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Review #1, by xXMissGrangerXx Seeing Red

25th November 2010:
wow you have to understand just how beautiful this is! I have tears in my eyes and my spine it tingling with shivers! It is just so beautifully written! i am jealous of your skill in writing! I know when i am older at some point i will try and become an author and i have to say your such an inspiration! Thank you so much for existing! Sorry i know i am being cheesy here but all i can say is BEAUtiful! Cheesy again.:).anyways congrats on your talent!

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Review #2, by ginnygirl808 Seeing Red

11th July 2009:
awww really sweet. . . i love it! amazing. . . your such a good writer please keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Ginny! I'm glad that you liked this :)

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Review #3, by chiQs09_II Seeing Red

21st February 2009:
I really feel compelled to add ALL your stories to my favourites, and delete all the other stories that aren't as great as yours. Really! *sighs* But you're already my top favourite author, first to be reviewed even though you're last on my reviewing list, so I hope that's fine with you.
I know I've already R/R this story before the server crash, so here I am re-reviewing it. Gods, this is better than a love letter, so poetic and damn sad! And for a moment you made me love Lupin/Tonks, and curse JKR for letting these two people die in the battle.
And again, congrats on winning this challenge at eHPF. I've personally voted for it without looking at the author's name, and was not surprised at all that is was you. :D

Author's Response: Hello sweetheart! You are so good to me :) I'm flattered to be your top favorite author because your writing is phenomenal and makes me feel so humble every time I read it! Thanks a million for coming to replace your reviews; I was especially sad to lose yours because they're always so encouraging! I really wish JKR hadn't killed off Tonks and Lupin because essentially, isn't Teddy going to become another Harry (pretty much)?

This review made my day. Thank you so, so much for writing it and for being a great friend. *huggles*

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Review #4, by rowenaravenclaw94 Seeing Red

6th November 2008:
omgizzle! that was so depressing! but it was reallly good! i luv remus and tonks, and their impending demise is just so depressing... 10/10! good job! the red theme was rad...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Haha thanks rowena! It is kind of a depressing story but I kind of like to think of it as hopeful too - Remus and Tonks gave their lives to ensure that their son would have a better world to grow up in. Glad you liked this :)

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Review #5, by searching17 Seeing Red

25th October 2008:
Wow. I love how you used connected color within the story (The Color Challenge is a brilliant one, I must say!). The writing was really deep – at first it took me a while to realize that it was from Lupin’s point of view, but it didn’t take away from any of my reading the one-shot. I especially liked this part: You looked up at me with brimming eyes, your hair a pale echo of the burgundy sunset, and told me to go to hell. "Why?" I asked. And you said because hell was the absolute worst place to go and that you'd be behind me every step of the way, through crimson flame and scarlet smoke, holding my hand through it all just to prove how much you loved me. And I knew right then and there that you were the one for me.

That was so sweet and cute – it literally made me blush. I also loved how you connected Lupin’s last moments with Tonks in this story, also. It really brings out the emotion he feels, and the last line made me go “Wow.” Really, it did.

Brilliant writing and emotions! I loved it. This is on my favorites. ;) 10/10.


Author's Response: Hi Estrella! Thanks so much for coming by to read my one-shot :) :)

I agree with you, the Color Challenge presented by DesDiamonds was awesome. The moment I read it, I knew I wanted to join; the pairing popped into my head and then the color. Everything clicked and I ended up writing a 500-word drabble in about a half hour's time.

I'm so glad you liked how I incorporated the colors in and Lupin's last moments with the love of his life :) Thanks a million for your review!

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Review #6, by Pookha Seeing Red

24th October 2008:
I recognize this! I competed in that challenge. Your win was well deserved.

You repeat your colour usage many times, but it never gets repetitive and you use the imagery masterfully.

It makes me think of reading proesy in French. You really are one of the premier writers at HPFF.

Author's Response: Thank you, Carl! :) I'm glad it didn't turn out to be repetitive ... I had to look up "red" in the thesaurus and find lists of color words so it wouldn't get too boring. I really appreciate your kind words!

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Review #7, by ButterflyRogue Seeing Red

20th October 2008:
Jules, I think you already know how much I love Remus and how much I liked this little story of yours about him and Tonks.
However, each time I read it, I am amazed all over again by the way you've managed to get inside Remus' head and describe his entire life in so little words. I especially liked how you've laced your descriptions with expressions for various shades of red, in a way painting his thoughts, feelings and impressions.

The following are some parts I liked in particular:
"trying to push away what I wanted the most" - this is the line that can really relate to Remus the most. Is it not something he's always done - pushing away those he cared for so they wouldn't get hurt because of him?

"Had I never lain down my feverish head and dreamed of a world where my loved one's rosy silhouette could eclipse the treacherous full moon?" - this is just beautiful... I just love the way you toy with words and expressions.

"Looking at the two of you, I felt that I could take on an eternity of moonlit nights without fear." - another beautifully composed sentence. It is all Remus really needed to regain his confidence and realize his own worth - someone to love him for who he is. It only took him a bit longer to see that.

