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Review #1, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx Loneliness In The Evening

4th January 2009:
Wow! This was a really great story. I liked everything, especially you're setting detail. It was very good, I imagined it as I was reading it.

I think that Ginny's character is set right, you did an amazing job. She would have felt lonely during that time of her life, when nobody was around to be with her. Honestly, it looked like you wrote her a lot! You really paid attention to her emotions, and how she felt about Harry.

I like everything else about the story too; again the setting detail was amazing. Great job! 10/10
--ron.weasleyxo form the forums :D

Author's Response: The emotions in this are really the key to the story so I'm really pleased you felt I did a good job with conveying how Ginny was feeling!

I was worried she wouldn't seem like Ginny, so I'm glad you liked her.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and giving such positive comments, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!!

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Review #2, by lia_2390 Loneliness In The Evening

12th November 2008:
Hey XharrysdarlingX, it's Lia from the forums with the review you requested. I'm sorry I've taken a while in getting back to you.

I thought this was a a pretty good story about Ginny's thoughts on Harry going off to find ways to kill off Voldemort. As far as I've seen, you've kept her in character rather well, she's very fiesty as usual but you've included her feeling hurt as well, which I like...hurt and vulnerable and really missing Harry.

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Ginny, nor the Harry/Ginny pairing but this was still a good read. When I first saw your title, I thought it was based on Matchbox 20's song but your choice is better.

I found that Ginny, in this fic, had the feel of one of those wives, during one of the World Wars, when their husbands went off to war but technically, Harry and Ginny broke up. I also found that she was kind of mature with the break-up, in that she understood why he was doing it and she was also sure of the fact that he'd come back to her.

Good Job,

Author's Response: I'm not a huge fan of Ginny nor of Harry/Ginny either, and I don't write about her so this was sort of experimental, just to see if I could get her character right. I'm really thrilled you thought I did a good job with her!

funnily enough the war wives were who I was sort of thinking about while writing it! When I was trying to get the feelings right!

Thanks so much for the positive comments, I glad you enjoyed reading it as you are not a Ginny fan!

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