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Review #1, by cedrixfan Chapter Four: Astoria Greengrass

10th June 2011:
Oooh, yes--THIS is it. This is the kind of story that makes you play out the rest in your head because it is so completely...complete. [Here, try that on for size haha]
For some reason, I thought the ending of this chapter was incredibly depressing. Goodness. Merlin's icky-brown, cordury pants. WHAT a horrific past, she has! *sniffs* While she seems better suited for Blaise and Blaise for her, it can't have been easy to see Draco with another someone...especially Hermione, the woman she comforted and sympathized with in the beginning. I'd be torn between being happy for them and feeling whip-lashingly betrayed.
My heart leapt out and danced an Irish jig around her you revealed that she had switched out the room assignments. What a painfully difficult decision to make! Astoria's points are much higher in my books now.
Yes, this IS it. This is why you had better be writing the next chappy as I type :P. BUT forrealz;; keep writing. I love you. This is genius. ^_^
With [oh, wou'n't it be] lov-uh-lay regards,

Author's Response: why hello my favourite - i have really missed youre encouraging reviews! and this one just takes the cake on all of them :)
im so happy! you have all the right emotions for this chapter ... i know its really depressing, but when i started writing this i made it clear astoria wasn't happy from the start, and yes, she does just get worse haha
im trying to write the next chapter but i have so many stories going on at once. its incredibly hard to :(
lovelovelove dear ra,
your may xx

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Review #2, by Hermione Chapter Four: Astoria Greengrass

8th May 2011:
I have to say this is the most intriguing Draco-Hermione fanfic I've read till date...And you weren't kidding when you said some of the characters will be ooc!!!...Eagerly awaiting the next chapter...Hope you'll update soon.

Author's Response: thank you so so much for this lovely review :) this fanfic was really a stab-in-the-dark when i wrote it, as i knew there weren't many - if any - others like it. im so glad you're enjoying though; it gives me a lot of encouragement to continue. thank you very much and i will hopefully post a new chapter soon,

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Review #3, by listentothecrickets Chapter Three: Memories in Prensence

8th February 2011:
GOD. This is my favourite story! I was shocked at myself for not reading this earlier! You have such an original plot, and the way you write your characters *swoons* Oh, it truly has my heart.
Though it was confusing in parts, I never once stopped reading, and by the end I understood. I'm starting to get the feeling though that you are purposely making it confusing - people have suggested that you change this style, but you haven't at all! I feel this is just the few words of a plot unraveller... LOVE IT. It's a truly gorgeously written story!
Cannot wait to see an update on this sometime May :P xx

Author's Response: I am so glad to hear that you like this story so much! It's truly one of the hardest to write, but everytime I finish a chapter, I come out feeling refreshed. Parts of me go into this story, and it really takes it all out of me when I write it. I feel exhausted!
Ah ... You caught onto my game. Well, the thing is, I make this story confusing because it really is like watching parts of a humans life--and, in reality, when are our lives ever not complicated? Our stories are full of ups and downs, and I've reflected this in these characters, to show how they battle through it.
That said, it does become a whole lot less confusing. But you'll have to wait and find out!
Thank you for another spectacular review! I'm hoping to update in the coming week!
Much love (: x

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Review #4, by slytherinprincess11 Introduction :: Once More, With Feeling

3rd February 2011:
I enjoyed this chapter very much. :)
Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you again, for another sweet review, love (: This story is one of the hardest for me to write because there are so many characters and in such depth - so hearing you enjoyed it is just lovely! Thank you again!

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Review #5, by Strawberry Swing Chapter Three: Memories in Prensence

4th January 2011:
I've read all the way through this story, and am utterly transfixed by your characters. I can't think of anything to say, except that I cannot wait to see where you're story is going. There are so many questions running through my head, like why does Draco suddenly hate Astoria, and how did Hermione and he end up in a dormitory together?? I uderstand you'll answer these, but it's really got me wondering.
Please update soon! I will be off reading the rest of your stories now :)

Author's Response: :D This review has just made my day! i'm glad you're liking this story - i've had a lot of doubts on whether to continue this story or not, but these little bits of encouragement keep it going (: so thank you!

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Review #6, by Strawberry Swing Introduction :: Once More, With Feeling

4th January 2011:
This was an amazing opening chapter. I couldn't help but take a look at your other stories, and I am once again just IN AWE at your character depth. It is like you have studied each one of them closely, and unlocked all their good and bad points ... I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are so real. I feel like'I know them all personally.
This was the most amazing line I have ever read, anywhere - "She stays there, feeling his kiss on her lips, trying not to cry, trying to be still, just trying to be. Itís hard, being."
As I said, a brillant start.

