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Review #1, by kayleefrank Epilogue.

23rd June 2016:
This story was so good. You made me cry from all the emotions you threw at me through out. Thank you so much for writing it.

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Review #2, by ariana588 Epilogue.

28th May 2012:
I literally cried reading this. I loved it so much! I have only ever cried one other time reading and that was when reading my favourite book, The Fault in Our Stars. You are an amazing author. In my favourite book it is also about someone with cancer. Thank you for writing this amazing story.


Author's Response: oh wow thank you so much Ariana! I haven't been on here in awhile... I'm glad you like my writing! I may try to return to fanfiction at some point since this was my first serious writing experience. I thank you for reading and reviewing! Glad you enjoy my work :) this story has always been close to my heart

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Review #3, by sara Epilogue.

26th August 2011:
really good i cried

emotonal ure a talented writer have a way with words!!!

Author's Response: awww you cried? *hands tissues* I am so glad you liked the ending and the fic! Talented? *blush* I don't know much about that... :P thanks! Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #4, by Secret Admirer Epilogue.

16th August 2010:
Wah... so sad... :( :'( I loved it though, but it was really sad... :(

Author's Response: the ending to this fic was rather sad... I'm glad you loved it though! Thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing! *hugs*

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Review #5, by GraceGryffin Epilogue.

6th February 2010:
I am crying right now. Not a joke. This was a wonderful story. Reminded me of A Walk To Remember. Except I didn't cry durring that:(

Author's Response: oooh don't cry hun! *hands tissues* I'm glad you like the story! It was similar to A Walk to Remember. I didn't even realize that until I'd written the third chapter! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by V.H. Epilogue.

24th February 2009:
i love the story and well, it was the most touching story EVER!!! i cried from chapters 10 onwards, i mean it was just so sad with her and derrick and well instead of staying for only one more year, she stayed for another 5 more years and managed to graduate and get married and have children i think the parts where derrick took care of Lucy was really sweet and well I LOVE IT A LOT!! btw, this is the longest revied i've written!!! how do you make it so touching and well, i read your other reviews and a number of them cried as well1 i admire your writing ability a lot and hope to be able to write like you in future. i will stop babbling now since i am probably boring you to death!!

Author's Response: thanks. I think this story was my best fic I ever wrote... I think my ending was the hardest part because I wanted it realistic. I am glad you liked it! This story was fun to write and I hope you write something!
I'll give a tip: the more you read, the more you write, the better writer you become. You just have to find a genre that works for you. I find romance is my fave. I first started writing when I was younger for a school assignment and now, I can't stop. Course, I'm into hpff as much anymore. Fictioncentral is where I usually am nowadays.. :)
--your review really made my day!

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Review #7, by Kelly Epilogue.

13th February 2009:
Wow, That was really good. The ending was so sad but really good.

Author's Response: thanks! I'm glad you liked it! I tried to make it seem as real as possible so sorry the ending was sad. But thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by casa_bella Epilogue.

16th January 2009:
Wow, this entire story was amazing; good job.

Author's Response: thanks! I'm not sure how I even got started on this. I think A Walk To Remember may have floated into my imagination...thanks for reading! I've been told it's a powerful story. :)

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Review #9, by Selena Epilogue.

4th December 2008:
I normally don't cry at stories. I didn't even cry when Snape died and he was my favorite character! This was an amazing story, you have tons of talent. Hold On *goes and fixes eyeliner* now I'm ready. *sniff* I'm sitting here at my computer at school reading this and all of a sudden I start crying [balwing more like it ^^ ]. Everyone's like are you okay?!? Once I finished I told them it's all good I'll just miss Lucy and they all look at me like 'wtf?' and 'does she even know anyone named Lucy'. but Ty [my best friend] understood becuase I got him hooked on HPFF and he reccomened this story to me. So I'll thank-you for my emotional outbreak for the day, becaue I needed it. You need to keep up the good work, don't ever let anyone tell you that you cannot write because IF THEY DO I will find them, hunt them down, and make them read this story untill they change thier mind =].

On a scale of 1-10 [10 being the best] I have to give this a hundred. This is by far the best Next Generation story I have ever read on this site!

Author's Response: aw thanks Selena! I'm thrilled you enjoyed this! When I had other reviews before the server crash etc I was told this fic was emotional and brought tears. Your best friend Ty recommended this to you? Wow i'm flattered. tell him I appreciate it. :)
Don't worry about me quitting writing because someone hates it. I won't let anyone stop me. I write as much as I
Maybe someday I'll write a novel or book of poetry and attempt publishing...but for now high school english classes are all I can do. :)
I'm very flattered you think this fic is good.
also I notice your friend and you are hooked at hpff...I was for months last year before I finally became an author. It was worth the risk. ;)

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Review #10, by rjorrin88 Epilogue.

15th November 2008:
this story was absolutely amazing. emotional humorous climax with quite the resolution. i cant wait to read the rest of your stories.

Author's Response: wow thanks! I'm thrilled you liked it! I tried not too make it too angsty and sad... I wanted it to have the right amount. I'm glad you thought it was good! :)
*if you've posted anything, I'll find time to check it out. :)
Thanks again for your review! :)

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Review #11, by Jaded94 Epilogue.

13th November 2008:
Oh God That made me cry.
HEY im sensative :)
But really well written and a very touching story.

Author's Response: aw thanks! I'm thrilled you read it! before the crash in september, I had bunches of reviews from people who said this fic made them cry! I'm glad you read it! I think this fic was one of the more emotional ones..

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Review #12, by marieluz Please...Don't Be Sad

7th November 2008:
this story is awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks once again for rereading this! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #13, by marieluz How Can I tell Him?

7th November 2008:
awesome awesome awesome !!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! This story is probably one of the faves I've written! :)

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Review #14, by marieluz Time Is Short...I'm in Control of My Life Now...

7th November 2008:
im rereading and rereviewing... awesome!!!

Author's Response: thanks! I am thrilled you're rereading this! I remember you read it before all the crazy stuff happened with the site in September.:)

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