I enjoyed this story so much, this one as well as the slightly shorter version you had at eHPF. It was a definitely deserved first place and I'm not saying that just because I'm a Remus/Tonks shipper. Amazing writing, as always. :)

Author's Response: Hi Vedrana! Thanks for coming to review again :) This is the highest praise I could imagine, coming from someone who writes Remus/Tonks as well as you do. I had such a great time writing this story - it was my first drabble and a really good experience, since I'm one of those authors who needs a lot of room to make a story really work. I'm so proud that you think Remus was described well; he is one of my favorite characters and his death and Tonks's death in DH were so sad, especially because they'd had so little time to be happy together and enjoy their little family. I did have to add on a little bit to this piece because the word limit is 500, but I'm glad you like both versions. Thanks so much for your review! :) :)

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Review #8, by dracoslover1 Seeing Red

18th October 2008:
This story is great! I enjoyed reading it. Your descripitions are amazing and I like the connections you made in the story. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! Descriptions are something I've been working on improving for a while :) Glad you liked this!

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Review #9, by Joanne K Seeing Red

13th October 2008:
Red is my favourite colour, so when I saw this one-shot I just had to read it. It was so beautifully written - full of emotion and vivid descriptions. I loved how it was Remus speaking to Tonks, not to us or anyone else, but to his love. I almost felt as though I was an intruder on a private conversation, because it really did feel as though he was speaking his deepest inner-most thoughts to her and that what he was expressing was for her ears only. It was so incredibly sweet and heartfelt. You have a gift for writing, I especially liked all the subtle incorporations of the colour red throughout the piece, they were woven throughout it so subtly. Really it was just beautiful.

Author's Response: Hi Jo :) Thanks so much for coming to review this story! I've always liked the cooler colors (purple or blue) but as soon as I decided on the pairing of Remus/Tonks, I knew I had to choose red. It's such a perfect color to describe Remus - his anger at having the world turn its back to him, the blood on his arm after getting bitten by Fenrir, and eventually the passion he feels for Tonks. This was like a very private conversation between him and his wife, like a final letter or the last time they ever spoke. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this! I really appreciate your feedback :)

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Review #10, by evil little devil Seeing Red

9th October 2008:
That was beautiful! Your writing is just amazing! Really, really amazing. I don't know how you managed to fit so much meaning and beauty into such a short amount of words. There were so many brilliant lines I could quote from that, they were all so elegant and gorgeous. You are a really talented author, I love your writing!

Author's Response: Wow thank you very much :) You're way too kind! I'm glad you enjoyed this story. It was hard to stay within the limits because I've never written anything so short before aside from poetry. So glad you enjoyed this and I appreciate your review and your support as always *hugs*

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Review #11, by JLHufflepuff Seeing Red

9th October 2008:
I love the way you packed so much into this short span of words. You know I squee over Remus, and I think I would just die of utter joy if I knew he felt this for me... Tonks is/was lucky to have him ... and you are awesome for being able to write like this!! I totally voted for you on this challenge without even knowing it was you!

Author's Response: Aw well at least you have your hubby who is your real-life Remus :) :) I don't blame you for squeeing over Remus, he's a pretty squee-able guy. Screw James and Sirius and Peter, he's probably the best Marauder out there and the best husband material too. Thanks so much Jessi, I'm thrilled that you liked this piece!

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Review #12, by Violet Gryfindor Seeing Red

8th October 2008:
Beautiful, but sad. Romantic, but tragic. Arg, this is a gorgeous piece of writing, so eloquent in its language and use of imagery, but wow, it's heartbreaking. I didn't expect it to take place in the final moment of Lupin's life. Yet it doesn't detract from the beauty of this in the least, probably more the opposite, making this far more moving and powerful. It strikes me that, at this point, Remus believes that Tonks will live on with their son - he doesn't know what will happen to her. Definitely a good reason to bring out the tissues when reading this. ;)

This line You looked up at me with brimming eyes, your hair a pale echo of the burgundy sunset, and told me to go to hell. I absolutely loved - the sudden juxtaposition of romantic imagery and blunt Tonksism lightened up the introduction, and it just suited the pair of them so well. I can very much see how you won this challenge at eHPF - the colour imagery in this is amazingly done. All in all, this is a brilliant story (or 5x drabble, whichever :P). ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks so much Susan :) Most of the credit should go to DesDiamonds who gave me the inspiration to write this - I just knew from reading her challenge that I wanted to write a Remus story, and that the color red would suit him best (for blood, for anger, for love - even for war). I kind of borrowed the idea that when a person dies, his entire life flashes before his eyes. I thought all of his moments with Tonks would come back into mind when he saw her at Hogwarts, fighting in the same battle. And you're right, I hadn't even thought about that - at this moment in time, he thinks Tonks will live on to take care of their son. I think he had a feeling that he would give his life. It's really unfortunate that he struggled so much to have just a little bit of happiness and never got to see it through all the way.

Thanks for your wonderful review, I'm so glad you liked this!!

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