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Review #1, by Harry and Ginny One Way

31st August 2009:
this fic is very sweet and i liked how u wrote Hannah's perspective on her crush with Justin and how she was sad to know that Susan had said yes to Justin. i liked the end of the story where u write about Hannah's marriage to Neville. u could make a story with Hannah and Neville. what do u think?^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #2, by subrosa One Way

1st August 2009:
Hey, it's subroa from the forums! I'm so sorry it took me such a long time to get to your reviews.

This was so, so cute. It was almost agonizing to read, though, simply because she was in such a hopeless situation with Justin being in love with someone else. I absolutely adored how you included the little Neville bit at the end. They're both so shy, and I've always thought they were perfectly matched for each other. I think you can definitely work on details and dialogue, which will therefore help with flow. But, overall this was extremely sweet. Nice work!


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Review #3, by krissy87 One Way

13th July 2009:
Awww! Very cute! First crushes nearly always end in tears. I absolutely love Neville/Hannah pairings (I love canon-faithful shoot me =]). I also love that Neville is the one doing the 'rescuing' of someone who has a clumsy moment, seeing as he is usually the clumsy one, and is usually written as a bumbling fool (which he certainly is not!).

Fabulous story, and excellent insight into the Hufflepuff house (although I am feeling the need to point out that I'm sure I read or heard somewhere, that Jo said that the Hufflepuff common room has a 'Still Life' painting at its entrance rather than a Portrait- similar to the Kitchens...we know about the others from CoS and DH).

*Adds story as Favourite*

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Review #4, by IzzyUmbrella One Way

25th May 2009:
You had to be major creative to come up with an idea like this. Just the summary made my day. I love giving side charicters a voice. YOU ROCK!

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Review #5, by Krissy One Way

19th December 2008:
this is unbearibly(sp?) sweet
i love it

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