Author's Response: Thnk you so very much! your reviews are just way too kind! i hope you'll give my other works a go when you get the oppurtunity

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Review #7, by queen_luna Chapter Three: Memories in Prensence

28th December 2010:
Hermione's emotions seem to be all over the place in this chapter, haha. There's so much depth to all of your characters that it seems like we'll never know them completely--which is a good thing of course. Not many authors take the time to make their characters' personalities so detailed and layered. The way you do makes them all the more real. I wonder what's going on with Draco and Astoria. Their relationship confuses me, lol. They seemed so in love in the intro, and then something seemed to crack, and now...I don't know. I am intrigued by where you're taking Draco and Hermione though--going on a dinner date, I see. :D Alright, I'll stop rambling now. Hope you update soon! :)

(Just an FYI--I'm not around HPFF very often anymore, but I occasionally come back to check on my favorites.)

Author's Response: hello queen_luna! (: so glad you came back and reviewed!
this whole chapters a bit all over the place. I'm getting slightly frustrated with this story lately, because honestly there is so much going on i'm finding it hard for myself to keep up with at this point in my life... so i'm thinking i might take a small break from writing it and just try and calm it all down and see how i go. smooth the plot out a bit, i guess..
draco and astoria are going to remain a mystery until the next few chapters ... as you kno i love writing about their relationship, so i have to make it a dramatical as possible haha..

Thank you for coming back and reviewing.. i do love them a lot (: and its ohk that you're not on much, because neither am i really - hectic lifestyle. i've updated not once, not ever too if your ever bored, so i hope you can take a look.

in the mean time, take care and thank you again,
Mahalia xx

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Review #8, by understand me Chapter Two: Silver and Emerald

11th December 2010:
Wow! I could not believe my eyes when I saw this update - but here it finally is! And what a gorgeous one too ... Once again, you have shocked me with your use of language and insight into your characters. It is so professional and absolutely breathtaking. Some areas of this chapter dragged on, but I was so enthralled by your wording - you know the exact places to add description and to drag things out and cut scenes off. Your talent is gorgeous and I love this story more and more with every update. Please keep it up - so glad to see you're back!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad and overwhelmed to see that you are still willing to review my stories after my shocking performance!! Its such a lovely surprised and I am SO pleased that you liked this chapter. It means so very much and thank you for all your support with everything!
Mahalia xx

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Review #9, by queen_luna Chapter Two: Silver and Emerald

11th December 2010:
Oh my gosh, it's been so long! :D :D :D After rereading the chapters I already read and the one you just posted, I've come to the conclusion that this story is amazing. I'll admit I'm not entirely sure what's going on at certain places, but I'm sure it'll all become clear as the story progresses. Your writing style is simply beautiful. Please update soon! I can't wait for more. :)

Author's Response: Oh, queen_luna! I was so happy and overwhelmed to see a review from you again! I have missed them a lot ):
I'm glad you like it so far, and thank you so much. I can understand its confusing and I hope my next chapters will clear that all up.. I'm hoping to update this and not once both next week so I hope you'll have time to keep reading. So glad to see you're still around, thank you so much for all your support (: and this amazing review. I appreciate it so much! (:
Many hugs, Mahalia xx

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Review #10, by listentothecrickets Chapter Two: Silver and Emerald

8th December 2010:
Gorgeous, beautiful, breathtaking :) Everything I'd expect from you ;D When you do update again, email me and I'll have a look because I'm quite addicted now! As soon as Draco started banging down Hermione's door I was hooked! And Astoria and Harry ... Wow, that was a powerfully written part. I really want to see where these relationships take one another.
Love you my Australian babe - don't enjoy the summer too much, and I'll email you asap.
With all my love,

Author's Response: I will most definitely email you. So glad you're enjoy it - it took me ages to think of a plausible encounter with Hermione and Draco like that - I'm glad you think I've hit it on the nail..
And don't worry, Harry and Astoria are going to be an mystery interest throughout the whole novel.
I love you more :P
May xx

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Review #11, by listentothecrickets Introduction :: Once More, With Feeling

8th December 2010:
So I logged on again just for you... :D
This chapter went on and on but it was so beautiful :) I just love the way you write and describe things - it feels as if I am actually there with your characters, and it is so amazing :) May, I know I have told you before, but you're an incredible writer! It's just awesome :)
Love, Ellie

Author's Response: The fact you came on and read it is just enough .. Let alone this amazing review. Thank you Ellie, you always make me feel beyond fantastic.

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Review #12, by calypso Chapter Two: Silver and Emerald

8th December 2010:
Good. What a good idea! I have never seen a plot like this on here before - its like the Dramione Headgirl/Headboy idea but with a twist! And I love it!! I also love how their interaction is in canon but their inside thoughts aren't.
And Harry and Astoria?! Wow! What's going to happen there?? Can't wait to find out, I love this story! Update soon,
Cal. ox

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it this much so far! I was pretty excited when I thought of the idea, so I'm glad someone else likes it as much as me (: its made me feel super about continuing this story. I hope you'll read on to find out what happens with the characters. Your reviews have been amazing and support is spectacular - thank you so much calypso.
Mahalia xx

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Review #13, by calypso Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

8th December 2010:
Another great piece of writing! It is interesting that Astoria and Draco always fight, and Blaise's entrance just intrigued me even more ...
I loved Draco and Narcissas entrance. A-mazing writing. I was also sucked in by the beginning with Ron - wow and wow again!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad Blaise's entrance intrigued you as it did, I was really aiming for that (: I hope you keep reading to find out everything else!
And I'm glad you enjoyed those scenes. Sad as they were, I enjoyed writing them a lot, because all the emotion I put into them just seemed to be pulled out of me.. It was a wonderful experience!
Thank you once again for an amazing review! They have made me feel so good! Thank you!!

