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Review #1, by Fanfair Chapter 3

29th July 2007:
wow this is one cool story please do continue

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Review #2, by dracossexcgal Chapter 3

21st March 2006:

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Review #3, by Ashley M Chapter 3

14th March 2005:
That really good. keep going.

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Review #4, by Katie Belle Chapter 3

11th July 2004:
Miraculously, you've managed to keep this absolutely captivating! To be honest, as much as I enjoyed the first two chapters, I had little faith that you could actually pull this off convincingly, but hey, you did! Props for that! Kept me wondering what the heck Draco had to do with it all. Still ma, actually, but I don't think I imagined that it was like this...very good though, well done! Keep writing!!!

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Review #5, by Rava Chapter 3

20th May 2004:
more more more need more chaps more chaps more RnR pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Review #6, by Pot184 Chapter 3

6th March 2004:
Sappy, very sappy. And corny. Revolting.

Author's Response: that was very rude, but at least you're honest. If only I could get help from critics instead of them just pointing out the faults in my stories I already knew were there.

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Review #7, by Bonnie Chapter 3

4th March 2004:
AWSOME! Please update soon!

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Review #8, by Dracos_Chick Chapter 3

2nd March 2004:
Kool. Update soon please

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Review #9, by LARUie Chapter 3

2nd March 2004:
um yea kinda confusing but its good otherwise, update soon...

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Review #10, by laura Chapter 3

18th February 2004:
pretty good so far but why is everyone pushing her into a wedding if she really doesn't want to get married? but i'm sure we'll find out later. please keep writing!

Author's Response: You will find out! Just keep reading and reviewing ;)

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Review #11, by Firebolt_Fox Chapter 1

17th February 2004:
Good start! I like it. And don't worry about typos haha everyone makes them. Keep posting, I look forward to reading the rest! :)

Author's Response: :D I don't know why, my that's so sweet to me! lol

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Review #12, by kris Chapter 1

13th February 2004:
i liked it..

Author's Response: I have the next two chapters done, I'm just going to run through them quickly so I can post them up. Thanks for liking it!

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Review #13, by ~*It's so totally me*~ Chapter 1

12th February 2004:
ummm the name is Draco MALFOY not Draco Malfy!! This story is fairly confusing, but it looks as though it's going somewhere from here...Keep it up and please update soon!! Question: If she wasn't planning on marrying Malfoy, then who was she marrying?

Author's Response: yes, I am sorry for the small typo. But you see, just because she isn't dating Daco MALFOY at the beginning doesn't mean they won't end up together, it's called patience.

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