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Review #1, by andrew maude I Solemnly Swear

6th June 2017:
when will this be updated i need my fix !

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Review #2, by diversrock I Solemnly Swear

27th April 2017:
This is awesome, and I'm really enjoying it!
Even though it's not been updated in three years, I really hope there is more of it to come at some point - I like it!

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Review #3, by Narcissamalfoy394 I Solemnly Swear

31st October 2014:
Write more write more write more !

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Review #4, by Rachel I Solemnly Swear

22nd June 2014:
Write more please!!!

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Review #5, by Gemma There's a Foul Plot Afoot

5th October 2012:
It's been months!
Please hurry and post a new chapter, I love this story.

Author's Response: There are two new chapters over at fanfictiondotnet I do not post on this site anymore as I find fanfictiondotnet far more user friendly.

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Review #6, by Lunar Moony No Time Like The Present

18th July 2012:
This is by far one of my favorite stories on here and you are one if my fav authors.when are you doing more chapters. I look EVERYDAY.just love this story.

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Review #7, by Lunar Moony There's a Foul Plot Afoot

29th June 2012:
Anxiously waiting for this stort!

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Review #8, by Midnight_Blue There's a Foul Plot Afoot

22nd June 2012:
I'm in love with your storys!
Armilla and Armilla II are brilliant, I've read both in 4 days! Please keep posting chapters! AND please don't let Armilla loose all her magic and then become a squib! :(

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Review #9, by Lunar Moony Magical Yo-Yo

6th June 2012:
I am enjoying this so much. I read both stories in 2 days. I LOVE the relationship with George. PLEASE continue.and consider NOT killing Severus! Would purchase this if for your writing!!!

Author's Response: Oh, I would never dream of killing Severus off!

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Review #10, by anonymous Magical Yo-Yo

1st June 2012:
Great chapter, when's the next one? I've been waiting!

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Review #11, by anon Magical Yo-Yo

18th May 2012:
When's the next chapter?!

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Review #12, by Charlotte Flame The Stone Bench

8th March 2012:
This story has been excellent so far. I felt the need to comment on this particular chapter because the two poems you used here arw the ones I recite to myself whenever I miss my cousin the most.

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Review #13, by Caitlin No Time Like The Present

7th January 2012:
I LOVE this story, u are a great writer and I adore snape - you are doing such a gd job of writing his character

When are you writing more? Please say it will be soon, I'm addicted to this story! 10/10 :)

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Review #14, by amy92 No Time Like The Present

23rd October 2011:
simply stunning george and armilia ~ are you abandoning this story cause you haven't write in a month ? pls update soon

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Review #15, by StephSnape No Time Like The Present

21st September 2011:
aww, its a perfect match on most points but i can't help wondering what severus will say to that. :) loved it though! can't wait till the next chapter

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Review #16, by A_M_C Which Chess Pieces are Slytherin?

4th March 2011:
It's been a while since I was last on HPFF, months at least, but I cannot tell you how excited I was to find new chapters to Armilla II! I absolutely LOVE where this story is going, and cannot wait until the next chapter comes out. Thank you for giving us a very well-rounded, enticing story that keeps me checking back, making sure I don't miss any more updates.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #17, by astarael02 Puppets

3rd February 2011:
For the last 36 hours I've been doing pretty much nothing except reading Armilla and Armilla II. These are extremely well written, well thought out stories and you've obviously put a lot of work into them. I love that you've spent so long developing Armilla's and Snape's relationship, it's a joy to read. I love how you've made Armilla a well rounded character, not a perfect Mary-Sue, and the similarities between her and her brother and the way they interact makes me smile. I've never read a story where Snape is the character's brother before, and that has made it especially interesting to read. He really works as an older brother, I'd like to have one like him. And you've made Snape fully rounded and not perfect, but human. I'm hoping so much that he doesn't die like in the books, cos you've really made me get to know these characters and I will be heartbroken for both of them. I wanted to read an absorbing story with believable characters, interesting plots and lots of character development and relationships I care about, and I found it. Thank you. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Yes, it has been a great deal of work - in fact, the first story was started back in 2004, so it's been with me quite awhile now!

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Review #18, by Rosie Puppets

31st December 2010:
Please continue the story, i hope you haven't abandoned it. I just thought I'd let you know that this story is the reason I changed my opinion about Severus Snape. Even reading Harry Potter 7 did not improve my opinion of him until I read Armilla. I love this story and its very intriguing twists and turns, and I hope you continue to write. I also understand that you taking this long to write the next chapter could be because of something beyond your control and hope that everything is well with you. If you cannot continue writing I understand but sincerely hope that you do. Many thanks for writing the story at all,

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad the story gave you another impression of Severus Snape.

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Review #19, by Serena_Snape Puppets

23rd August 2010:
Waiting rather impatiently. Please update soon! I still love the way you write Snape.

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Review #20, by SnapesBoggart Puppets

11th July 2010:
This chapter was really interesting. I'm not one for reading AU stories, but I have to say that although this is slightly AU, you are keeping all the characters very in character. I was really excited for this chapter and I was not dissapointed! Great job. :)

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Review #21, by Alisara Love, Greed and Survival

30th May 2010:
I beg of you: finish the story!

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Review #22, by Serena_Snape Love, Greed and Survival

27th April 2010:
I love Armilla and Armilla II. The main character is easy to empathize with and the way you describe Severus is so believable. Too many people try to turn him into a smooshy misunderstood renegade. You write him like he's his nasty sarcastic self, only with a bit more dimension. Capable of feeling, but not Mr Lovey Dovey. Please write more. I frequently check for updates and when a new chapter comes up its like Christmas!

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Review #23, by MistyToryRabiyah A New Relation

14th January 2010:
Ooooh twist much?!
I loves :P
I'm sorry but that zite women is a BI*CH!
I love this story please update soon?! x

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Review #24, by MistyToryRabiyah Christmas

20th December 2009:
OO cliffhanger!
Aww I want some earmuffs!!! :P
update soon when the queue re-opens i love this story!

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Review #25, by padfootdaugh Christmas

22nd October 2009:
Ooh a twist! Well this should make things interesting... not that they weren't already. I like this chapter a lot, it resolves a lot of things that were driving me nuts. Can't wait for the next one!

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