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Review #14, by calypso Introduction :: Once More, With Feeling

8th December 2010:
Hey, I loved this beginning. You're writing is truly captivating at time - the part where Hermione was 'just trying to be' was so well written! There is so much going on in this chapter is sometimes lost my attention, but other than that it was a fantastic start.

Author's Response: Oh, sorry about that ): haha, I'm so glad you enjoyed it though. I work really hard on my writing and it means a lot to hear someone say those words - so thank you so much (:

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Review #15, by Princesse Sierra Chapter Two: Silver and Emerald

21st November 2010:

The story and idea and plot are gripping... but the writing style... well, to be quite frank half the time I'm quite confused as to whose point of view its from, and who they're thinking about. Like that Astoria/ Harry moment which I couldn't make head or tail of. Could it be a little clearer please?

Author's Response: Hi (:
No worries. I'm really sorry to hear that you were having trouble understanding this. I've re-read the chapter and edited it again. My next chapter I've done my best as well, and that should be up if not today then tomorrow (im having troubles with my net). I really appreciate that you've told me this because its something I've always (ashamedly) struggled at. And I'm really sorry that it bothered you. I hope that the next chapter is a little clearer and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Karkaroff Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

2nd May 2009:
Excellent and please write more thanks.

Author's Response: i will as soon as i can. im trying to catch up with all these stories, because my computer crashed i lost a lot of them. but i hope you'll look out for updates - thank youu for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Floss Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

17th January 2009:
i want to read the next chappie!!

Author's Response: promise to post it soon! thanks for the review!!

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Review #18, by death is our fate Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

17th December 2008:
Whoa!! A bit confused, but loving it! I am intrigued, post soon! =]

Author's Response: it is pretty confusing at the beginning, i must admit. but im glad you like it, and thank youu for reviewing! i really appreciate it!

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Review #19, by LunaNigra Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

15th December 2008:
Sad and great story, it kind of makes it hard to breath...

Author's Response: This review was short, but it hit all the chords I aimed to hit when I started this story. Thank you so much for your review. Its really appreciated xx

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Review #20, by cedrixfan Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

12th December 2008:
Good Lawd, this is coming along gorgeously! Yeah, nothing really happened in this chapter, but it paved the way for the action to come, I'd guess. The first two chapters seemed to serve as an introduction. This chapter had alot of insight in the characters. Poor Ron...well, not really :P. He's always the one people throw out in fics. When he breathed in the scent of her at the end of his bit--that was good. Our sense of smell is the sense closest to our emotions and memories, but authors tend to focus mainly on the sight. Once again, your Astoria is amazing, as in For the Better. In both, she seems to sort of have the same relationship with Draco, only in For the Better, she gained the upper hand. In this...well, we'll have to see (only you know what'll happen -_-). When Draco said, "And sometimes...I wonder,", did he mean something like "sometimes, I wonder if you're sorry about us"? Narcissa's so amazing! You favor her, of course, but she's also believable. There's so much that isn't said about her in the books, like if she really is into the whole death eater spiel or not...but she DOES have that strong love for and desire to protect Draco (Unbreakable Vow). Fantastic job with her. She brings out the good in Draco.
Beautiful job! Please keep writing! Owl me when you have time (I must've been insane to've finished that long thing in one week).
Love ya

Author's Response: I love this review. Even thought its been so long it still makes my heart skip beats. I just love you. Thank you for all your support - everywhere. You are amazing, and even thought this chappie was boring I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it rachie dach (: xx

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Review #21, by Jacqueline Noir Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

16th November 2008:
Your stories have such a dose of real love in them, they always leave me shaking! You are one of the most amazing writers I have ever read!


Author's Response: Lynn - you are an amazing reviewer! Thank you so much for your kind words. This story means a lot to me and I hope it will for you because its just for you. I love you, may xx

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Review #22, by death is our fate Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

6th November 2008:
OMG!!! I need more of this story like now! it is sooo adictive! Your writing is awesome! Update soon! AARHH! =] Wow, how many exclamation maks did I use

Author's Response: ! Not enough to express the happiness I feel from your review! :D next chapters up, I hope you can check it out. And thank you so so much!!

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Review #23, by dramione4eva94 Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

1st November 2008:
this is a really good story! please continue! you write beautifully!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Next chapters up, I would love it if you took a look - thank you again for your review (:

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Review #24, by avonstars Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

31st October 2008:
I love this story! theres so much going on. . . bit confused but eager for more! post the next chap soon please!

Author's Response: That's really great to hear. I hope your confusion will clear up a bit as you read on.. Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #25, by adluvshp Chapter One: Of Jasmine, Keys and Apologies

31st October 2008:
nice more son!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you'll be able to take a look at this next chapter (:

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