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Review #1, by lil_hermione_at_heart Blasphemy

14th January 2010:
It's great!!! Love it so far! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: this is actually a part of a series that IS complete.. look on my author page and it will indicate all parts :D

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Review #2, by itsbananas Blasphemy

18th December 2009:
This is brilliant. Ginny is a poor, delusional girl and just wow - she's like completely lost it? She is worshipping Harry, a married man nontheless and I had a good time reading it.

Author's Response: haha, i'm so happy to hear that and i do hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

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Review #3, by American Ginny Blasphemy

17th November 2009:
um I like it i think. I think i need to go back and read the other 3 because i'm a bit confused. btw harry said nothing but was in pure awe of his wife's beauty ;) :D

Author's Response: thanks, and yeah, it kinda does require more reading, i guess!

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Review #4, by nadia Blasphemy

25th September 2009:
wow...this story is really good!!i hope u write one about wat happens during the wedding!! ginny is so completely dillusional...and poor neville has to suffer.i really hope u update this story asap

Author's Response: LMAO, i semi-do later on (as i see you've already found)

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Review #5, by Prongs05JP Blasphemy

28th July 2009:
oh come on, depending on the way this story is written harry could have done either !! *pouts* just let me know what happens, in a message or reply to review -- go on, pleeeasee!!!


Author's Response: this is actually past 3 of a 5 part series, i didn't leave it open ended, you can read those to understand what happens a bit better ;)

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Review #6, by Phoenix_Flames Blasphemy

9th April 2009:

The emotions in his were astoundingly fantastic. You've just captured everything in this story. I can feel it all as I read it. I can understand everything and it's so amazing.

Wow. I love your portrayal of Ginny. It's really a unique portrayal and hardly ever seen. Really great!


Author's Response: lol, yeah, she;'s a bit psycho in this series, but idk... i wanted to take the whole "love makes you crazy/do crazy things" adage and toy with it a bit, make it reality in FF, lol.

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