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Review #1, by Fragile Words She Would Come

27th February 2009:
This fic is amazing. Especially with the way you describe Pansy! Whenever I think of her, older, I think of her in pearls with gloves and hats and beautiful long dresses.

She seems so elegant and formal to me.

I love the way you describe Seamus', for Pansy.



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Review #2, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx She Would Come

6th January 2009:
this was--interesting. i loved it, don't get me wrong, but i've just never really read anything like this before. it was very original, and i loved the dialauge and descriptions. the emotion was very strong, it seems to be your strong point. i have honestly never heard of this ship, and it's a first! how he felt for her, the emotion was obviously there; like i said earlier. characterization is also in tact, i like how you used Pansy's perfect, poised world and folded it with Seamus's unnatural, free, completely opposite world. i really liked the ending, it was very touching. awesome work! 10/10

--ron.weasleyxo from the forums :D

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Review #3, by long_live_luna_bellatrix She Would Come

29th December 2008:
Wow, that was simply stunning. Amazing! The descriptions were beautiful, I could see everything, Pansy was decribed beautifully! It was extremely well written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt as if I were sitting in Seamus's brain, hearing his thoughts and words and admiring Pansy. Wonderful, wonderful job!

The unlikely pairing was interesting and refreshing, and it was written SO well. I really loved it.

There was just one place where the tense shifted, here:
"But he never learned what she was going to say, because in her consternation, his mother's china fell from her porcelain fingers. In his haste to catch it, his hands brush the soft skin of her wrist, and all restraint was lost."

Otherwise, great job! Fantastic job! 10/10!!!


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Review #4, by confusedlover She Would Come

28th December 2008:
very lovely. first off, i must tell you how excited i was when i noticed that this was a Seamus/Pansy story. i love rare pairings and even write them myself, so i was pleased to see that this was one of the things requested.

i loved the characterization of both Seamus and Pansy. the both seemed to be distant, yet the desire and love that drew them together was beautiful and completely natural. i saw nothing out of place in the characterization. wondrous job.

the flow of this story was done very nicely as well. there were a few parts that i had to read over because they did not make complete sense, but i do not think that they were meant to. with this type of writing style, you can leave so many things mysterious. a lot of it really is up to the reader.

i noticed no errors in anything. you and your beta must be very good and preventing and spotting mistakes.

overall, i thought that this was an amazing story to read. i really thought that you included everything that you needed to and then whatever else was left, you just kind of halfway molded in. this was a very full and pleasing read. keep writing. i really enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not usually a writer of rare pairings, but one of my friends brought up this pairing on another site and it was as if I saw the story come together before my eyes...almost automatically. It was also my first piece of "emotive" writing, and I'm really please with the way it's turned out.

Thanks for reviewing! :)

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