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Review #1, by i love you sort of Chapter One

30th January 2010:
this was very well written and a great story (even if i'm not to sure were it fits in with harry potter (: ) i really like your style of writting, my only problem was i wasn't quite sure what his feelings were at the end there! but yes this was awesome!

Author's Response: thanks, i was writing in the time period when Dumbledore was a teenager and the girl was his sister, and the other boy was his best friend, i haven't read the story in a while and the name of the other wizard escapes me. i'm not sure how the wizard feels at the end of the story either, i wrote this based on events that were happening in my life and this story reflects my confusion. thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it! check out some of my other stories too :)

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Review #2, by hogwarts123 Chapter One

17th June 2009:
Aw, that was so sweet and sad. How did Ariana remember a Skillet song? Didn't she live from, like, 1885-1899

Author's Response: yeah, i hadn\'t thought of that. i just thought the song fit with the story and the emotions i was feeling while i wrote this.
thanks for reading! check out some of my others stories as well. i\\\'m on deviant art too, look under xx-lacrimosa

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