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Review #1, by writeyourheartout We Were Brave Once

4th January 2014:
Hello there! I'm here for Day 9 of the 12 Days of Reviewing challenge over on the forums! I actually read this story a long time ago, but apparently never reviewed way back then - how rude of me! I'm so glad I found my way back to it, but also kind of upset because as I continue to read, I remember how very much this story just broke my heart. But alas, I'm going to suck it up and review it anyway. Please ignore any bitter tone you find in this; I'm simply not over the fact that you've taken all my well-wishes for these four characters and stomped all over them. :-p

This is just such a crazy good story in the most upsetting way imaginable: because it could so easily be the truth. And the truth is just the worst sometimes.

This story upsets me the most on Harry's behalf, because Harry's life, for as long as he can remember, has never been easy or uncomplicated or wholly good. His parents die before he can even know them, the Dursley's stick him in a cupboard and treat him like dirt, and when he finally breaks away from them at age eleven, he finds an entire complicated world resting on his shoulders, relying on him to carry them forward. It's just so much nicer to think that he gets his happily ever after after everything he's gone through, but no. You have to be awful and throw out some way too potential truths about his relationships and not give him his happily ever after. I'm a little upset with you, but please understand that it's only because this story was so, so, so good.

Ron breaks my heart here. He's always felt inadequate and overshadowed and you've rehashed all of those insecurities through Hermione, who I would have hoped would actually be the one to make them go away! But then I feel badly for her as well, because she has gotten to the point where she doesn't even yell or fight anymore, she just tries to bury her unhappiness with Ron by making jokes out of the situations he gets her into!

I love the internal switch from Hermione's POV into Ginny's, where we see that Hermione is jealous of Ginny and her 'perfect' marriage with Harry (Harry, who thinks she's fat and reminds him of Mrs. Weasley these days), only to find out that Ginny is jealous of Hermione and the freedom she will soon acquire (of course, only for a fleeting moment, because Ginny is apparently going to be a negative Nancy whether she's with Harry or not)!

OH BUT WAIT! Now Hermione's changing her mind? And just when we've heard poor, sweet, young, innocent Rose accept and almost even wish for the divorce! Why must you toy with my emotions so??

It's like you took everybody's baggage that was so close to being stuffed away when the books ended and said 'Ha ha! Not so fast!' before dumping it right back on top of them. Do you feel good about yourself for doing this to your poor readers?? I just want them to be happy! Why would you do this to them? (I hope you understand that I'm just being dramatic and that I truly think you're fantastic! hahaha)

"Her words were unsure and low, but it doesn't matter how you say the word "divorce." It still sounds like "destruction."" - Great line. Your writing is just wonderful. It's so fluid and the transitions between different POV's is so smooth; you never lose your flow. I also love the small, seemingly arbitrary details that you have strewn about the story. It adds this layer of... normalcy, even though to me it's all so abnormal, these four falling apart the way they are! It's almost surreal reading this! Especially with this line: "She wondered, though, that her parents had been in Gryffindor. They never did anything brave." It's like they aren't even themselves anymore. It's so upsetting. I'm very upset.

Man, this whole story was just... phenomenal, really. Like, as much as I kind of really hate you for this, I can't deny how absolutely fantastic of a story it is, in every way. I feel like just curling up in the corner and crying for every character here. And for myself. And for you and your clearly non-existent heart.

I kid. Sort of. ;)

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Review #2, by StorySeeker1991 We Were Brave Once

25th November 2013:
I listened to this first on the Podcast and I thought it was good. So I found it and thought that I would review to tell you. I'm glad that I listen to the podcast because I would have normally bypassed this story.

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Review #3, by iamatree We Were Brave Once

1st October 2013:
It's good. Harrowing. The fact of relationships is you do find yourself thinking these things and realising how different you are. Excellent work.

