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Review #1, by Tonks101 A Type Of Torture

3rd August 2010:
I love it! Please update!

Author's Response: I'll try, my dear! Life got in the way x/

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Review #2, by Lori A Type Of Torture

18th June 2009:
Absolutely hilarious! I love the idea of Remus and Peter sitting there spying on James. And I also LOVE the foreshadowing of Sirius laying out James' clothes.
Really really really well done! Loved it!
Now I'm going to read the Dudley one. :D

Author's Response: Hehehehe *squee* THANK YOU!!!

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Review #3, by Grendel A Type Of Torture

20th January 2009:
Haha, I liked this one too.

I'd honestly not really given too much thought to how Lily and James really did end up together. I'd looked into several fics of them fighting, or together after the fact, but I guess sometimes it's just too hard to capture how James could've made that 180 degree personality turn.

I think this fic really captured that kind of feel of reformation and realization (wow that sounded corny even to me) in a really humorous and cute way.

Oh, and I wanted to say, I absolutely love this line:

'He sighed.
It was a large sigh.
It was a "ginormo" sigh.
It was the biggest sigh ever.
Or maybe it was a yawn.'

That made me crack up. Along with all the examples of Marauder-friendship. I think they're just the cutest thing ever and that also reminds me that I love how James can seemingly be self conscious and afraid of embarassment, which leads to his bullying (at least in my mind, I'm inferring) and a reluctance to talk to girls in a serious setting - which, of course, would be why he always jokes around with Lily and unintentionally pushes her away - and yet can be so egotistical it's not funny.



Author's Response: Once again, you rock. (Haha, geddit, Edward = rock hard...hah, hah...heh...okay.)

I actually wrote this one for a challenge. I had never given it much thought before either before that though. As you know, I love the marauders, my favorite era, and probably the most fun to write. They are basically my 3 best friends and I in "cool, male, British" format. (Laura is Peter, I'm Sirius, but we can talk more about that tomorow. :-) )

Wow, it's kinda funny how far you read into my writing. It's nice, for once. And infer all you want! It only leads to more ideas, AKA plot bunnies. I'll tell you tomorrow what I have planned next for my good boys.

And you, my dear, get an A+ as well, for your superb review.

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Review #4, by Miss Beadeye A Type Of Torture

4th January 2009:
Another classic hit from Ollie.!She accurately displays the characters most lovable sides at their best XD.(although peter could use just a slightly bigger role) I liked Lupin's support and advice and James really comes of age during the story. This is a fairly entertaining and accurate explanation of the marauders.

Author's Response: Okay, Miss Professional,
Thanks! I really love the marauder era, (as you too well know,) and playing with Old Jamsie was fun. Thanks for the very supportive, yet helpful, review!

Miss Dartwing

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Review #5, by Cassie Cullen A Type Of Torture

4th January 2009:
that was amazing!!!
might have been the best thing I ever read off this website!

Author's Response: OMG THATS AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! THANK YOU! It means so much to me!!! ILY!

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Review #6, by bored2hyperness A Type Of Torture

8th November 2008:
lol, this is great so far! Harlene reminds me so much of... well amost half the girls in my school actually. Ew. But anyways, great start! hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! I am so glad you read and enjoyed...I was so bummed when this story lost all of it's reviews...:-( But I'm so glad you liked and could relate Harlene know what I mean. ;-)

I'm not sure where do go with this, unfortunantly. I've been working on my RF chapter for a while but this one is dead. I absolutley love it though.

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by James with his head in the window A Type Of Torture

19th October 2008:
Hi! That was good! I especially liked the last bit with James talking nicely to Lily finally. One suggestion: Peter seems more confident than he I usually think of him. If you think about every time we've heard him talk, he's been all meek and scared. Then again, he was talking to He Who Must Not Be Named, so that could explain it.

Author's Response: First:
Amazing penname.
Good point. However, I try to give Peter props when he is young and with his friends. I really don't like it when people leave him out or give him exceedingly minimal parts. (hemhem SBP.)
Lets just go with that he's not talking to you-know who and thus had confidence.

Thanks soo much, glad you liked!

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Review #8, by miss beadeye A Type Of Torture

19th October 2008:
This was an awesome fanfic! I love Sirius's favoritest quote (if thats a word!) was Plus when you dump her she can come crying to me. I also thought the James/Sirius rivalry was well written. Another great story from one of my bffs!

Author's Response: Aw, you're too sweet!

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Review #9, by TheHarryPottercrazedChicks A Type Of Torture

6th October 2008:
That was so adorable, I love it! Good job! *Claps and a cookie* -Charly

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I love it too! *bows and gives ice-cream sundae.*

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