review #5, by bystorm And The Holes In My Apologies

2nd May 2014:
The bit about fears is one of my favourite bits so far. Interesting insight on Albus. I like that you write their relationship without having Dom condemn Albus. It's more just, he doesn't understand, but he's not at fault for it.

In fact, I really just love your characterisation of Albus as a whole. It just seems very... real? If I could have just one word to describe this story, I think it'd be that one. Real.

Especially Albus. And I think part of it is that Dom's just perceptiveness and that her outlook is a bit, well, pessimistic. So she sees those things and is able to describe them so well.

This might be my favourite chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so so much. i'm blushing! 'real' is my aspiration ahhh.

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Review #6, by bystorm Here We Go Again

2nd May 2014:
First let me say, I just love the way you describe her bruising. To know all those colour changes, she'd have to look at it, study it. She seems rather fascinated with her injuries, though she resents them.

The way Dom speaks to Albus, it seems like she's thinking if people are going to stare at her scars, then why can't she talk about them? Everybody knows they're there, anyway. Make as well make them look nice, right?

Her musings on Transfiguration are so saddening in a desperate way.

I love that the other characters seem to exist outside Dom. As if they've got a life of their own, and she's just in it the same way they're in hers. You seem to achieve that balance so effortlessly.

Author's Response: THERE'S MORE


You pick up on everything and I love it, I feel like you're going to notice and predict things, like you care about it as much as I care about writing it and it gives me this warm glow that makes me want to steal you away and ask you what you think of every little idea I have because you'll tell me straight.

So basically I love you and your compliments aren't deserved but I love you and them all the more!

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Review #7, by bystorm Always Have, Always Will

2nd May 2014:
Well, I was going to just review the last chapter when I finished it, but I decided I like this story so much, I should do them all!

I love the detail you put into this. Not just into the descriptions, but things like Dominique recognising the nurse's voice better than her mother's, and how you pay such close attention to the ways she breathes. They are small things that tell so much, and they do it well. The way you describe her pain is so real and amazing. You manage to mention her weakness over and over without sounding repetitive.

My only criticism is that this chapter seems to flip between tenses a bit. Present, past, then present again. Just needs a bit of editing there, I think!

I love this take on Dominique, and the take on illness. You handle it very well, being realistic without any melodrama. I think you're a brilliant writer.

Author's Response: -blinks in shock-

Um wow ahh thank you so much gah

You've made me blush and go all mumbly and stupid ahhh!

Tenses, tenses, they are my evil arch nemesis. I will have a look over, think I need to go each chapter one by one though.

You're far far too nice and I'm still mumbly and unable to form a coherent thought so just have my gratitude -loves-

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Review #8, by Crescent Moon  Slipping Down Walls

16th March 2014:
Loved this chapter.
I also love your writing style, it's really different to most stuff on here and refreshing to read.
I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you've made me blush! You're too lovely!

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Review #9, by Ray Body Safe To Shore

8th October 2013:
Hope you update!:) This is so good. Love the characterization of Dominique, even though the her condition is so serious. Absolutely love this fic so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I definitely will, don't worry, just uni's a bit wild at the moment!

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Review #10, by heart4siriusblack Body Safe To Shore

16th September 2013:
So good! Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by Cirque Du Freak Muscle to Muscle and Toe to Toe

16th June 2013:
And here you've introduced Rose who doesn't seem nearly as horrible as she did in the previous chapters - where she seemed almost embarrassed to be caught looking after her cousin and wasn't interested in being sensitive. But then it all depends on personality here and Rose is the tough cookie of the family.

Yet here you've portrayed her as a bit more fun and open and enjoying Dom's company, which puts her in a bit of a more favourbale light - but here again they are by themselves and not completley in the sight of other people - only dashing past them whilst Rose tries to track her down.

And then in the small eye glance a sudden drop is made when you see that Finn doesn't accept what Dom is once he knows. Expected, but still disappointing.

And then you bring him back up into good graces as its revealed he will pretend (as far as anyone else is concernd) that Dom's normal. Does that mean he's actually alright? Well, like I said before - Dom seems to be a very unreliable narrator.

Awaiting the next chapter with pinched toes and anticipated excitement!

Author's Response: Aw, Rose. She's a mixed bag, that one. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't. She can have her nice moments but likewise the opposite... I do see her as a bit of a tough cookie, the sort of straight talking glue of the fragmented little clan.

