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Review #1, by Nightrunner Drowning in Cold Diamonds

30th August 2014:
What a great story!
Sad it is, but it's good in that Pansy decides her own fate, and takes it out of Voldemort's hands. No doubt her death will infuriate the Dark Dipstick, but he will never understand why she did it. I think that Draco will be the only one who does understand. And I wonder how her suicide will affect him?
Will he, can he, change his path?


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Review #2, by SnitchSnatcher Drowning in Cold Diamonds

19th September 2012:
Hey there, it's Molly with your requested review!

Oh my goodness, can I just say that when you requested and said that it was Pansy-centric fic, I was not expecting this at all. And that's a good thing because people often characterize Pansy as this horrid, self-centered girl who we only see through the eyes of Harry, who is no doubt very biased towards all of the Slytherins. So yeah, this was really interesting to read!

I really liked your characterization of Pansy. At some points I even felt sympathetic towards her. It's awful, knowing that there are kids getting dragged into the conflict against their will and they are powerless to stop it from happening. Though I don't condone suicide (I don't know who does, really) I am glad that Pansy took her life into her own hands and did with it what she wouldn't have been able to do under the watchful eyes of her parents and the Dark Lord. I can't imagine the amount of pressure she must have been under and I really think that you conveyed that accurately throughout the piece.

I think my favorite part about this was not only the repetition of the diamonds and their weight, but also the symbolism. You wove it in beautifully, intricately, and it really paid off. It was the perfect metaphor as diamonds are beautiful but hard, cold, and unyielding. Just really great job!

- Molly

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed this piece. When we read or write about the war it's always the innocents who were killed or dragged into the war on the good side. The children of the Death Eaters who were born into this and never given a choice are often forgotten. I thought we needed a little reminder out there that not all of the children of Death Eaters willingly walked in thier parent's footprints ;)

Thank you so much for the awesome R&R!

Much Love

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Review #3, by ginny_malfoy1231 Drowning in Cold Diamonds

12th September 2012:
This is a good story! You've got all the essentials for an amazing story! Keep going!

Author's Response: LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed this story, but that's the end of it... it was just a oneshot ;)

Thanks for the R&R!

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Review #4, by starryskies55 Drowning in Cold Diamonds

11th September 2012:
Wow, this was chilling. There was so much emotion here, but it was kind of detached at the same time, which made it a little creepy and very powerful. It added to the piece, rather than taking away from it.

Your imagery is amazing, I really enjoyed reading about the garden and Pansy's jewellery- I never saw her character as this way either, and it was really a bit of a shock to read something that portrayed her this way.

the only crit I have is that the last sentence seemed a bit forced- I think you got the drowning in cold diamonds' across without it, and also, you have some spelling errors - it's bear, not bare :P

Overall, a really nice one-shot that I enjoyed reading.

Author's Response: This is one of my favorites so it always means a little more when someone really likes this one ;)
I've been working my way through my older stuff latley doing edits, guess I haven't made it to this one yet... LOL
As far as the last line I was gonig for the dramatic, because to me Pansy always felt like a bit of a drama queen so in my mind it fit ;)

Thanks for the R&R!

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Review #5, by Jchrissy Drowning in Cold Diamonds

2nd September 2012:
Oh my goodness what a different sort of Pansy story!

You really had a beautiful sense of imagery all through this, it was haunting and eloquent all at once. The way you slowly stripped Pansy from the girl we knew from Hogwarts, to this woman who can't handle what's going on around her is wonderful. I really liked the little looks into Draco's world, him begging his father, showing us that he never wanted to them to be apart of this either, not once he realized it actually meant.

Then the way she threw each piece of jewelry in, like it really was slowly freeing her, just created such a sever mental image, it was wonderful. And the intensity you built around her walking herself into the water, knowing what happens after this and deciding to not be apart of this false live everyone has created for her, it was just such a perfect way to end this.

Gorgeous one shot!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoed this one. I really loved writing this story, showing how many of the children were pulled into this war against their will... and how at least one refused to have her hand forced. But between this one and my Draco fic, I'm going to have to start a series called "The Softer Side of Slytherin" LOL
Thank you so much for the R&R!
Much Love

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Review #6, by TyrannicFeenix Drowning in Cold Diamonds

21st July 2012:
Nice. Appropriately dark I think (I like dark stories, more interesting than fluff).

