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Review #1, by wiensdbufj A Plan Gone Wrong

5th July 2014:
oh come on update please:'(

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Review #2, by Lacy A Plan Gone Wrong

5th July 2012:
Please Please, Oh please write more, I havent been able to find a good fanfic where blaise has a twin in AGES

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Review #3, by i freakin love malfoy A Plan Gone Wrong

29th June 2012:
Great story so far! Please write another chapter!

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Review #4, by music is life 13 A Plan Gone Wrong

24th May 2012:
Please update soon! (:

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Review #5, by Dracolovergirl5000 A Plan Gone Wrong

6th March 2012:
This is really good. Please continue with it.

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Review #6, by Dahlia Black A Plan Gone Wrong

30th January 2012:
Awesome story update soon!:D

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Review #7, by MalfoyZabiniFan101 A Plan Gone Wrong

26th December 2011:
OMG that was awesome!!!
Draco! tsk tsk you just got yourself in big trouble!!!

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Review #8, by KiraPotter16 A Plan Gone Wrong

13th November 2011:
I have such an addiction to Blaise/Hermione sibling stories and this one is so good! I notice you haven't updated in a while and I really hope you do soon! I love this story! :)

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Review #9, by Kat A Plan Gone Wrong

3rd September 2011:
Please keep writing this

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Review #10, by AmberDaze A Plan Gone Wrong

6th May 2011:
Just started reading this story and am really enjoying it! Can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #11, by Ring_Felton97 A Plan Gone Wrong

7th April 2011:
I lurve your story! Update soon!

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Review #12, by qtbaby88 A Plan Gone Wrong

15th February 2011:
amazing job hun cant wait for the next one

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Review #13, by GINNYWEASLEY_HARRYPOTTER A Plan Gone Wrong

22nd January 2011:
love it...cant wait til the next chapter.

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Review #14, by Bella Trix A Plan Gone Wrong

16th January 2011:
I ablouskty
Love it I love all the boys because they are all nice Blaise nice brother Ron idiot arsehole Harry execpting friend Draco misunderstood good sexy boy Alex AWESOME person in general

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Review #15, by auntyfontey A Plan Gone Wrong

15th January 2011:
please please please PLEASE more! I really like this story, its got more spunk to it :]

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Review #16, by doubletrouble_1 A Plan Gone Wrong

15th January 2011:
This was really good. I like how you changed her appererance and her name most fan ficts with Hermione as Blaise's long lost twin dont change her name. I really enjoied reading this I hope to read more chapters in the future.

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Review #17, by VioletSapphire A Plan Gone Wrong

15th January 2011:
Oh my gosh!!! What a cliffhanger!!! Please please please update it very soon! Great job and keep it up!!!

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Review #18, by caicu A Plan Gone Wrong

15th January 2011:
Welcome back! I hope the next update is as good as this one was. Keep them coming.

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Review #19, by Thatkewl;) Arrival

15th January 2011:
Ok so I'm just wondering, but why would her house change? Cuz u kno, the sorting hat looks at who u r on the inside, not ur family. And only her appearance has changed. So why should she switch houses?

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Review #20, by Dragoness101 A Plan Gone Wrong

15th January 2011:
haha. Ow well we all no he will get the girl in the end. Love this story, keep it up.

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Review #21, by megan_black A Plan Gone Wrong

14th January 2011:
this rating is not only for this chapter, but for the whole story. wow. anyway, um... when do you plan on writing more?

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Review #22, by Miss Tuck Jones Explanations, Confrontations, And A Possible Exoneration

6th January 2011:
I love your story!! Update soon!!

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Review #23, by Secret_Passion Explanations, Confrontations, And A Possible Exoneration

14th November 2010:
Your Story Is Really Interesting. You Haven't Written In a Long Time Though. Please, Please I Beg You To Keep Writing. =D. I Hope You Write Really Soon.

Author's Response: i have new chapters ready...but i realized that the queue's going to be closed til the 5th of January. I am literally kicking myself for not putting up the next chapter even just an hour before it closed!! arghh...

but i solemnly swear that this is that last time you'll have to wait that long.

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Review #24, by Me The Writer Explanations, Confrontations, And A Possible Exoneration

24th September 2010:
oops. he does put on his clothes. well, my mistake.. i guess it has been a while, no?

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Review #25, by Twilight_Fairy91 Explanations, Confrontations, And A Possible Exoneration

24th September 2010:
well... i just realized a little mistake! uh oh haha it appears draco never got dressed... i know i wouldn't mind, but still =]
so sorry for the long, long, very long wait if you're still following... i was very busy with school (i still am) but will start posting up new chapters soon

Author's Response: as soon as i find my flashdrive
.my life... where are you?

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