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Review #1, by magicinthemoonlight29 So They Ended

30th August 2012:
I just wanted to stop by and say a few words to you, my dear. I've read this story before, and also some of your other works, and I am just hopelessly addicted to your style. It's so poetic and dark and heartbreaking - I am so envious. I wish that my words could evoke such beauty and pain, I really do. Your two Harry/Hermione stories broke me to pieces, and I am still waiting for Before:After to be updated. Never stop writing. You have a true gift. I hope, in addition, that you write other things besides fanfiction: poetry, novels, something. Because words come to you in a way I've never seen them come to anyone before, and that is something to be treasured. I (selfishly) hope you write more Harry/Hermione in the future, because I keep coming back and re-reading those two fics. And I hope to see an update on Before:After, because it was lovely as well. Like I said, never stop writing. I know I'm not the only true and adoring fan out there. You mentioned in one of your review responses to me that you didn't feel like your writing was good lately, so I just wanted to give you a little extra encouragement - It is good. It's better than good. It's breathtaking. So keep going.

Love to you and your lovely words,

Author's Response: See, there you go again and make my day :)

First of all it's really funny that you should review He's Left a Mark of all of my posted fics. This is the one fic I'm always thinking about deleting, thinking about editing. I actually stray FAR away from it, afraid to start cringing whenever I start reading it. This was my first attempt on writing the style I use now - so this was my first feeble step towards They Did it Better, Before: After, anything really. My style's all over the place in this one and it's more poetry than anything, really, but it shows how much I've evolved as a writer and I treasure it for this. I just thought that it was funny that you chose this particular fic. And I'm rambling. Sorry.

Now, I'm so so so so incredibly flattered by all these kind words. You make me feel like a star haha and I am eternally grateful for that. I don't think I'd ever be able to stop writing, I tried once, and it kind of just bubbled over anyways haha. I'm trying to write other stuff, too, I'm trying to figure out if this is what I want to do the rest of my life and generally just trying to grow as a writer. This is what I live for, so it means the world to me whenever I get recognition. I'm almost finished with the last installment of Before: After, promise. Other fics just kind of caught up with me and I got distracted... And yeah, Harry/Hermione fics will definitely be coming again down the line - they're my favourite pairing, so don't you worry, my dear!

Basically, what I wanted to say in this (novel-length) reply is thank you. This means so so so much. I think everyone as a writer is very self-conscious and I'm no exception. And it really is for reviewers/readers like you that I write, it's what pushes me and makes me want to write more and more. So thank you. It means the world.


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Review #2, by confusedlover So They Ended

29th April 2012:
very lovely.

another very beautiful characterless one-shot. amazing job. do continue writing, please! (:

Author's Response: Thank you.

This is one of my older stories, definitely not one of my best work - but thank you so much! :)

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Review #3, by X_slytherianprincess_X So They Ended

12th February 2009:
AMAZING REally really really wonderful story, i loved how you didn't name the characthers but george.IT WAS SO GOOD i actually want a sequel =]

Author's Response: haha!! Thank you!!

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Review #4, by amieharry_ginny So They Ended

9th October 2008:
When i read this the first time the one word that came into my mind was ... odd!! Sorry i don't mean to offend you but that's what i felt this was really odd when compared to other D/G stories i've read and i really didn't know if this was D/G more like a H/G because of this line "Your mother is worried" ... I mean i don't exactly see Draco Malfoy worried about Ginny Weasley's mother which is why i said it was ... odd

Other than that i found the story sad and deep. Though its a bit confusing and bit like a riddle it somehow makes you go "aww" from sadness. I loved how perfect this chapter's emotion was and i absolutely loved the way you expressed Ginny's emotions, her sadness and her anger from those little lines.

Though the story was sad and emotional there was the word "baldy" that made me laugh once ... i dunno why but i just cant see why she would first of all call him that and then say she kinda "loved him" ... which is why i used the word odd

Though the story was odd i kinda enjoyed it, you have a great talent of being able to capture the characters emotions perfectly and with a little tweaking you could do great!!! Well Done and i would rate this story as 10/10 because its gorgeously written!!!