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Review #4, by Sunflower We Were Brave Once

9th June 2012:
I liked this. I mean, it's depressing - like really depressing. But it's also somewhat what I would expect life to turn out for them - possibly anyways. I think it's quite possible that they won't be able to figure out how to settle into a mundane, normal every day life. Especially Harry since he's never really had a family. So I liked this. It depressed me a lot too, but it was truthful. Bitter. Loved this:

- Her words were unsure and low, but it doesn't matter how you say the word "divorce." It still sounds like "destruction."

and this:

- The weekly tradition had started as great fun. It made them feel civilized and grown-up. They had all known that they were really still just kids, fresh-faced, and twenty-one.
But now, as their own kids scampered around in the next room, they couldn't pretend anymore; it had gradually become the real thing.

The bitterness and the sense of growing up was just very very fitting and real. The main question that seems to reverberate through the air is "is that all our lives were? Is this it?" I loved that. Good job.

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Review #5, by spencefa We Were Brave Once

1st December 2011:
good story, well written

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Review #6, by Siriuslover177 We Were Brave Once

5th August 2011:
My goodness.
I have never really read a lot of after hogwarts types of Fan Fiction with the Trio.
But this one was quite sad actually! They all didn't really like each other anymore. Not the way the used to.
Ginny does laugh.
Harry isn't Happy
Ron and Hermione fight.
Hermione wants a divorce.
It's all really down hill for them all. It's really quite sad actually.
I really liked it though, so good job!!


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Review #7, by Pinguin We Were Brave Once

12th June 2011:
Actually I sometimes wondered if the 4 would actually end up happy. I always had that nagging voice in my head that reality is not so nice to persons. Harry married Ginny cause he always wanted a family, belong to one. And Ginny is a perfect option. And as much as I love the pairing Ron/Hermione I can't imagine them together after the first hormone-driven months. He is not stupid, but she is to outward with her intelligence. she always throws it in everyone’s face. That is too harsh. And all together did not learn in the books to talk about feelings at all, which you are supposed to learn between 15 and 20 ...
So, as depressive as the story is: I think it is quite realistic!

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Review #8, by prettywishes We Were Brave Once

5th September 2010:
I think this is my new favorite piece of writing on this site. This is seriously the most down to earth one-shot that I've ever read before. There was no glamor and perfect family dinners, but there was a lot of real life situations and comments tucked in here.

All too often it seems like the characters are immune to the things that happen with families, like divorce and gaining weight, and dinners that contain some really awkward moments at times. This fic had all those things though, you had the trio grow up to be any other adult with tons of problems. Was it happy? No, but it sure was real.

You managed to keep all of the characters cannon, at least I think so, all while ageing them and making them completely normal. Sure, they were brave once, but that doesn't mean that their going to be brave forever. Eventually they just returned to be normal people with normal people problems.

Amazing piece of work, I cannot believe that it only has fourteen reviews!

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Review #9, by Jazzeh Turnip We Were Brave Once

29th July 2010:
This is such a lovely story, despite it being a little bit of a sad one. I don't like R/Hr or H/G, but considering this fic shows them having difficulties in their relationships, I like it. That's probably mean of me, but nevermind, haha!

The little story Hermione was telling at the beginning is such a typical housewifey thing, haha. My mum and her friends talk like that all the time, and laugh at things that aren't even really that funny and usually at the expense of the people they're married to.

Rose was written beautifully. It was so stunning, her thinking about the divorce and all the stuff about her being good at hiding... it took my breath away. I don't usually like Rose, but I love this version of her character. I can't get over how much I like Rose.

I love the end sentence too. It's so simple and seems like a fairly vague way of ending something, but I really think it works with this.

What I love most of all though is that you actually use parenthesis properly. I've read fics where authors have randomly used them and put authors notes in the middle of a section, but you used them well! YAY! I love you for that :)

10/10 Lorren.

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Review #10, by thesunrises4him We Were Brave Once

16th July 2010:
Wow...this story is reality. I believe you did a wonderful job in showing the world that happily ever afters are not as easy as JKR's epilogue makes them out to be. I appreciate this story also because it reveals that the trio had their shining period of time at Hogwarts, but how are they supposed to act when not fighting evil every second of every day? You're right. They WERE brave, now what?