You pick up on little things and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside ee. You're probably my favourite reader ever because it's the tiny things that make the big difference and like oo I'll put this in just to build it up. I'm scared about putting any big hints in as you might pounce upon them ;) But I cannot thank you enough for your lovely, lovely words. I will try not to let you down with the next update!! -aggressively loves-

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Review #12, by Cirque Du Freak And The Holes In My Apologies

16th June 2013:
I like how you've shown there's a lot more to Albus and Dom's relationship here and how even Dom doesn't want to tell anyone her secrets - if she had it her way then no one would know she was ill and she would die quietly and everyone would lament it after she was gone - at least it wasn't while she was there, sticking around and experiencing what she's experiencing now.

She seems very detached from the world and only slightly closer to her cousins, but only because they're family and you can't escape family (unless they're distant cousins who live in the north of Brazil, or something).

I like how you named one of the girls Percy - it was slightly confusing at first, but intriguing and also Georgina fitting her posh name by her exclamation of 'darling!' every five minutes or so. They're an annoying bunch - not bad, but obviously not in Dom's league where it stands. But then IS there anyone who would be in Dom's league?

And then... the bombshell hits.
You know, I've been side-along reviewing now since the last chapter and then just rambling about each section and I've only just read the last bit and WOW. Okay.

So this clears up a lot more, but still the questions remains: why and how exactly is she dying? And then Finn in the mix makes a recipe for disaster - there is still always more questions to be asked and in each chapter answers are available but its like going around in circles. I'm so interested of what's going to come of these developments and Dom's life in general - what else to throw into the mix?

Author's Response: You have Dom down to a tee. I couldn't have described her better myself! It's such a strange experience to try and put yourself in her position, in some ways she's very like me and how I imagine I'd react. But also the polar opposite in some ways. So it's very strange to try and master her!

Hehe, the names! I have such trouble with names. I like how I don't have to name characters. I wanted British names but ones that fit them, so hopefully they'll seem to fit their names as the story goes on. No one is in Dom's league, according to her highness ;)

Lots and lots to throw in the mix! ;) I have to remember to get cracking with things and get past the introduction stage. People know who everyone is now moove on. Thank you so much for this lovely trail of reviews you lovely lovely person!

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Review #13, by Cirque Du Freak Here We Go Again

16th June 2013:
"A prettier scar." -- This line really hit me the most for some reason. It was something that held a lot of weight and was actually quite worrying - scars are always seen as a blemish, ugly, unwanted and bothersome. And here you have Dom who has them in abundance, picking the ones she likes best - its disturbing and gives this little window of insight into her.

Even now we know that she's prone to being sensitive to falls and scrapes and has a perpetual fever that won't go away. The smallest of things affect her that no one else would have to think twice about. She is more cautious and careful about herself than those around her would need to be for a very long time.

Its also sad with the interaction Dom has with Albus - that the people who know will always look upon you with pity and concern and will worry themselves over you that it becomes very stifling and just useless to you as a person.

This chapter is very much "a day in the life of..." for Dominique, a sad and glimpse at what she must go through every day and how she reacts to it all.

There are still many questions to ask here, but you're still not letting up on answers as of yet. So far Dom is being a particularly unreliable narrator in terms of giving the reader what they want!

Author's Response: That line makes me sad too :( I want to cuddle her and steal her away but she's a little bit prickly so would probably swat me away. So glad you like it.

I love the way you pick up on the smallest things, sometimes I get carried away writing her and things just flow so I'm so glad it actually makes sense and these little details seem to be appearing in a semi-coherent fashion :P There's so much of Dom in my mind she just sort of pours out onto the page, she has these weird habits and it's so hard to try and write them from her perspective because in a stream of her thoughts she wouldn't necessarily pick up on them herself... Eee, once again you're been far too kind and lovely and made me blush! You are brilliant!

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Review #14, by Cirque Du Freak Always Have, Always Will

16th June 2013:
This was interesting!

You really pulled me in at the beginning and its an interesting concept for people (especially teenagers) to die. I think its because with younger people they have "so much to live for" and "they haven't experienced life". The thing is that death is a natural part of life and it affects everyone around that person no matter their age and a young person's death or a particularly "tragic" one shouldn't take precendence over someone who dies of a natural disease or of old age. /end small rant

So I enjoyed this first chapter and it leaves a lot of intrigue behind like - where are Dom's siblings? What's going on with Teddy? Where's Bill? What, exactly, is Dom dying of? What's going to happen next? Etc, etc.

I like all of your descriptions and this was beautifully effortless to read and took no time at all. I commend you on your writing and the clear effort you've put into this!