Love the ending, not entirely sure why she did it, surely there was some way she could sneak out but still excellent nonetheless. Also Hermione's eyes are brown.

Author's Response: LOL.. glad you enjoyed it ;D I love dark stories too... and "Tawny: the brownish-yellow of tanned leather" LOL!!!

Thanks for the R&R darlin ;)


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Review #7, by Christine_Nighting Drowning in Cold Diamonds

14th May 2011:
Um, wow? I love it! Creative, eerie, mystifying. I wasn't really expecting her to drown herself until she got in the pond. Very nice job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I just love writing Pansy.. not sure why but I do. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #8, by Jazzeh Turnip Drowning in Cold Diamonds

22nd August 2010:
Woah. This is lovely.

The descriptive and the character voice was all so perfect and pristine and it just flowed so well and. The symbolism of the diamonds and the repitition of the fact the diamonds were holding her back really hit a chord, and I could vividly picture everything you wrote about. I was complete immersed in this by the end, and I even teared up. It really was wonderful.

I was expecting someone to come save her at the end, so that was a surprise, but I'm glad no-one did not because I dislike Pansy but because I think the story would've been made less effective if someone had saved her. I don't really think anyone could've particularly saved her. Even at the start, despite the title, I didn't expect her to kill herself. I just presumed the "Drowning in Cold Diamonds" thing was simply a metaphor. I liked that this story contradicted my initial thoughts of what it was going to be like though.

Pansy's narrative was so good. It was elegant and snobbish, as I've always thought her to be, but yet there was a bitterness to it as well. She paints a very vivid picture with the words she uses.

You're a very good author. I applaud you :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed this story so much because it's one of my personal favorites.
Your reiew was amazing and I can't wait to see what you think of some of myother works :D

Much Love

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Review #9, by American Ginny Drowning in Cold Diamonds

11th June 2010:
AW YOU'RE SO CRUEL TO ME!!! SO CRUEL!!! You killed her! How could you kill her?! Why am I sad for Pansy?! This shouldn't be happening! It's so sad and cruel, and bleh. I hate you! not really. This was a magnificent story. Once again you cease to amaze me. I must have sympathy for a character I so dislike. That's not right or fair. :/

Author's Response: LOL.. I told you you'd at least feel bad for Pansy by the end :D This is one of my favorite's that I've written so it makes me grin uncontrolably when it effects someone as much as it effects me... and wasn't Snitchy's reading of it absolutly amazing!! I can't wait till Alex gets the podcast posted... lol
Thanks for the read/listen darlin!
Love you!

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Review #10, by TallestTower Drowning in Cold Diamonds

14th April 2010:
Oh wow, I am blown away. This is incredible, but whilst sad it is more dramatic and almost triumphant. That may sound strange but she's breaking away from the anger and the sadness.

This is so beautiful and potent. I love the description. Everything here I can imagine so vividly and you used such great imagery. The way you mixed the diamonds into the story was flawless.

My favourite part was the idea of the moon reflecting the night sky, having all the little diamonds in it. Of course, the last line was amazing. It's one of those haunting endings that sticks with you.

I'm so suprised this story hasn't got more reviews as it's amazing. I've added it to my favourites :)

The only thing I noticed was at one point the tenses swapped:

[As I stared at my reflection I realized for the first time that I hated myself, I hated who I have become, who they have forced me to be]

should have been in present tense. Other than that I have no CC. This story is wonderful and it deserves more credit!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your amazing review! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story... Writing it was one of those rare moments where I actually knew where the story was going from start to finish, and it always thrills me when someone else is as happy with the finished product as I am :D I can't wait till I get hit with another Pansy storyline. There's just so much to work with with her character since she was essentially a blank slate in the books :D
Thanks for the CC ... hopefully I'll be able to fix that one line in the near future ;)

Once again thank you so much for the R&R!
It is truly appreciated!

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Review #11, by Unwritten Curse Drowning in Cold Diamonds

1st June 2009:
Hey there, Moon! I'm here for your review, and so excited to get to reading. :)

'My name is Pansy Parkinson. I am a pure-blood witch, the daughter of a Death-Eater, and a prisoner of my own life.' - What a way to kick off a story! So definite, so in-your-face. Wow.

'the perfection marred by the very thing that had once made it beautiful.' - I have goosebumps right now.

'he will always wonder if he could have saved me' - And now I'm crying.