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Review #11, by Septyrikon We Were Brave Once

24th June 2010:
Wow.. What an intriguing story :) I honestly think this is one of the most realistic stories I've read. It certainly portrays human nature in a way I've never seen before. It really describes how the glory of the younger years can easily fade, and that what was once the best thing in life suddenly can become the thing that bothers you the most.

Very, very well done :)

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Review #12, by Abhorsen We Were Brave Once

13th June 2010:
Wow. That was really something. It was so crushingly real. Their lives are really tragic in their own way. I suppose that's what happens when you accomplish your greatest deeds very young.

I liked how Rose was talking herself into being brave while Hermione was talking herself out of it, in a way. Very neatly tied in there.


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Review #13, by patchworkscribbles We Were Brave Once

18th May 2010:
I got this from the Story Seekers podcast, and they were right. It's absolutely brilliant. It's so poignant, but so harshly realistic at the same time. The subtle switches in point of view were so cleverly done, they really were. I loved this.

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Review #14, by obviously394 We Were Brave Once

20th February 2010:
oh my gosh, that was brilliant. just... amazing.

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Review #15, by PrincessPadfoot We Were Brave Once

14th February 2010:
This was such an excellent piece of writing!!! You convey emotions so well that I could feel how each of them was feeling when it was there turn to speak. You are a fantastic writer!!!



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Review #16, by hokiechick We Were Brave Once

9th February 2010:
Hi, I heard about this on HPPC Story Seekers podcast, and I must say it has just made its way onto my favorites list! It was absolutely genius and very moving. You did a great job of seamlessly transitioning between the inner thoughts of all the characters. I loved the tiny details you put in to show that this was a well-worn family (Grumpshine the Car) and you have given them all such a sense of history together, without really talking about the war at all. Overall, quite impressive! 10/10

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Review #17, by FannyPrice We Were Brave Once

4th February 2010:
This was really sad, but very well done. And realistic. I think it reaches out to a lot of people on a very personal level, including myself. I love how you messed with the gender roles btw. Ron and Hermione. Everything from her short haircut to Hermione driving home (rather than Ron) screams that she is emasculating her husband. Trifle details, but it makes a point. Strange how Ron wants to be equals, and she calls him sexist...but has really become one herself, hasn't she? Anyway, I like the details about Ginny looking like Mrs. Weasley. The parenthetical asides were genius, especially the ones about Harry's book. So honest, so real, so good. I'm glad I listened to storyseekers and found this amazing piece. Great Job! 11/10

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Review #18, by HarrietHopkirk We Were Brave Once

26th January 2010:
I love this. I heard about it on Story Seekers and checked it out!! It's really good. :)

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Review #19, by scooterbug8515 We Were Brave Once

23rd January 2010:
Wow, this was quite good. It was very realistic and I hope this isn't the end. I would love to see more of this. You captured the thoughts and feelings immaculately. I could very well see this happening with the characters and I think this is what I love most about it.

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Review #20, by Artist_Angie We Were Brave Once

28th December 2009:
this was quite entrancing. I loved how realistic the situation was, & how the perspective changed-from the begining-great job.

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Review #21, by George Whitman We Were Brave Once

11th September 2009:
This is among the finest writings I've come across fanfic or no. You have taken characters that have been tread over so many times and you've made them fresh. The concept is so brilliant and well executed. For an author known mainly for humor you've shown an incredible amount of versatility with this piece and others. Well done!

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Review #22, by Nora We Were Brave Once

5th January 2009:
It's absolutely beyond me as to why this doesn't have any reviews. It's really incredible - dark and edgy, but very simple. Never have I ever seen the couples in the series portrayed so realistically. It's very Revolutionary Road, doing the mundane just to keep everyone safe and happy, even if you loose yourself in the process.

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