Author's Response: Hey:]

Okay, the first thing you said: Im sorry, but I certainly disagree, he is calling because her mother has asked him to call her; hes not worried about her mother, but shes retorting to him because she sees no other way, this is another way of trying to reach her daughter; by using the only person she knows her daughter still cares about. It has nothing to do with him caring about her mother. He still cares about 'Ginny', not in the way he used to, he doesnt love her, but he cares for her well-being and that is enough to make him call her and try and talk to her even though hes pretty sure it wont help.

The word baldy... :P
Well, right then shes very very cynical and cruel, shes superior to him and she sees everything in black. But even though hes a baldy and totally out of her league, she cant help but think hes nice. You see? her feelings are very messed up and shes very confused. But she realises, even in the beginning, that she likes him in some weird way.

She realises she loves him, kinda, because its not like it was with 'Draco', hes different, but he makes her become someone she likes, he helped her break free.

The story is meant to be odd, weird and one of a kind. I was going for the 'im not sure i quite understood'/'huh'-effect.

Thank you so much for your compliments on my writing:] It really means a lot.

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Review #5, by eternalangel So They Ended

7th October 2008:
This was definitely a very different one-shot, almost like a puzzle one has to put together. I thought it interesting how detached she is throughout the beginning, especially when she uses the word "Mother" and how she finds solace amongst strangers at a hotel. I did like how in the end she left a mark on George and how he was never really the same.

I do think that since George seems to be a pivotal character both symbolically and literally, that maybe he should be described more, what his mannerisms were and what it was in particular that she did like about him. I actually didn't put together right away that it was George that she was sleeping with in the first explicit scene.

I was also taken by surprise with the ending, mainly because I hadn't seen much time progression throughout the one-shot to suggest a year has passed. I also thought it really odd that George would sell his hotel and source of income because of her.

I did wonder how this was a Harry Potter fanfiction because I didn't really see any elements of the HP universe in here. In fact, I started looking for clues and thought that maybe George was George Weasley. This isn't a bad thing, it's just I did make that connection because I was looking for elements of the HP verse.

I do applaud you for your effort in making a unique one-shot that has multiple layers and ways to read it. Stories like that are hard to do and not always understood. I hope some of the feedback I gave helps.


Author's Response: Hey, sorry for the delay in response, Ive been busy:]

As I also told you, this was a big experiment, I had some small quotes in my head in the beginning taht just wouldnt leave me alone, the whole story formed itself around the small italized sentences [he's left a mark, silence follows, etc.] and so the story started.

I didnt mention any names on purpose because I wanted it to be anyone you wanted it to be; if you were a Draco/Hermione shipper you could do that and if you were a Harry/Hermione [like me], you could do that.

I know this wasnt very 'magical' and it could just as well have been one of my original fics. But there is another dimension to this one, tho; He's left a mark... the very very obvious way. Voldemort and one of his former Death Eaters, Bellatrix for example.

I agree that George could be explored more and I also think that it was slightly rushed; my oneshots tend to be like that a lo of the time. But honestly, I couldnt see what I should fill in, the whole thing about the story is that they fall into a habit together, live a pretend and time goes and they do the same again and again.

Her own progression where she detaches herself from everything shes been clinging to, misses a bit, I agree. But maybe it is also because it's vey sudden, well it is of course happening all the time, but then its very very subtle and unnoticeable; first she pushes all the memories away in an attempt to rid herself of all of his memories, but when she finally starts to forget by the help of George, she clings to His memories. So from the start to that time, nothing has really changed; shes just in denial.
As you know, she panicks and cuts all the strings to George in an attempt to regain her memories, regain her former lover.
The real change, where she finally breaks free, is when she has her epiphany and realises that she was happy with George and that she loved him; shes broken free of the other guy without knowing and she first realises as she loses her new love, George.

George was a tool, for her, Im so happy you caught that; George was a mere tool for her - in the beginning, but he turned into something more. He was just meant to be a way of passing time, a way of feeling like she wasnt as alone as she was. but he turns into so much more. He saves her, even if he does leave her in the end, he helped her, gave her the strenght to break free of everything.

I am so happy that you caught the bit about her being the one to leave her mark on somebody else, just as her 'something' did on her.

I was really just experimenting with this one and I was very nervous to hear what you said.

Thank you so much for reviewing!!

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