Oh. My. Goodness. I. Am. In. Absolute. Awe.

This was absolutely breath-taking in every way. I knew something like this was out there, and thank goodness I have finally found it. So symbolic, so full of meaning, so emotionally charged, so poignant, so chilling, so magical. This was the epitome of getting caught up in the story for me. Absolutely one of the best reading experiences I have ever had. Thank you so, so much. From the bottom of my heart, I implore you to continue writing. There isn't a doubt in my mind that you will go places with this talent.

What is there left to say? I truly, incredibly, 100% felt as though I was there in the garden with Pansy. I felt the breeze on my face and smelled the flowers. I could see the stars twinkling overhead and I could sense the nostalgia waiting around every corner. You made this so real to me that I couldn't read fast enough. I never would've thought it possible, but you made me believe that this was the only way out for Pansy. You allowed me to see through her eyes, and I knew the ending was inevitable. This affected me on such a level... I honestly don't know what to say to you. Unbelievable. Really, I'm humbled after reading this.

Thank you again. I am absolutely adding this to my favorites. An easy 10/10, and this is one of the rare occasions in which I wish it was possible to give an 11. Please, make me a happy girl and request again. I'd be thrilled to read another of your stories.

Keep writing (forever and ever),

Author's Response: I don't know what to say to this review. For the first time I'm at a loss for words. You made me, smile. You made me blush. And I admit, you made me just a little teary. LOL
There's just something about so a person express such appreciation for something you have writen that just makes me well up with emotion.. mostly pride. :) That I was able to bring you into my world, into my mind, if only for a moment, I feel that my job here is complete.

I must admit I have a bit of an obsession with Pansy in fanon (though I haven't written as much of her as I'd like to). There's just so much that can be done with here. Essentially, she's a blank slate. There a few details about her.. a vauge physical discription, her family's bloodline, a little bit of her attitude... but for the most part she's just Draco's girlfriend... and that it... in the books anyway. But there's so much to be done with her! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the children of Death Eaters. I think it's knowing that they never really had a choice, never really had a chance... so I like to give them a chance, in fanon, to make that choice, one way or another. So by the end of the story everyone knows exactly what they chose, and hopfully why.

Wow, this response has gotten a little out of

So I will wrap it up now with yet another thank you! You're reviews are amazing and I'll will be back to request more very soon!

Much Love

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Review #12, by RoyalBlues Drowning in Cold Diamonds

25th May 2009:
Sorry for taking so long to review.

First of all, the summary really got my attention. You wrote it very well :) I love this whole piece. You wrote everything amazingly and beautifully. I could imagine everything about this inside my head :) Also, I love the comparison you had of Pansy's life and the water, very clever. This is very sad and it seems very realistic. This really pulls at someone's heart. Everything is perfect.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing this peice, I have this facination with Pansy in I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and found my imagry effective! :)
I look forward to your future reviews!

Much Love

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Review #13, by Slytherinchica08 Drowning in Cold Diamonds

19th May 2009:
well first i can say i love your description. its amazing and beautiful. i can picture being there and you give me different scents to try and imagine. it was altogether a beautifully written one shot. again a very depressing ending. you develop pansys character wonderfully. great job.


Author's Response: lol, I can't help it, i just can't seem to bring myself to write happy endings.. lol. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story as well, and as always I appreciate your remarks and compliments.
Thanks again for another wonderful review :)

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Review #14, by marinahill Drowning in Cold Diamonds

18th May 2009:
You used the title brilliantly, perfectly actually. This was such a beautiful and dark one-shot, one of the best I've read in a long time. The descriptions were fantastic and I felt like you were painting the story rather than telling it, I had such vivid images in my mind.

My only critism would be that there were a couple of times when your tenses were a bit muddled. I'd advise just going through and looking for the odd occasion of past or present tense.

Lovely piece, written beautifully.


Author's Response: *blush* Thank you so much :D I must admit, this was the story that got me hooked on Pansy, there are just so many stories to be told there!
I'll definatly go back and check my tenses on this one. I've actually been checking over a lot of my posted stories lately ferreting out errors. ;)

Once again, thanks for an absolulty LOVELY review ;)

Much Love

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Review #15, by Essie Drowning in Cold Diamonds

24th January 2009:
A very compelling read. The image of Pansy throwing the diamonds into the pond was so fascinating.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for you comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this story!

Much Love

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