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Review #1, by AppreciativeReader Retribution

18th August 2014:
I enjoyed the story so very much. Its as good as Office Love. But Office Love will always be my all time favorite.
I read Office Love atleast couple of times ever so often ... it has never failed to cheer me up.
Wonderful and humorous short stories - you have a gift of writing them.

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Review #2, by Hermelien Retribution

6th March 2014:
Loved it! Please keep writing!

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Review #3, by Black Buttafly Retribution

29th November 2011:
Hahahahahah. That was funny. Great job! :-)

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Review #4, by Angel Retribution

6th May 2011:
I just finished reading both of your stories and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED them! I really enjoyed your writing style. I found myself laughing out loud in parts. Well done. Do you have other stories? I wish I could give you more than a 10. 20/10

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Review #5, by Crescent Moon  Retribution

30th March 2011:
Really really funny!! I loved them both!! :D

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Review #6, by Sara_Sj Retribution

17th March 2011:
This was absolutely amazing.

The list goes on. I laughed (more like snort-giggled while trying to shut myself up and not wake anyone else up) but this. was. bloody. BRILLIANT.

I loved the friendship that had formed between Draco and Harry, especially the reason for it. I loved James. I loved Rose.

I loved everything about this one-shot. EVERYTHING. I don't think there was a single thing I could catch fault in, and that's saying something for me! I absolutely loved this.

I am at a loss as to what to say, as to how to tell you how awesomazingerrific this is. I'm serious.

I especially loved the last line. "Retribution was sweet."

Favorited, for sure.

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Review #7, by pooh Retribution

13th October 2010:
that was the cutest story ever!!!very nice and fun to I'm a fan of rose and James...great work!

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Review #8, by miaa Retribution

16th July 2010:
love it. awsome

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Review #9, by No1HarryPotterFan Retribution

27th June 2010:
Ahh best sequel EVER! that was so good, I absolutely LOVED IT!

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Review #10, by Geraldine Retribution

2nd June 2010:
Totally awesome. Loved characterization of Rose and James!

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Review #11, by NessaTelemnar Retribution

5th March 2010:
Hahaha, this story is amazing !!
It made me literally roll over the floor, laughing my ass off :D

Nina x

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Review #12, by spreaddapoo93 Retribution

8th December 2009:
Retribution really is sweet! Great one-shot! Laughed my bleeding pants off!

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Review #13, by Lodella Retribution

27th September 2009:
OMG, I think it's one of the best humorous stories I've read in a long time :) I absolutely loved it, and the ening especially, of course :))) Keep up the good writing!

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Review #14, by ROSENSCORPIUS Retribution

28th June 2009:
I love this story! Rose is so cute! :D 10/10

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Review #15, by groteskq_fatality Retribution

24th May 2009:
lmao. once again, i love your quirky short and sweet stories!
really cute. :)

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Review #16, by cynicalsecrets Retribution

29th March 2009:
quite humourous actually. thank you for writing it. Your one-shots are beautifully written with a every bit of your charm recognizable.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's very sweet of you to say and very encouraging ^_^ I'm really glad you enjoyed this along with my other one-shots ^_^

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Review #17, by Dana Daidouji Retribution

8th February 2009:
Oh my god! Well this is the perfect sequel I think! Good job XD

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Review #18, by Diva Retribution

28th January 2009:
nice sequel - Loved it!

hope you get inspired to write one on Lily and dr+hr son - they seemed too cute!

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Review #19, by icegreen89 Retribution

25th December 2008:
(clutching my sides due to laughing)

I was missing your updates so much, I thought I'd read one of your older stories. This is FABULOUS.

(rolling on the floor, laughing)

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Review #20, by urluv Retribution

24th December 2008:
i just love it but wanted to noe the scene about the vase lool
excellent and read office love too

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Review #21, by CK Retribution

7th December 2008:
That was really cute. Great job.

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Review #22, by gitgit Retribution

6th December 2008:
that was an awesome one shot
i really enjoyed it especially the manipulative hermione malfoy ahahha and then the looks on harry and draco's faces ehehehehe that was awesome

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Review #23, by guildfan Retribution

21st November 2008:
This is a cute little story.

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Review #24, by silencechaser Retribution

28th October 2008:
love it very nice.~SC

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