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Review #1, by HurtfulEyes First Day Pt. 1

4th May 2009:
WHY!! Why do the good stories only have a couple of chapters up while the bad ones have like 20??? Its not fair! haha. Ok little dramatic fit over *takes deep breath*
I absolutely love this story!
Please write more! Its amazing :)
x x x x

Author's Response: More coming soon, I'm currently almost done with a House of Night fanfiction. If you love vampires, you might want to check out the series by PC and Kristin Cast, read them, and then read mine!!

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Review #2, by Edwin Pope A Little Piece of Heaven

1st May 2009:
Varygood Make me wonder what's gonna happen naxes

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Review #3, by heidi_gurrl First Day Pt. 1

12th March 2009:
Very good! When are you adding the next chapter??? Please make it soon! xo Heidi

Author's Response: Right now! :) No worries. I'm in the process of writing it as we speak.

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Review #4, by heidi_gurrl First Day Pt. 1

8th March 2009:
This is reeeaaly god! Okay, Okay i know that was a reaaly immature response but I cant help it, i just get like that sometimes. I get bored of using big words to express how happy something makes me so I just use Reeeaaallly, along with goood or greeeat, as a substitute! lol. C'mon! Show us Pt. 2 pleeaase!

Author's Response: hahaha :) i understand!!

and... part 2 coming soon!!

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Review #5, by tashmash First Day Pt. 1

6th March 2009:
WHAT THE HUCK DOES “That’s what you get for protecting the girl who betrayed Harry Potter!” MEAN!??!?!? i cant believe it!!! that shite!!! i REALLY wanna know what this is now!!! i cant w8 for pt. 2!!!

Author's Response: you're the only reader that really caught that!! cookie for you! it will all come in time!

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Review #6, by Spivian First Day Pt. 1

3rd January 2009:
Any chance you've read Breaking Dawn?

Author's Response: Yup! I love Stephenie Meyer's books!

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Review #7, by lisbeth4real First Day Pt. 1

30th December 2008:
cant wait for the next one. its really quit interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks! It'll be along shortly, I just got a new laptop.

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Review #8, by embir_lily First Day Pt. 1

23rd December 2008:
oh my! i already caught up this story is really great so far i have no complaints of grammar or spelling so you're great there! I cant wait till you update:D

Author's Response: =) Thanks!! The next part is coming out VERY soon... so... that's good news. I'm just trying to get through the Hol's first :P

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Review #9, by saar First Day Pt. 1

21st December 2008:
apart from all the guy-talk,
i'm liking it ^^

Author's Response: This fic isn't going to be Hermione-based, it's going to be equal, just a warning. Some chapters are going to be more focused on Draco's POV, and some from Hermione's... and it is going to be slow... very slow... progression.

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Review #10, by cullenzgirl First Day Pt. 1

20th December 2008:
ooh can't wait for whats coming next!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!! And way to love the Cullens!! I'm a vampire girl too.

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Review #11, by whichwitchwillitbe First Day Pt. 1

20th December 2008:
this is absolutly awesome! can't wait for more! keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be updating all of winter break, because it's a long one, and I have nothing to do for school!!! :)


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Review #12, by TurquoiseTears( Une jonquille) A Little Piece of Heaven

17th November 2008:
Great start , even if a bit surprising , it is well written , and I , for one , just can't wait for more . So , update !!!

Author's Response: Just to let you all know, my next chapter is currently in progress. I'm sorry to have let you down by waiting so long!

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Review #13, by greeneyedwonder A Little Piece of Heaven

19th October 2008:
this story is great! Plz update soon!!

Author's Response: I've been trying to update, and I absolutely hope that the bugs in the site fix themselves soon!!!

=) -Sarah

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Review #14, by young_lana_witch A Little Piece of Heaven

9th October 2008:
I love this story a lot so far.. I really hope you update soon the end of this chapter was so darn cute... I love it =] Great job

Author's Response: Thanks! Due to school and such I've been working on the next chapter in between all of my classwork. I'll have it up soon, plus the wait for submission is insane... but other than that, it should be up soon!

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Review #15, by Sing4theSole A Little Piece of Heaven

5th October 2008:
lol. this waz so cute! upd8t soon!

Author's Response: As soon as I get home tonight I'm going to post the chapter. Backlog is 12 days &tear; but it will be okay... and the next chapter should be up soon!!!

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Review #16, by Slytherin_Aela A Little Piece of Heaven

5th October 2008:
love it, update soon pls

Author's Response: The backlog is a little bit of time (about 12 days) so the new chapter will be up soon!!! Watch for it!

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Review #17, by estrella03 Get Out Alive

4th October 2008:
interesting chapter :)

Author's Response: thank you for the review!

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Review #18, by estrella03 Changes

4th October 2008:
...i don't know if it's such a good idea to make hermione blond and with straight hair ... but then's your story :) probably should talk about draco a little too :D otherwise ...i'm curious what you have in mind with the plot :D

Author's Response: she just felt like doing that to her hair for a little while, it isn't permanent. our dear hermione is going to be doing a lot of things you don't expect in my story... read on, more draco is soon to appear.

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Review #19, by estrella03 1. Prologue Soapbox House of Cards and Glass

4th October 2008:
i really like the way this story started :) good job

Author's Response: thanks, its definately going to get better as it goes.

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