Onwards! :-)

Author's Response: I totally agree! Death is just 'another thing' in life, a tragedy but it is for all ages. I'm glad it intrigued you; I was so worried about people going oh dear, another dying girl, but she's my little Dommie and it makes me sad :(

Ooo siblings ;) Still not introduced. Victoire can be let off because, well, she's left Hogwarts. And Teddy hehehe. He is going to be making a reappearance, don't you worry! I'm hoping all becomes a little clearer, but Dom's a bit tempermental as a character so they may be answered slowly, I hope you don't lose patience with us!

Thank you so much, ee, you're far too kind!

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Review #15, by Crescent Moon  Muscle to Muscle and Toe to Toe

9th June 2013:
I love this story!
Are we going to find out what's wrong with her soon, why she can't recover easily?
I can't wait to see where you take it next.

Author's Response: -loves- thank you so much! Well I have many plans and have three different endings all lined up so I guess we'll just have to see! Thank you lovely :D

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Review #16, by adluvshp Always Have, Always Will

23rd May 2013:
Hey! Here for review tag!

Ah, when I saw you had a Dominique story, I jumped at it because Dominique is one of my favourite characters and I love writing her, so I am always curious to know how others portray her =) Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

You had some beautiful imagery here and great metaphorical descriptions that I enjoyed immensely. The angst, the pain, the tension is palpable throughout the narrative and I loved it. The plot seems to be very interesting and I am curious to know what is wrong with Dominique and what has happened. This seems like a great first chapter to a promising story, so keep it up!

I hope to come back for chapter 2 soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so so much! You're far too kind. I love my descriptions and my angst, it has to be said. You're so lovely, thank you!

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Review #17, by bester_jester And The Holes In My Apologies

14th January 2013:
The 'making it up as you go along' thing is definitely working. I love this story so much! Dom is an agnsty cow when she wants to be, but what dying person wouldn't be? Also, Finn seems like a real cutie - desperate to know his reaction to Dom's unintended confession. Thanks so much for sharing!

Author's Response: aw aren't you just lovely! i do have a vague idea of where it's going, but then finn seemed to butt in and go 'i wanna know!' and well, how could i say no? :P yes, dom is a mopey thing isn't she? so glad you like finn, i reckon he's pretty cool. thank you so much for the lovely review :)

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Review #18, by shoveitsunshine Here We Go Again

5th January 2013:
Nice job with Dom's characterization! I'm also liking Rose and the others' dynamics so far - great work! :)

Author's Response: characterization is one of my weak points so i'm so glad you like her! thank you so much :)

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Review #19, by Maddyxx Always Have, Always Will

21st September 2011:
I realyyy like this. Please continue and update soon! x

Author's Response: thank you :) next chapter is in progress!

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Review #20, by rich_blonde marauder23 Here We Go Again

19th August 2011:
Really great start :) Keep up with the good work and I'll definitely be reading! :)
xxx sofia

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Hera Here We Go Again

18th August 2011:
Ah, it's very sad to read about Dom's frailness and her possible death looming near... As a character she is written very well and I have very clear mental images about her, thus it's even sadder to read about her. I hope she gets better and will live :)

Author's Response: well we'll have to see won't we ;) thank you very much :)

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Review #22, by zelunatic Always Have, Always Will

11th May 2011:
your story is very nice. i hope to read more ahahaha good luck!

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #23, by madness Always Have, Always Will

13th January 2011:
This sounds like it is going to be a really good story. I'm looking forward to the next part xx

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #24, by HPsmartone32 Always Have, Always Will

24th November 2009:
ahh i like this. update soon!

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #25, by Leent Always Have, Always Will

24th October 2008:
Hello there! I saw your post in the review threads and decided to help a fellow Gryffie, yay!

Fabulous imagery in your writing here. Your metaphors are also fantastic and really add to the mood of your story. There is a darkness to it, but I sense a tinge of sarcasm at points which was lovely to see.

Very intriguing first chapter, it peaks the interest and makes the reader want to continue on. Excellent job!


Author's Response: Yay! Helping Gryffs out is always a good start, bonus points if it's giving someone a review cos, well, reviews rock. Majorly.

Mwahaha, I am the queen of sarcasm (or so I've been told), I didn't intend for it to be sarcastic but, huh, sarcasm rules. It's like the best thing since sliced bread. Which is saying something, cos sliced bread is like the best thing since. they invented sliced bread.

I love it when people pick up on things I never even knew where there... Thank you so much for reviewing!

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