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Reading Reviews for Black With Envy
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Review #1, by Padfoot3 That's one way to ruin the mood

21st July 2015:
Please finish this, it's so good!!

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Review #2, by Emaz That's one way to ruin the mood

1st July 2012:
THis is really good! Please update soon

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Review #3, by siriusblack 4 ever That's one way to ruin the mood

15th May 2012:
Please write more on this story! It is so amazing!

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Review #4, by Honestly one of the best written stories on here. That's one way to ruin the mood

16th November 2011:
:( After 3 years it's a long shot, but come back and finish this!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it thus far. As of now, I don't see myself continuing the story. I've lost motivation and direction for it. However, I have a new story, so feel free to check it out.

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Review #5, by didi4299 That's one way to ruin the mood

28th October 2010:
OH!!! I CAN'T WIAT FOR THE NEXT CHAPPIE!!! oopsies. i forgot i had the caps on. heehee...anyways! e!! it's so...dramatic!!!

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Review #6, by dobbyismyhero22 That's one way to ruin the mood

29th August 2010:
I love this story! You are an incredible writer! I completely agree with what you said on your author's page about being a hopeless romantic but not believing in true love. I am definitely a hopeless romantic, but true love just doesn't seem like a possible thing no matter how much I want it to be. Anyyywway... great story:)

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Review #7, by madness That's one way to ruin the mood

24th August 2010:
- I know it's been 2 years but please continue. This is such a great story. I'm no sure what I want to happen at the end which is really exiting. Please continue.

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Review #8, by purely_envious That's one way to ruin the mood

5th May 2010:
It's fricking awesome man why u ain't continue loving the story.it's rather intriguing it has me wondering what is going to happen next.i'm excited to see how it ends.

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Review #9, by Katy1414 That's one way to ruin the mood

27th October 2009:

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Review #10, by Amanda That's one way to ruin the mood

18th October 2009:
Ok, so i know its been almost a year i think since you've last updated this story...but it's so good. I LOVE it!

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Review #11, by georgina_bass That's one way to ruin the mood

23rd August 2009:

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Review #12, by wjevans That's one way to ruin the mood

20th June 2009:
this is amazing. i love, love, love this story. Update really soon please -- I have to find out what happens now! Reg is such a good boy, I never pictured him that way but it is working. And Elise is so annoying, ugh.
This is awesome :)

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Review #13, by Shelly That's one way to ruin the mood

7th June 2009:
You really need to write more chapters of this!!

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Review #14, by manda That's one way to ruin the mood

17th May 2009:
u need to finish this story

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Review #15, by Alexa That's one way to ruin the mood

22nd March 2009:

I really like your story and the way you write. I really like what you are doing with Sirius character, but I would like to see more of him or read more about what hes going trough.

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Review #16, by casa_bella That's one way to ruin the mood

18th February 2009:
Oh noes! your reviews are GONE! I am so sorry. I know its happened randomly to a lot of people, thank god it hasnt happened to me.
I'm loving the change in Sirius's behavior, in the story I'm writing at the moment I'm trying to figure out the exact way to do that,you cant have a character being all nice one paragraph then totally different the next. So thanks, I'm learning from this.
On another note, it has to be said. what the hell is she doing?! We all know Reg dies in the end, blah, blah, blah. But the LEAST that could happen to him is that he ends up with a nice girl at the end. =D Please?
Anyway, I hope you'll update soon, 3 months? Tut, tut.

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Review #17, by innocent lily That's one way to ruin the mood

31st January 2009:
Update soon please!
I'm really enjoying your story! :)

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Review #18, by acedemicprobation That's one way to ruin the mood

10th January 2009:
question: do sirius and james have another way to get up the stairs besides being animagi? because i don't see sirius letting elise in on that secret, but being marauders they can do anything can't they? other thing what level does mel really expect her relationship with regulus to be at? granted i went from first kiss to losing my virginity all in the same week, but it took most of my friends months to go from first kiss to make out.

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Review #19, by acedemicprobation Fights, tears, and vows of the broken hearted

10th January 2009:
ok, the beating each other up and still being friends is a make of any good friendship/brotherhood between guys. second, i really like mel, she reminds me of my best friend.

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Review #20, by Anne Black That's one way to ruin the mood

23rd December 2008:
Oohh... I really like this story!^^ Please... Update soon!!^^.
Greetings from Argentina!! (and sorry about my bad English^^).

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Review #21, by dude That's one way to ruin the mood

19th December 2008:
please! finish it!! WAH!

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Review #22, by lunafan3997 That's one way to ruin the mood

1st December 2008:

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Review #23, by reavreav That's one way to ruin the mood

29th November 2008:
i love this so so much!
please update soon
becuase i adore this.

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Review #24, by reavreav Fights, tears, and vows of the broken hearted

29th November 2008:
exciting and wonderful.
freat writer.
i feel kinda bad for sirius though
what an idiot he is!

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Review #25, by MrsNorris17 That's one way to ruin the mood

24th November 2008:
ahh what's he doing?!
the idiot!
but Regulus is so lovely :]
i hope sirius has a good explanation for this!
"the apocalypse is coming" LOL

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